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The Secrets of Enlightenment – By Tashi (Guest Teacher)

Enlightenment means to bring ‘light.’ In terms that we can practice bring light means to bring awareness and insight to our consciousness. The path of complete enlightenment is the path of bringing light and pure awareness to all aspects of our consciousness.

Are there still secrets to achieving Enlightenment?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” A secret is merely hidden knowledge or mystery. Whether is has been hidden through deliberation or simply because of ignorance and lack of information – it is still hidden and it is still a secret.

The fact that enlightenment is not a common achievement in this world is proof that many such secrets exist. The fact that the mere word “Enlightenment” is often associated with the unachievable or with myth is proof that such secrets exist.

A secret will always be a secret to those that do not know – and so for those that do not know there are many such secrets!

It is the duty of any who would seek Enlightenment to also seek and reveal all the secrets that would limit complete Enlightenment. Some of these secrets will be revealed through your practice, but others need to be shown and will require teaching. A teacher is a seeker who has walked this path a little longer than you have – that is all. They are not superior to you, nor are you inferior to them. It is just like you would teach a baby or a child the ways of this world.

The ancient traditions of achieving Enlightenment are as empowering as they are limiting. So much has been lost because of secrecy within the schools. It is time to share the teachings, but is also time to ask that the teachings be shared. Only when all secrets are revealed will Enlightenment be open to all.


The Power of Destruction ~ Transforming Towards Enlightenment

Destruction is the cleansing aspect of the transformation cycle. It is a changing of the old that makes room for the new. Spiritual destruction flows from universal consciousness and is integrated into our actions and intent by the way that we would choose to evolve ourselves and the planet that we interact with.

There has not been a single consciousness on this planet that sought change that did not also embrace destruction.

Gautama the Buddha created destruction when he chose to leave the cycle of suffering. Each vibration of this master would decimate the emotions of hate, anger and fear. Jesus created destruction when he chose to bring the wisdom of God to this planet. Even in his tortured death he had the ability to choose love and forgiveness.

Each of these masters brought profound and dramatic change to our world – beliefs, understandings, ways of life – all were destroyed and then created anew. The presence of these beings destroyed and created more than all the wars in the last 500 years put together. Their legacy lives on because the waves that they made while they were here, were made in stone. They called to the parts of us that resonated with the messages of universal truth – and when all was said and done we realized their messages as being worthy of religion.

To this day thousands of years after their physical incarnations on this planet, we still reflect, analyze and strive to understand the paths that these masters walked. Their steps left waves where the rest of us left the smallest of ripples – and yet they would remind us that we too were just like them.

The resounding attribute that all pioneers, masters-to-be and explorers have is their willingness to embrace their purpose. It is understanding this purpose that allows them to destroy and ultimately transform those aspects of themselves that would limit and hold them back.

Mastery is about directing the tides of change. These directions bring a deliberate and conscious guiding of where destruction is to take place – and where creation is to flow. These vibrations of change which may begin at the subtlest level as thoughts and feelings, gain solidity when they become congruent with the energies and frequencies of the physical plane. All expression interacts with its environment and in this moment of meeting the transformation elicits a destructive phase as well as a creative one. Mastery is the art of playing the smallest of ripples and guiding them into the perfect cycles of destruction and creation.

Energies of hate, anger and frustration speak to us and it is our understanding of these languages that allows us to understand the essence of our true inner self. Hatred does not exist when we are completely in love with who we are and in exploring the areas where we hate, we can come to discover and reconcile these parts. Similarly, frustration and anger do not form into these intensities when our cells are able to experience a consciousness and a mind and body that is able to create a reality with true meaning and purpose. These emotional energies speak to us of destruction. They are asking for change – inner change. When we change the way that we receive and communicate with ourselves, then our reality changes. Our experiences and purpose become meaningful in a positive way. This shift in attitude is both powerful and profound. It makes the difference between a consciousness that is passionate and inspired to live and one that is not.

It is the need and action that initiates change that destroys and it is the need and action that perceives a better way that initiates creation. The destruction needs to be understood and accepted if the creation and transformation is to be had.


