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The Importance of Receiving Precision Attunements – By John Gregor(Guest Teacher)

You wouldn’t want to take your car to a hack mechanic would you? The same goes for attuning your consciousness and I’d pick a bad mechanic over a bad attunement facilitator any day of the week.

The key to choosing a good teacher or facilitator of attunements is in the details. It is definitely not enough to just be regurgitating the motions, energies and forms of an attunement. A true master can call themselves a master because they are connected with even the smallest details of energy and form that are occurring within the attunement. The higher the skill of the facilitator the clearer and more precise the attunement, while at the same time minimizing and neutralizing any unnecessary impact.

Remember that an attunement is the creation of specific maps of consciousness. The more detailed the map, the easier it is to use and the deeper and more effective your understanding will be. At the same time the map just like a road map, should be neutral. A neutral map allows you to use it through your own will and choice. A subjective map or one that contains limiting beliefs of a facilitator will control your movement and limit your ability to move freely. These types of attunements have a very fixed energy, where as a neutral attunement will adapt to your own spiritual evolution and choices. Frankly speaking a fixed energy attunement can be like a curse, where as a neutral attunement is liberation and freedom.

Attunements form maps that potentially may work on many dimensions. Each level of an attunement will correspond to a respective level of consciousness. So if the attunement is created on 5 dimensions, then you’ll be able to access these maps and directions within 5 levels of consciousness. Attuning correctly to however many levels are required is vital to creating the pathways to precise and accurate wells of energy, knowledge and information.

John Gregor

The Secrets of Enlightenment – By Tashi (Guest Teacher)

Enlightenment means to bring ‘light.’ In terms that we can practice bring light means to bring awareness and insight to our consciousness. The path of complete enlightenment is the path of bringing light and pure awareness to all aspects of our consciousness.

Are there still secrets to achieving Enlightenment?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” A secret is merely hidden knowledge or mystery. Whether is has been hidden through deliberation or simply because of ignorance and lack of information – it is still hidden and it is still a secret.

The fact that enlightenment is not a common achievement in this world is proof that many such secrets exist. The fact that the mere word “Enlightenment” is often associated with the unachievable or with myth is proof that such secrets exist.

A secret will always be a secret to those that do not know – and so for those that do not know there are many such secrets!

It is the duty of any who would seek Enlightenment to also seek and reveal all the secrets that would limit complete Enlightenment. Some of these secrets will be revealed through your practice, but others need to be shown and will require teaching. A teacher is a seeker who has walked this path a little longer than you have – that is all. They are not superior to you, nor are you inferior to them. It is just like you would teach a baby or a child the ways of this world.

The ancient traditions of achieving Enlightenment are as empowering as they are limiting. So much has been lost because of secrecy within the schools. It is time to share the teachings, but is also time to ask that the teachings be shared. Only when all secrets are revealed will Enlightenment be open to all.


Negative Entities

A time will come when most projectors into the astral will understand how to navigate and deal with at least minor negative entities. By keeping the etheric body strong these entities simply cannot harm us. At this stage it can be very interesting to spend time around these entities. Much of what they communicate is going to be by our own perspective deceitful and in a sense cunning, but a lot of understanding can be gained through observing between the lines.

A certain level of emotional control is required in order to still aversion when dealing with these entities. They may be slobbering great spiders or demonic looking entities, but the true power of an entity comes from perceiving straight into its core. This is how we can identify true ascended masters from entities simply taking the form of one. The eyes too will often betray malice or the hunger for power.

Negative entities in the astral will often attach themselves to beings in the physical. By understanding and observing their methods and reasons, it becomes clear how to deal with them in the physical. Most of the time negative entities gain their power simply because people in the physical are unaware of their existence and effect. The two most effective ways of identifying these entities is through the psychic senses or through recognizing the patterns of entity disturbance.


The Planes of Scent – The Psychic Sense of Clairessence

Moving directly from each of the senses are the planes of pure sense. The plane of scent is one of these. It is a reality which exists only of pure scent and smell, all communication, information, knowledge and interrelationship occurs here through smell. Memory of the physical body is not lost, but the disconnection is such that it seems like a far away dream.

