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The Importance of Receiving Precision Attunements – By John Gregor(Guest Teacher)

You wouldn’t want to take your car to a hack mechanic would you? The same goes for attuning your consciousness and I’d pick a bad mechanic over a bad attunement facilitator any day of the week.

The key to choosing a good teacher or facilitator of attunements is in the details. It is definitely not enough to just be regurgitating the motions, energies and forms of an attunement. A true master can call themselves a master because they are connected with even the smallest details of energy and form that are occurring within the attunement. The higher the skill of the facilitator the clearer and more precise the attunement, while at the same time minimizing and neutralizing any unnecessary impact.

Remember that an attunement is the creation of specific maps of consciousness. The more detailed the map, the easier it is to use and the deeper and more effective your understanding will be. At the same time the map just like a road map, should be neutral. A neutral map allows you to use it through your own will and choice. A subjective map or one that contains limiting beliefs of a facilitator will control your movement and limit your ability to move freely. These types of attunements have a very fixed energy, where as a neutral attunement will adapt to your own spiritual evolution and choices. Frankly speaking a fixed energy attunement can be like a curse, where as a neutral attunement is liberation and freedom.

Attunements form maps that potentially may work on many dimensions. Each level of an attunement will correspond to a respective level of consciousness. So if the attunement is created on 5 dimensions, then you’ll be able to access these maps and directions within 5 levels of consciousness. Attuning correctly to however many levels are required is vital to creating the pathways to precise and accurate wells of energy, knowledge and information.

John Gregor