The Way of the Crystal Pt 2

Learning from crystals requires that we learn the manner in which they communicate. As with all effective communication the first prerequisite is learning how to listen. Through listening we learn the shape and form of the language and this then provides us with the ability to speak. As our skills of listening and expression become refined we will find that the knowledge that we are able to gather is also refined. The other interesting this is that as we learn more and gain more knowledge the aspects and intention of the information we seek changes. The power of crystals is that the age of their knowledge has an understanding of this progression. While they can be accepting of the nature of process they can also prompt us to move on and evolve. This could be compared to being in the company of any person or being of greater age or experience who simply through the act of communication allows us to see certain perspectives and perhaps a “bigger” picture of reality.

To listen to another we must be able to listen to ourselves. This is why the practice of observation is so important. Not only does it build the necessary skill of patience, it also develops the ears required to hear. Hearing occurs when the sound meets our ear drums and is processed and integrated. Similarly communication with a crystal occurs when we are able to process the form of it’s expression. Through observation of our own energy, mind and body we can notice the shape and form of this expression.

Just as Clairvoyance reveals the interaction of subtle energies so too can it reveal the visual language of a crystal. Look at the crystal and observe the space that exists between sight and how your mind perceives sight. Allow this space to connect with the crystal. Sit in this space and observe. This practice teaches you to be open and to listen visually.

Clairaudience works through first becoming comfortable with the space that exists between sound and how your mind perceives sound. Then we allow this space to connect with the crystal. Sitting in this space we simply listen and allow the development of hearing to take place.

The same principles apply to all the other psychic senses. Clairsentience exists between feeling and the perception of feeling, Clairessence between smelling and the perception of smelling, Clairgustience between tasting and the perception of tasting and Claircognizant between thinking and the perception of thought. By tuning ourselves into the space that exists we automatically work with the flows around that space and the paths of communication become realized. All that is required is that we allow these paths to open by being actively patient.

It is as relevant when choosing a crystal to communicate with as it is relevant when choosing a person to communicate with. It depends entirely on what you would like to experience. Some crystals are hard core teachers, others are more relaxed, some are slow, some are quick, some are passionate, some are dry. We may all have our favorites, but lessons can be learned from all forms of communication and knowledge. It is as always, most beneficial to learn through direct experience. It is also not mandatory to work with crystals from a shop – even common garden stones have opportunities, information and knowledge to work with.

Remember when you feel more fluent in listening, to offer your own expression and intention into the dialogue. Through this you will find that the relationship becomes more meaningful, as the communication imparts knowledge and wisdom that has purpose to you.


The Way of the Crystal Pt 1

All things are able to communicate a certain frequency or energy. The power of the crystal is in it’s ability to absorb, contain and sustain a particular communication of energy for very long periods of time. While humans come and go within the span of 100 years or so, crystals have been found that have been dated back to 4.3 billion years. This may all seem pretty mundane until we understand how to communicate with the energy that a crystal holds.

The first step is always to learn the manner that a particular entity speaks. We do this by exploring the different ways of listening. Observing the physical texture, visually focusing, smelling or otherwise meditating on crystals are all effective ways to listen. It is important to remember that listening is simply being open, to feel and allow what comes to come. In the beginning there may be nothing, or at least the perception of nothing. As our awareness becomes sharper we will begin to feel, see, hear and perceive spaces and flows. There is in essence no difference between the movement in meditation and the communication that occurs with crystal work. The main hurdle is that we perceive one to be external and the other to be internal. Through practice and experience we bridge this gap and the communication becomes fluent.

The reason that listening is so important is because is teaches us how to in turn communicate in a way that we will be understood. If we simply jump into a new language without any understanding then it will be just like two people yammering away with no idea or concern as to what the other is saying. Listening also provides us with the opportunity to generate a tangible and real level of communication.

All the skills used within clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and so on are used in the communicative interchange with crystals. By understanding and refining our ability to utilize the language, we are able to ask and explore the database of knowledge and information that a crystal holds. By finding the space within the communication and expressing our inquiry through this space and listening we find what we need.

Perhaps more important than gaining information is the experience of learning to communicate with different perceptions of energy. Crystals and all reagents provide the opportunity to understand the bridging of space, flow and energy. Eventually we learn to bypass the bridge and connect directly to the consciousness that we seek. This is the shift where external Alchemy becomes purely internal Alchemy. As we become more fluent in different languages we learn to understand the principles underlying all of them. The path becomes subtler but the destination remains the same.