The intention and purpose of the being that projects into this realm is what is kept intact and for this reason the congruency of learning, understanding and wisdom is never compromised. The opportunity that is given is simply to immerse oneself fully into the realm of scent. It is like an intoxication that takes hold within moments, yet although the other senses for the time being seem to diminish and dissolve completely, the sense of smell rises to a level where it far surpasses that of the normal consciousness and intellect.

Recognition of specific scents as entities and intelligences of full consciousness, wisdom and knowledge becomes completely clear and apparent. High level communication with these entities not only becomes possible, it occurs at a rate that would make normal verbal communication seem clumsy and primitive. The depth of relationship within this plane is profound. Depth of intimacy and the ability and willingness to open ourselves to experience is enormous. Interestingly, although the other senses are absent, there is absolutely no perception that one is lacking in information or undergoing any type of sensory withdrawal. There is much learning to be had here.


Astral Consciousness – Exploring New Worlds and Dimensions

The Astral plane exists here and now simultaneously with the physical. Similarly, part of our consciousness is connecting to the astral right here and now. Understanding and experiencing this part of consciousness is all about training the mind to be aware of it. Deeper levels of projection simply require training of the mind to shift more energy into the aspects of consciousness that are already connected to the astral.

The ability of projection begins with the development of awareness. It is like the difference between being aware of a door or not being aware of a door. Awareness provides the opportunity to move through while ignorance hides the door completely.

It is necessary then to train the mind to first become aware that the astral exists right here and now. This must be achieved through experience. The mind must be observant to itself, to feeling for and noticing the aspects of itself which are tuned into the astral.

These openings are the keys to deeper travel.

Experienced astral projectors no longer require a deep level of relaxation to project. They simply tune into the astral plane and through focus and mind control, enter directly. The higher and subtler planes too, exist here and now and are accessed by tuning into the aspects of mind that are already connected. The subtler and higher the planes are, the ‘further’ or ‘fainter’ they will seem from our awareness.

Difficulties shifting into subtler planes or even astral projecting in the first place occur because the consciousness is attached to the densities of emotion, thought and the physical. The more that we get these under control, the ‘closer’ the subtler and higher planes will be perceived by our consciousness. A full shift occurs when we have control over the specific densities, those being emotions, thoughts and sensations that would prevent us from moving deeper. In could be compared in some ways to an air filled balloon resting on the ground. It may wish to go higher, but it is only when it is filled with a lighter gas such as helium or hydrogen that it will.

Various temples, monasteries and places of learning exist within the astral and these also can only be accessed if the right frequency is met. These frequencies cannot be bought or sold. They are simply requirements of consciousness that when met allow entry. If the frequency is not met then most likely these places will not even be perceived at all. The same requirements exist for meeting certain teachers and masters.

It is interesting to note that the same energetic shifts in consciousness required to project into and within the astral hold to the same principles required for emotional mastery, psychic communication and manifestation. The complexity lies within deciphering the unique laws of each plane and dimension. Just as in the physical however, we are fortunate that knowledge and teachings are always available – we simply need to be willing to seek and to ask.


The Way of Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to move the consciousness deliberately into the plane of reality known as the ‘astral.’ This plane exists at a subtler level than the physical and so in this plane it is easier to create and receive mental manifestations. If for example we wish to see a particular person we can move to them instantly, without the usual physical process of getting transport to meet them, or making sure that they are home. Knowledge and information too is created at a faster speed without the friction of the physical to slow it down.

The planes of the astral work in densities. The higher planes have a lesser density and the lower planes have a heavier density. This is the reason why mastery of the mind and emotions is important for higher level astral work. All thoughts and emotions have a particular density and form. These forms act quite literally as obstacles to moving into the subtler realms. The harder that we push, the more impatient and ‘power’ that we try to muster, the more these realms elude us. The impatience, tension and force that we create has a density that prevents us from entry. Ironically it is by diminishing the effects of desire, impatience and force that we enter these gates. This principle holds true all the way from the most simple astral projection to the most deep and subtle.

