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Techniques and principles for healing the emotions through mind, body and spirit.

The Breath of the Universe

The breath of universe is a consciousness that links the physical breath to the breath and pulse of the Divine. It can be experienced in its totality when projecting the astral body into it and merging as one, but for those who are not versed in astral projection it can also be used in simple meditation and is a powerful tool for unifying the mind, body and spirit with the universe.

The experience of the breath is all about perception and the senses, so it is through these senses that you observe your breath. Feel it, see it, hear it, taste it and smell it. Allow your mind to touch all these senses, yet do not become involved, simply observe objectively and watch. Look for the subtle areas of these senses. Find the outer limits of your senses, where perception almost disappears. Hold your mind here. By holding your mind here, you stretch and expand your mind.

Observe the nature of your breath. Observe where it feels strong, observe where it feels subtle and released. Notice how far it travels as it leaves your body. Notice how far it travels as it enters your body. Follow it completely to the end of its journey – then send your mind out in this direction. Continue to walk the journey that your breath has begun. How far can you go? Where does your mind stop? Allow this expansion to continue. Notice the walls and barriers of your perception and be at one with them. Do not struggle – if there is resistance, be that resistance, if there is non-resistance, be that non-resistance.

Look for the spaces in between the resistance and allow your mind to melt through these spaces. Melt and expand. Allow the breath to dissolve you. Feel the pulse of the breath expanding ever outward, melting into the universe, becoming one with the universe. Be embraced, supported and empowered by this breath. Understand the power that comes from allowing the breath of the universe to nourish you. Breath as one.


Chakra Balancing

The chakras are portal or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energies into the physical body. The body has 7 primary chakras but over 2000 secondary ones which help to direct and hold the integrity of our 3 main elements – mind, body and spirit. Since the flow of this triad is always shifting, directed by our intent and consciousness, so too must the chakra system recalibrate and find new points of balance which each shift. In other words, just as our thinking, communication, perspectives and intentions change, so do the requirements of our chakra systems.

The chakra system deals mainly with subtle energy and so for the most part this energy is able to move through subtle shifts of tension within the physical body. With enough subtle tension however, the flow of energy will slow and even stop. The result is that the body, mind and emotions will begin receiving less and less information. Information will result in less understanding and less understanding will lead to less ability. Usually this does not happen in a dramatic way, it may take years, the same way that plumbing can take years to clog up and eventually block the flow of water.

Depending on which chakras are blocked or limited, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit various manifestations. Blockages in the solar plexus for instance can result in a lack of will or strong intent to take action. This will be experienced in the body as a lessening of the bio-chemicals that create the sensation or emotion of will and purpose. Emotionally and mentally this will be experienced in corresponding mind states such as apathy or boredom. Blockages in the crown chakra will result in a disconnection from the Higher Self, as well as a difficulty connecting to the bigger picture in ones life. Just as with the solar plexus chakra, specific bio-chemicals will correspond to this particular blockage.

The link between the energy of the chakra and the bio-chemistry of the body is simply about information. There is nothing mysterious about it at all. Our whole being exists and survives because of information. There is information between the heart and the brain, information between organs and enzymes, hormones and blood, oxygen and lungs, as well as information from the outside world such as people, books, trees, the sun, the moon, gravity and electricity. Information is influence and expression, through connecting with this information a communication happens. This is the same communication that occurs between the energy of the chakras and the physical body.

The foundation ‘foot in the door’ principles to any type of chakra balancing should begin with simply spending time at the chakra location. Forget about what is written in books, references or even here for that matter. Nothing will compare to actual ‘sit down’ time with your own chakras. Its like spending time with a loved one, kids, friends and so on – we can go out and seek advanced knowledge and professional advice, but sometimes what is really needed is simply to spend time with them. It’s the same deal with the chakras. An amazing amount of communication will open up when we just listen and observe – and in this listening a great deal of balancing and integration will just happen. The results will be seen in the way the physical body feels, the mind thinks, the emotions move and the spirit flows through us.