The Power of Stillness

The power that stillness offers us is the opportunity to clearly perceive the nature of flow in all things. From this we can develop the ability to follow the path of flow into dimensions of knowledge, spirituality, empowerment and enlightenment. All things have their own flow or frequency, matching it is like creating a key that fits a door. We can choose to open this door and explore, we can choose to leave the door just as it is or we can choose to make peace with all the door represents. Each choice offers an opportunity for mastery of the self because each choice involves learning to move the mind.

The experience of stillness is like bringing quiet to a swirling lake so that we may see the bottom. In truth the bottom is always there, stillness simply allows us to see. When we have tuned ourselves to hearing and seeing this flow then we will find that quieting the mind and body is no longer necessary. We will gain the ability to perceive flow and stillness in all things, noisy, quiet, chaotic or orderly. Even the experience of stillness which is often perceived as eternal has within it a depth that when moved through is realized as flow. The question then arises whether this is true stillness? As with all things the speaking of it will never compare to the experience of feeling it. The perception of stillness is enough at any given moment, just as the perception of truth at this moment is enough when seeking absolute truth. Sustaining the direction through practice will in the fullness of time transcend all the layers. It is similar to a dripping tap filling a swimming pool with water, given enough time the tap will fill the pool.

Stillness can be practiced by implementing the physical path. By remaining absolutely still, moving no muscles other than our lungs to breath, our heart to beat and our other autonomous organs we observe a static state. The easiest way to do this is lying down or sitting in a comfortable position. In stillness we will then observe our mind and body’s desire to move, and yet when we do not move, when we remain still we will notice the flow of energy that is asking us to move. We simply observe this energy’s flow and it leads us to other flows. In time we may be conscious of many, many flows and yet beneath them all there is a deeper stream of flow. Learning to follow these pathways to deeper levels we find subtler and subtler feelings of stillness. The stillness may again open us to the awareness of flows which in turn lead us to gateways of stillness. Through each portal we will find that we are delving deeper into ourselves. We can also notice that between the stillness and flow is another space. This space is the canvas upon which we can realize clairsentience. Similarly, observing stillness we may begin to perceive movement, this movement may become visual at areas and is the space where we can experience clairvoyance. Each of the skills of true perception can be found through following the paths of power, but even at these levels of experience still deeper areas can be sought, explored and found. In time a doorway that unites all the senses, stillness and flow can be found. Through it we experience ourselves as we remember ourselves as we truly are and who we have been is changed through this reunion. One of the true beauties of this however is that although we are changed we can still perceive the consciousness that was unaware. This is the reality of the infinite mind, it can experience the contradiction of knowing and not knowing, truth and ignorance all at the same time. Learning to experience peace as it exists within all internal struggles, dissent and contradictions is what heals and reconciles all aspects of the self.

Gaining a foothold to understanding stillness is all that is required to integrate this essence into all practices and life. Remaining still physically gives us the most obvious representation of stillness. The principle remains the same as we travel deeper. Bringing this essence into the practice of focus allows us to find a far deeper, more sustaining focus. Bringing this essence into the practice of observation allows us to find a more expansive, fluid awareness. The psychic senses become clearer and connection with the higher self becomes tangible. The relationship between stillness and true empowerment are intrinsically linked. Each provides a direction for the mind to move and it is through this movement that the consciousness gains the opportunity to see the reality of itself – that it’s truest power and purpose exists in the realization of it.



The way of the master is to understand the greatest opportunity in every moment. It is not necessarily about being skilled or unskilled, educated or uneducated, it is more about potential. Mastery is about reaching for potential even when the skill is small, it is about stretching the mind even when education is little. The mindset of mastery sets our consciousness for realizing the fullest potential possible at any given moment.

There is no one “trick,” technique or “secret” to realizing empowerment, just as there is no one way to enlightenment. Eventually the work needs to be done, the aspects of darkness need to be enlightened, the weak needs to be strengthened and the illusions transcended. All paths have the potential to reveal to us the principles behind how our minds work, and at any stage along the way we will have the opportunity to see that many, many paths can lead to self-mastery and empowerment. The difference will always be whether our path takes the direct road or the indirect road. Continuously choosing ignorance will eventually provide opportunities for truth simply because the glaringly, obvious reality that we are not happy or empowered will one day be too massive to ignore anymore. When the pain is too great then we will look for answers. Continuously choosing truth will mean that in each given moment we are taking the opportunity to reveal empowerment and enlightenment, no moment is too special or too mundane. In truth like a special mentor Dan Millman said “there are no ordinary moments.”