The main pre-requisites to astral projection are relaxation and focus, although in truth all that is really required is focus. In the beginning we learn to control our bodies to the extent that we can effect a complete and deep relaxation. The body literally falls asleep, yet part of the mind remains conscious and awake. This is simply a shift from what we normally do, which is to allow the mind to move into the sleep state with the body. In this case we are training the mind to be awake while the body sleeps. This simple practice develops aspects of mind control in that the mind must learn to not fall asleep and instead focus. Each time the mind tries to fall asleep with the body, we will it remain conscious.

It is interesting that many modern people are not actually ‘embodied.’ So much of our lives are spent thinking and living in the future of possibilities or in the past of happenings, thoughts and emotions. What is interesting about this is that when it comes to splitting the consciousness from the body a reaction sets in that seeks to prevent us from projecting or leaving. It is not so much an intellectual fear as a primal one, yet it is not at the unconscious level as much as at the conscious and subconscious.

Our bodies do quite well with out the interference of the conscious mind. Our heart beats, our lungs breathe, our immune systems fight off disease – none of these require our direction ~ they simply does what they do. The fear that we will die if we leave our body does not come from the fear that our body will die. It comes from fear of the unknown. Of what will happen to our mind if we leave our body. The more that we face this threshold, the more that we face this fear, the easier it becomes to cross it. Slowly, like babies we venture further and further until we realize that we are in fact safer leaving our bodies as we are safe to leave the house.

What is also interesting is that we all leave our bodies every night that we sleep. It is just that we are unconscious of this and we do not remember. Our subconscious plays out its reactions and interactions within the astral realm which is why dreams can be so crazy. Flying pink elephants can and will appear instantly if this is what is required in a dream. The difference between the dream and astral projection is being conscious. Being consciousness in the astral just as in life is what provides the opportunity for deliberate choice and intention.

The importance of being conscious ties right back to the foundational process required to astral project. At the moment the body sleeps, if we lose consciousness then we lose deliberate choice and intention. If we remain conscious then we keep choice and intention. This is the difference between simply falling asleep and astral projection.


Psychic Ability and Spirituality – Transcending the Physical Body and Mind – Entering the Higher Dimensions

Psychic ability is simply the ability to communicate with weaves of energy that are above the ‘normal’ level of physical reality. Reading future events, past events, spiritual knowledge and channeling the ‘dead’ are symptoms of connecting to specific weaves of energy. The term ‘psychic’ has become an umbrella term to encompass many skills and abilities that are considered paranormal or metaphysical. To expand on this all of these skills can really be classed under ‘communication.’

It makes the topic of spirituality far clearer when we understand that ‘spirituality’ is really a communication with spirit. It always has been and probably always will. The various definitions of ‘spirit’ change from religion to religion and belief to belief, but the essence is the same. It is about communication with spirit. The most accurate communication is always going to be direct communication. It is the same with any verbal communication with another person. Being there and doing the actual speaking is always going to be more accurate than second hand information. This is where psychic ability comes in.

Psychic ability is simply an expansion of our set of communication tools. Where there may have been no conduit with which to listen and speak to spirit or other energetic entities, psychic abilities help to open up these paths. Having said this, psychic ability in and of itself does not equal spiritual communication. Spiritual communication like any communication requires an intention to connect – in this case to spirit. The language and faculties of connection are then used and developed to gain fluency and understanding.

A surrendering of the ego’s desires is necessary when learning to communicate psychically to spirit. This process is supported by guides and entities that hold the path open at specific planes and dimensions. For example while some may be at least able to fathom the infinite spirit, most will have difficulty with moving fully into infinite consciousness. This is simply because the energetic pattern of the mind is too strong. The older or more experienced we are, the more crystallized these patterns become. Getting around this requires dedicated practice, subtlety and a constant will to refine and understand self-mastery. The modern world has a habit of getting people addicted to semantics and this too is something that we must let go of. Semantics and words become useless eventually, only the true meaning that words and concepts point to hold real empowerment and understanding. This is where psychic ability provides a powerful opportunity. Psychic ability allows us to see deeply beyond words and concepts to the source. In shapes, scents, sounds and forms these weaves of energy expand and deepen, leading us through their paths and removing us through our own. The channel that is formed becomes stronger and clearer than the organic body we live in could ever be. This becomes our conduit to the spirit, our connection and our communication. It is here that we come to see spirit with our own eyes, hear spirit with our own ears and feel spirit with our own heart.


