The Way of the Crystal Pt 2

Learning from crystals requires that we learn the manner in which they communicate. As with all effective communication the first prerequisite is learning how to listen. Through listening we learn the shape and form of the language and this then provides us with the ability to speak. As our skills of listening and expression become refined we will find that the knowledge that we are able to gather is also refined. The other interesting this is that as we learn more and gain more knowledge the aspects and intention of the information we seek changes. The power of crystals is that the age of their knowledge has an understanding of this progression. While they can be accepting of the nature of process they can also prompt us to move on and evolve. This could be compared to being in the company of any person or being of greater age or experience who simply through the act of communication allows us to see certain perspectives and perhaps a “bigger” picture of reality.

To listen to another we must be able to listen to ourselves. This is why the practice of observation is so important. Not only does it build the necessary skill of patience, it also develops the ears required to hear. Hearing occurs when the sound meets our ear drums and is processed and integrated. Similarly communication with a crystal occurs when we are able to process the form of it’s expression. Through observation of our own energy, mind and body we can notice the shape and form of this expression.

Just as Clairvoyance reveals the interaction of subtle energies so too can it reveal the visual language of a crystal. Look at the crystal and observe the space that exists between sight and how your mind perceives sight. Allow this space to connect with the crystal. Sit in this space and observe. This practice teaches you to be open and to listen visually.

Clairaudience works through first becoming comfortable with the space that exists between sound and how your mind perceives sound. Then we allow this space to connect with the crystal. Sitting in this space we simply listen and allow the development of hearing to take place.

The same principles apply to all the other psychic senses. Clairsentience exists between feeling and the perception of feeling, Clairessence between smelling and the perception of smelling, Clairgustience between tasting and the perception of tasting and Claircognizant between thinking and the perception of thought. By tuning ourselves into the space that exists we automatically work with the flows around that space and the paths of communication become realized. All that is required is that we allow these paths to open by being actively patient.

It is as relevant when choosing a crystal to communicate with as it is relevant when choosing a person to communicate with. It depends entirely on what you would like to experience. Some crystals are hard core teachers, others are more relaxed, some are slow, some are quick, some are passionate, some are dry. We may all have our favorites, but lessons can be learned from all forms of communication and knowledge. It is as always, most beneficial to learn through direct experience. It is also not mandatory to work with crystals from a shop – even common garden stones have opportunities, information and knowledge to work with.

Remember when you feel more fluent in listening, to offer your own expression and intention into the dialogue. Through this you will find that the relationship becomes more meaningful, as the communication imparts knowledge and wisdom that has purpose to you.