Variety is the spice of life in that it provides a kick in our perception that pushes us to experience differently than what we are used to. We are forced to adapt and feel in other ways. Perhaps we will feel clumsy, stupid or inept and these moments also offer the opportunity to bring and realize empowerment and enlightenment. It is after all one thing to feel empowered doing the same things that we always excel in, feeling in control and perhaps better than most. It is quite another thing to find empowerment when we are for the 100th time singing out of key at karaoke, showing our two left feet at Irish dancing or wearing our mother’s favorite purple polka dot sweater. The thing is that without these situations that bring out the aspects of ourselves that we have not had a chance to develop, we quite simply would not develop them.

It is only when we do things differently that we see more of ourselves. It is truly a gift that for those of us that are interested in personal development that it is so readily available for us to experience and reveal our inner selves. “Different” doesn’t need to be as dramatic as nude modeling or stand-up comedy. It could be as simple as listening to some different music in the privacy of your own home. It could be dancing to this different music. It could be taking a bath or reading a book. It could be doing some gardening or talking to a neighbor. It could be not talking to anyone for a while. The opportunity of any of these experiences is not in what it is but in what it bring out of us. The more aspects of our selves that we bring empowerment to the more we realize mastery. As this development progresses it becomes obvious that mastery has little to do with our skill or education level, but with our willingness to strive always towards our potential. This is perhaps the greatest skill of all and the beauty of it is that all those other skills and knowledge seem to come far easier when in this mind state.

Look at a dog running to catch a ball. It is not discouraged that it might not catch the ball, it is not losing sleep over the fact that it missed the ball 5 times yesterday and it is certainly not going to let any of those past experiences stop it from going for it this time. The development of ball catching is pushed to it’s potential because a dog allows itself to go for it. The same thing can be observed in babies and children. Before they develop the “maturity” to consider how they might fail and what that means they just go for it and so they learn at a phenomenal rate. Adults on the other hand have a reputation in general for being slow learners if they even take that road at all! More than the flexibility needed to do swing dancing, more than the rapport needed to do stand up comedy and more than the physical action required to even wear something different – more than all these things, the greatest obstacle is the mind that feels like it has something to lose. As long as we allow the mind to prevent us from experiencing then we have already lost. We have lost the opportunity to experience, and look at what we have decided to keep. We have chosen to keep our fears intact and who we believe ourselves to be untarnished. Instead of realizing empowerment through changing our perception of ourselves we are striving to keep our self-perception unchanging. The irony is that if we are really so content to not move an inch then why are we on the path of self-development at all?

Mastery is a mind state. This state makes the difficult easy because it is a mind state that is not adverse to failure. It creates no more fear than is already present, and with the fear that is already present it chooses to move forward with courage anyway. This is a mind coordinated for success. Every step is simply a step closer. Doubts will be doubts but are not hindrances unless we do not continue to move forward, and so the power of doubt is made impotent. As for mistakes, these are results and offer the opportunity to develop sensitivity and focus. They are a refinement in progress.

Masters assume that continuing steadfastly on their path will bring them the knowledge and experience, and therefore the ability to achieve their goals. Knowing this allows them to put everything else in their favor. Their mind state is optimized for success and so their bodies are optimized for success. Everything is geared to take advantage of any opportunities that should arise – and because they are ready for opportunities – they see opportunity everywhere.

One of the reasons that the master’s mind state works so well is the unshakable confidence that they have. It doesn’t matter if others are doubtful, it doesn’t matter if we ourselves have doubts. Let the doubters and doubtful thoughts do their thing, and we will continue to do ours. This type of sustaining, all-weather confidence lends energy and clarity to the mind. Knowing that we can achieve success allows us to be calm and centered. This allows the body and mind to optimize oxygen and energy co-ordination more effectively which again increases clarity and energy. Each attribute helps the other. This is the meaning of a coordinated approach. This is the meaning of mind and body being as one. It is a unity, the same unity that we see in a dog leaping for a ball, or a baby learning to walk.