Dedicated Spirituality

Dedicated spirituality is living spirituality. This means that abilities and skills are honed and refined continuously in daily life. Dedicated spirituality means revolving the rest of our lives around our spiritual practice and not the other way around. It is not for everyone, just as becoming an Olympic athlete is not for everyone, but achieving high levels of ability in any field will always require dedication.

The path of dedication will leave many of us behind. It will require many sacrifices, but to those of us with true intent and commitment, these sacrifices will be as little as dust. Dedication will leave behind all the illusions of spirituality, all the “should” and “should nots” will fade as we pursue real experience to define the way of true meaning and value. Our choices and actions will begin to frighten the spiritual “hobbyists” not because of any true moral slights, but because we bring light to illusions which they would otherwise hold on to. This is true power. While some would have us believe that power exists in denying fear and insecurity, we find it in facing and conquering fear, at first with trembling hands and eventually with hearts so strong that fear flees at first contact.

This is what the masters meant when they reminded us that what we truly fear is not our weakness, but our true power. We fear it because it separates us. It separates us not in truth, but in perception and it is this perception of separation, of being apart from others that frightens us. This perception is the “closed mind.” It is the outcast, the hermit, the isolated, the lonely and the alone. It is our weakness when it controls us, but when we are in control, then it is our strength. It becomes our commitment, our discipline, our dedication and purpose. This meaning and value becomes a power in itself, it inspires and gives us reason to be who we are. We change from a person who is scared to utter one word out of line, to a being who lives to be who they are.

Each and every facet of life changes through our dedication. At the same time each and every facet of our life must be faced and observed critically in order to be dedicated. Life is a succession of moments, each moment is a test of our integrity. And what is integrity? It is a being that is aligned with itself. It is a being that walks its talk. Each time that we act in a way that we feel at any level is not true or right or within our value system, we can feel our own energetic, mental and physical integrity distort. Likewise when we act in a way, that is aligned and congruent with our values and meaning then we will feel our spiritual, mental and physical integrity strengthen.

When we put off implementing and acting on what is true and right for us, then we are affirming that these inner values are not important enough right now – and so they manifest exactly as such. The will becomes weaker, clarity less so, the mind and emotions create lower energy states that help to manifest and affirm these limiting belief. It is exactly what was ordered! On the other hand when we pursue and implement our inner most values with dedication and commitment we manifest the strength to integrated these into the world, the expression to make certain that we are not ignored, the clarity to achieve the highest vision possible and the energy to match the expansion of mind and body that we are commanding.


Surrender – Opening your Mind, Spirit and Heart

In any communication there is a balance of listening and expression. The deeper our ability to listen, the more effective our ability to express becomes. Listening allows us to understand the essence of what is being conveyed to us and to reciprocate with precision and clarity. This is essentially what surrender is all about. Surrender is a yielding in order to gain understanding – and understanding is everything. It is the knowledge that allows us to act with intention and purpose. It is the ability that allows us to create empowerment, it is conscious transformation and it is mastery.

When the channel between the Higher Self and the consciousness has been opened, it takes about 14 days to make this connection permanent. Depending on the thickness of the channel, spiritual information will either trickle or pour like a waterfall interacting with the mind and physical body. The more willing we are to surrender and at least for the time being ‘give up’ our own expression and simply “listen,” the more information and knowledge we will absorb and integrate into ourselves. As each channel becomes open to receive it clears the way for knowledge and energy to come through. In a sense it is like having many water hoses. As long as we are pushing our expression through, it is difficult to receive energy coming the other way. When we surrender, we stop for a time pushing out our own essence and listen to what else is there. Ironically, what comes back is our own essence but so much more also.