The Power of Willingness

Willingness is the consciousness that allows us to act. It is the first step in the process of achievement. In the very first instance we must be willing to acknowledge that we want to achieve a goal. We must be willing to observe that there is something that we desire. Desire forms a direction. Without desire there is no direction and so there is in effect no path. In truth of course there is always a path – just not necessarily the one we want to be experiencing. Empowerment is always about experiencing positive opportunity in our lives. It may be the positive opportunity of finding pleasurable people in the world or it may be the positive opportunity of realizing growth, inner strength and nurturing through an emotion, feeling or thought. Positive opportunity exists at all levels and all dimensions of consciousness. It is willingness that opens up the way to experiencing these opportunities.

Generating willingness requires that we reflect with sincerity. What is it that we seek in life? What is it that is wrong? What is it that is right? What could be better? What could be worse? All these questions allow us to see and reflect on the landscape upon which we have created our reality and ourselves.

If we do not feel that all is right, then what feelings or experiences could open the way to making things feel right?

If we have an inkling as to what it is that we seek in life, then how do we gain more perspective on that spark of inspiration?

If things could be better then how could they be made better?

If life has no meaning to us we need to ask if we want a life with meaning and if so we must ask what it is that could possibly hold meaning for us. Meaning and purpose is infinitely easier to access when we are willing to find it. This becomes the difference between thinking “there is use” and thinking “there is no use, but I’m going to create meaning and purpose regardless.” The former stops the creation of solutions and positive opportunity. The latter finds, creates and realizes solutions, positive opportunity and power. This is the reason why all the techniques and methods of empowerment, personal development and spiritual realization are useless without willingness. Without willingness we simply give up. With willingness we can create even from a state of despair or depression and forge a core of inner strength and power.

In action willingness can be defined as action to move mountains but it can also be shown in a quiet, humble affirmation that we want to feel better, that we want to heal or be free of pain. Willingness is not a matter of intensity, it is a matter of direction. All other aspects come from this.

The simplicity and ease of willingness is that we can form these directions right here and now and it requires no other action other than to acknowledge what it is that we do want. If we seek happiness then this acknowledgement gives us the opportunity to seek how to become happy. If we seek healing then this acknowledgement gives us the opportunity to seek how to become healed. Each step leads to a further depth of willingness, each step prepares us for a further experience of willingness. These small acknowledgements are like the seeds of a tree, they are moved through our minds by intention and direction and within the embrace of our willingness they gain the opportunity to grow strong.

Willingness needs to be nurtured regularly in order to realize a strong direction, but it is not something that requires iron-gloved discipline. On the contrary learning to communicate with the consciousness that is willingness allows us to develop it in such a way that it’s power becomes effortless effort. Developing this stream of mind opens up the way for realizing self-mastery that just “happens” rather than the kind that needs to be forced. The kind of empowerment, enlightenment, inner strength and focus that comes from this is also different from the kind that needs to be forcefully controlled. Instead of developing them we are flowing into a slipstream where they already exist and communicating our intent through them. When we are in this state we simply need to “be” and in being we act and create effortlessly because our essence is in congruency with the consciousness of power.


The Path of Power

Power is the opportunity to experience positive perception. It is greatness, love, freedom, strength, peace, wisdom, compassion, flow, flexibility, intelligence and gratitude. It is these simply because these expressions and states of being reflect positive experience. It is these simply because these experiences are what they are. In the moments when we experience true power we feel strong, we feel supported, we feel love, freedom, compassion and gratitude. The Path of Power is the path that we realize as we understand these states. It is the path that is revealed as we explore and allow ourselves to experience that which we feel and believe to be our highest and truest expressions. It is the path that we are on right now, whoever we may be, whatever we may be doing.

The Path of Power is the path that we feel most strongly when we direct ourselves in ways that are congruent with our deepest, highest principles and values. The deepest of these will always be truth. Truth is the experience and action of always seeking to know more of reality as it is. Through the action of seeking more we look for openings into a deeper level. By moving through this level we come to find and experience a different level of truth, and again we gain the opportunity to look, seek and discover. As we experience each truth we question if it will truly allow us to experience real empowerment, real inner peace, real love and wisdom. While this choice of action can lead to disappointment through perceived failure, it also leads to the most real and effective way of growth, simply because it is honest. Each step we take develops real and true strength.

How can we find real empowerment if we do not question what it is or is not in the first place?

The Path of Power is not exclusive to “spiritual” people, “personal development” people, people in pain or people in joy. The Path of Power is available to everyone. It is the path that each of us walks in realizing our own power. True power is everywhere and in everything. It is no more owned by a man in robes than a woman in business attire. The only difference is recognition of power. It is in recognition that we gain the opportunity and experience that power provides us. Personal development is simply development of a person. Where it leads is up to the person. Ogami Itto the infamous samurai executioner chose his path of personal development to be Hell. He had reconciled finding his own enlightenment and that of his son’s along this road. Gautama the Buddha chose his path of personal development to be liberation from worldly suffering. Both decided that the adoration, respect and titles given by their peers and societies were meaningless, both made the decision to find their own truth and in doing so they found their own power.

The Path of Power requires but one thing to make it powerful and that is the desire to be real. Being real is a state of mind where we are conscious of who we are at this very moment. It is unimportant if the person we see reflects storms of delusion or a garden of Eden. What is important is that we look at reality as it is at this moment. Even if this moment is 100% illusion. Being real if continued will move mountains. It will find the deepest depths of our inner oceans. It will find everything, everywhere given enough time. Being real causes chaos because it is the essence of sincerity and honesty, the same path will provide the opportunity to understand how to find true peace regardless of chaos. This is the realization of order and the experience of universal balance.

In time being real will reveal our deepest truth and we will find that our journey has ended, we have stopped walking and seeking. In this moment we are no longer a part of the Path of Power – we are simply power.

The Path of Power becomes what it is when we choose to seek and therefore define power. This act of creating meaning, reason and purpose becomes the point of our existence. Instead of asking the universe or God what the meaning of life is, we create and define meaning and show it to the universe. Our relationship with the universe becomes a reciprocal one. It is not an act of only listening. It is not an act of only speaking. It is a communication of listening, speaking, understanding and realization. The relationship is alive, sensitive and interactive. It is like two expert hagglers working to find the best deal, the only difference is that the opportunity for flexibility and movement is infinite – both sides can know full victory. It all depends on our willingness and ability to move our mind and consciousness. When we can move our consciousness at will then we are not bound by any obstacle – we become the skeleton key.

Freedom is true power because in experiencing freedom within we have the opportunity to experience greatness in everything. Existence becomes no longer determined on the illusion of pain and pleasure, emotions, thoughts or concepts, because we can experience and move through these at all levels of consciousness. Mind, body and spirit are free. This ideal is the highest essence of power, just as it is the most basic precept required for inner peace. There is no striving for more, there is no boredom, there is no aversion or craving. Where and who we are is experienced as perfection. All the tools of the mind, be they psychic senses, shape-shifting, meditation and healing allow us to realize a consciousness that can move through doorways of the self, that can explore dimensions, time and space and that can find form, lose form and create. These keys can be used to walk without aim or they can be used to find meaning. When we turn our eyes towards the purpose of finding meaning then we create the tools to listen and discover. When we turn our ears towards the answers for creating meaning then we create the experiences that express greatness, love and joy. In whichever direction it is that we choose to manifest this meaning, this is the purpose of our lives. In whichever direction it is that we choose to express this purpose, is the meaning of life that we have the opportunity to realize. This is what is means to walk the Path of Power.


Developing the Third Eye Pt2

Empowerment is realized in our lives through the way that we interpret and communicate with ourselves and the world around us. If we do not develop the ability to understand then our consciousness perceives confusion and fear. The energy of the third eye is a frequency like our other chakras that is linked to our physicality. By learning to communicate with it’s energy we learn to realize the information that has always been within ourselves and instead of confusion we integrate understanding.

The third eye is often used to explore “external” places and environments. The method of remote viewing in which a practitioner sees and feels locations through their inner sight has been used by seers and mystics of old, but more recently has been explored both by the CIA and Russian scientists with accurate results. The same faculty can be turned within to explore our inner consciousness and body. There is a most valuable opportunity here to use this sense towards reconciliation and healing of the self.

Getting a feel for the exercise and then begin to work with your eyes closed in order to get more in touch with your subtle senses. Use the instructions as a guide, then allow your self to explore. “Listen” and “look” for new doors and paths within your senses.

Explore this exercise:

Closing you eyes visualize and see yourself from a third person perspective.

Do not be concerned if your visualization is unclear, wavering or even completely blank. Look through the blankness or fuzziness with the “direction” or intention of finding the visualization of yourself. It exists here and now, you are simply learning to tune into the image and feeling of it.