The Higher Self has the ability to encompass what we are because its plane of existence is multi-dimensional. Integration of the Higher Self into the body trains the body to increase its perception of dimensional planes. This is what lifts the body from a 3 dimensional state to 4, then 5 and more planes of existence. This is what it means to “ascend.” Spiritual power can only exist at a limited level at the 3rd dimension, simply because the 3rd dimension has its own set of laws. As the body is trained to connect to higher dimensions it is no longer just in the 3rd dimension, and so it gains the experience and ability to use and call on a broader range of spiritual power. This only occurs if the practice includes the physical body. Meditations and practices that exclude the physical are splitting the mind from the body and so they do not gain this benefit of integration. This is also the reason why many spiritual masters have developed physical health problems. Their higher plane bodies became so powerful and full of higher energies, but their physical bodies could not hold or maintain these levels and so they overloaded, short circuited and their physical bodies died. Interestingly, many masters who had ascended and split from their bodies before, have chosen to come back to this plane to learn how to fully ascend inclusive of the physical.

Another thing that is important to note is that full integration of the physical plane with the higher planes will allow us to manifest and “fit in” to this world, so to speak. This avoids all the pit falls of spirituality that is insubstantial or full of “fluff” so to speak. Spiritual power becomes manifest not just in life philosophy and attitude but in the very way that we connect with physical reality. The structures that are our physical bodies and minds pour in higher dimensional energies. These are integrated using our physical bodies as “converters.” Through this channel the multiple dimensions can meet without hindrance or obstacle. This is the essence of “surrender.”


Spiritual Growth – Achieving Real Spiritual Evolution

The state of spiritual growth as a whole on this planet is in a shambles. Contributing to this is the lack of or inappropriate teachings, but the worst of the lot are the philosophies proposing that we have nothing to learn at all. It is this idea that halts growth in its tracks. It may provide moments if not minutes of inspiration and the odd fantasy that everything is all right and we need not do anything – but in effect it is asking us to stop being critical and seek ignorance.

The most technically gifted masters among us have already long left our company, having realized that most of us simply do not care enough to truly gain from the teachings. This leaves much of the modern world speculating about the true nature of ideas like enlightenment, empowerment and so on. In the mean time these Savants walk through the levels of consciousness as easily as one would walk through an open door.

While modern day intellectuals would debate the existence of enlightenment and the meaning of empowerment, the masters are evolving and refining their methods for evolving the actual practice. It is understood that not all beings are on the direct path to enlightenment, the universe is fully capable of encompassing those that are actively choosing other roads. It is for this reason that the masters do not agitate over teaching, rather they understand the energetic momentum that the planet as a whole will gain from their own growth.

Being caught in the flow of beings powerful enough to influence entire planets with their consciousness is simply an indication of lack of self-mastery. It is not a moral condemnation, simply an observation of fact. It is similar to being caught in an ocean storm. Only the most effective swimmers can break free from its grip. This in itself is about training for real ability and skill.

If we are too weak to influence our own direction, then we are caught with the waves. Perhaps even unaware of what is occurring. If we wait for masters to give us strength, then we will wait forever, for true strength cannot be given, only earned through facing our weaknesses.

It comes back to us to remain critical. Critical of ourselves and critical of what we have and are creating. It is in this that we gain the opportunity to evolve with intent, meaning, reason and purpose. There is so much more to be known. Spiritual growth initiates when we acknowledge this. Concepts and ideas only reach fruition through sustained action and practice. Ideals such as love and compassion only become what they are through testing our connection to them in the heat of real life and experience. Principles such as those of manifestation and purification are only entrained into our bodies and minds through vigilantly aligning our spiritual understanding with our physical and mental being.

It is not difficult to see that spiritual growth as a whole is floundering. It is only difficult when we refuse to be critical. When we are objective we can see the vast amounts of incongruent knowledge and information. We can see the struggle to understand and find clarity within this knowledge. We can see how this lack of clarity has come to limit expansive spiritual vision and potential. We can see how protecting this lack of answers has led to fear and aversion to having a truly critical mind.

We only fear the critical mind when we choose to cling to blind belief, but no answer will be forthcoming from blind belief. The myths within the spiritual arena are legion, but this also means that the opportunity for truth is massive. Potential for growth lies in these opportunities, but without taking them there is no real power or conscious growth. The intellect must move beyond the comfortable appraisal that potential lies out there somewhere. It must look to the heart and see why we are not moving stridently toward our potential right now. It may not be pretty, it may not be in the current trend of “spiritual speak,” but it is true. Movement between two points of consciousness only occurs because of the choice to move. This choice is made when we understand critically the reason for our new destination.