In particular look and “listen” for the frequency that is effortless. We are learning to shift in the slipstream of consciousness which is third eye energy.

Move your consciousness through your body. See the manner in which the third eye perceives your body’s energy. Feel the way that the information is being interpreted.


Get a feel for listening to what your inner sight tells you about your inner world.

Observe with the intention of knowing what exact energetic frequencies your body is asking for. Move your consciousness deeper into yourself in order to listen to the root level of your being.

Now begin to reciprocate what you feel and see is required or perceived to be needed in these areas of body and mind. See, feel and hear the frequencies that “fit” and blend them in. Observe how these new energies react with what is already there.

This interaction is like any communication. Each entity puts forward an expression and observes the interaction. Explore refining the interaction until your inner sight looks and feels “right”. Observe and notice how long a particular frequency and intensity sustains before you need to create it again. It may be 5 seconds, it may be 5 minutes or 5 hours. In the beginning the frequency must be held with conscious “effort”. In time it will become effortless, until eventually the new direction will take over the old. At this point this area of your consciousness will feel integrated. This is the exact feeling of what happens when we feel “healed”.

Understand that the communication may express itself in many ways. You may experience lights, shapes, smells, visuals, feelings or tastes. You may well experience a sensory that you can’t quite put down to being any of your usual senses. Observe whatever expression is being manifested and listen with the intention of understanding.

Understanding third eye or any energy for that matter is very similar to understanding a person. Communication requires that we listen and also that we understand what is being expressed to us – then we must also understand how and what to reciprocate. Develop your skills to the point where you can communicate and interpret the third eye energy anywhere. Allow it to be an effortless exchange of energy. This elevates the relationship to one of fluent communication – and fluent communication leads us to complete understanding.


Developing the Third Eye Pt 1

The third eye is an energetic structure between the eyebrows that connects to a certain frequency. As with all chakras (for chakra locations refer to glossary) the third eye is a gateway to the dimension of the this particular energy. When we refer to a chakra as “opened” or “closed” we are actually referring to the mind and body’s perception of the energy. “Closed” and “opened” are as much an illusion as any emotional or sensory state is an illusion. The state of “closed” or “opened” exists because our mind and body believes they exist. A mind that can move freely becomes like a skeleton key – and so any part of the body can act like a chakra, or for that matter a portal to any energy. Learning to work with the third eye as the juncture between our eyebrows however presents an easy opportunity to tune in to this frequency. This is the area where the illusion of location is at it’s most diminished.

Work with this exercise:

Touch your fingers to the area between your eye brows. Feel the sensation there.

Now remove your fingers from the area and feel for the same area.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to “see” this area.

Focus and integrate all your senses towards this area.

“Listen” for the consciousness that exists here.

Allow yourself to receive the sensory of information that is flowing in to you.

If you see anything simply allow it to be.

If you feel or hear anything simply allow it be.

Observe and simply keep your mind at the juncture of your third eye.

Allow everything to flow at it’s own pace. Whether smooth, clumsy, clunky, focused or confused.
Learn to allow everything to be and keep your mind at the third eye.

Practice with both closed and open eyes at various times during the day and night. It’s important not to get fixated on how you believe that you should be developing. Know that the simple practice of keeping your consciousness at this area is allowing exploration, communication and understanding to take place. This is the purpose of the exercise. However it unfolds is the necessary experience for you. Practice keeping a balance of observation and gentle probing, “listening” or feeling for what this energy is communicating to you. In the beginning this communication will be mostly non-intellectual so don’t expect a discussion! It will be more of a reciprocating energy, feeling, vision or sound. Look at it as learning to communicate with a new being. We need to find through experience the way that it communicates. We learn it’s gestures and we learn how to deepen the communication. In time we are able to have lengthy and deep communication and from this we gain understanding and knowledge about our own relationship with this energy.

The essence of energy connection is experiential understanding. The more that our mind and body understands, the greater our opportunity to direct our consciousness and therefore our lives. Empowerment is not exclusive to having many choices, it is simply that through experiencing many choices we gain the opportunity to understand ourselves. This is where empowerment is realized. Getting too fixated on this chakra or that chakra can lead us away from understanding a deeper level of the mind and can in fact make us addicted to needing a particular energy. On the other hand understanding that the mind can connect to anything, anywhere, at anytime brings us freedom.