Inner Strength – Activate the Internal Power of Your Mind to Conquer your Destiny

Inner strength is the ability that prevents us from being corrupted by powers such as knowledge, information, sensation and opportunity. Without inner strength we will be drawn only to experiences that bring us pleasure and run from those that cause us pain. The journey will change from one that once sought truth and freedom, to one that seeks only to satisfy the senses. The path becomes a path of addiction rather than a path of truth.

The path of truth is a path that actively seeks truth. It is not about increasing and feeding our illusions. It is about purifying the mind and our perceptions to seeing through those illusions.

Spirit is not limited to only existing in pleasure – it exists everywhere and in everything.

Enlightenment is not confined only to feeling powerful, spiritual or expansive. It is about truth –the truth that “light” exists in all things.

Our definition of spirit, empowerment, unconditional love and truth becomes extremely limited when we isolate their existence to only a few select experiences and emotions. This is not truth. It is illusion.

Purification is training the mind to understand this truth, and it is strength that allows us to stay on our path when we are beset on all sides by sensory temptations.

The vigilance required for purification is not about denying pleasure or pain, it is about purifying regardless of the perception of pleasure or pain. When the attachment to these elements within the mind is purified, the experience of suffering, craving and aversion diminishes and is released.

This is the aspect that has corrupted many masters to be. It is no exaggeration that the path to truth has claimed the mental corpses of many who have started out with a firm and resolute vision, but then when illusions of power beckoned, the craving was too much and they gave in to their sensory reactions and impulses.

Each time we buckle under to illusion, we are creating obstacles and blocks to truth.

Inner strength may be moved or swayed, but always returns to the true path.

When we look at ourselves and say “only this is spiritual and all that is not,” then we are looking for a spirituality that is conditional and that does not understand oneness. This path is actively choosing ignorance over understanding.

Understanding is about seeing separation and then working out ways to perceive unity.

Choosing ignorance is about seeing separation and then working out ways to justify that separation.

These are the very reasons why we believe that people who are different are wrong. These are the very reasons why we believe that enlightenment must occur anywhere but here and now.

Strength is what keeps us here and now.

Without strength we flit from one craving to another like a puppet – completely unable to control our reactions. This is the path to self-corruption. It is the path that seeks more separation instead of unity, oneness and understanding.

It is only when we are strong that we can look the puppet master in the eye and not be swayed in the least. This is the strength that allows us to stay resolute on a path of truth.


Healing Past Life Guilt – Releasing Karmic Debt, Pain and Suffering

Guilt is not healed so simply by moving on. It needs to be met completely. Without a complete connection there cannot be complete healing. All solutions require a complete understanding and connection with the issue at hand. Healing guilt is no different.

Guilt exists because of the perception of wrongness. Forgiveness is the doorway to healing guilt. It is the precursor to unconditional acceptance, the reunion with universal consciousness. Forgiveness will open the way through several levels. On one level the pure feeling and emotion of guilt must be opened completely. On another the aspect that was able to act in such a way as to create guilt must be forgiven also. It must be accepted and felt for what it is, without the condition that it is required to see differently or change. As soon as we require or demand change then the vibration of our forgiveness changes. The healing ability of forgiveness changes when it becomes conditional, for in being conditional we choose to hold on to part of the pain. Perhaps it is our story and we have become attached to telling it. Perhaps we feel like we need to protect ourselves, so that this will never occur again. Whether for protection or because we feel that this story has become who we are, the choice is between fear of being hurt again or healing and discovering reunion in all that we are.

By letting go of the need to protect ourselves we open up the way to finding a self that needs no protection. As long as we fear pain – then we will fear pain. As long as we need protection – then we will need protection. The path to true power is through letting go of the shields and devices that we would use to stop us from connecting with the universe and to let this connection take place. For deep understanding and thus empowerment to be realized we must move in the direction of whole connection, not denial.

Guilt holds a special opportunity for healing because the nature of guilt is about right and wrong. Even the most gifted technical healers may find difficulty with healing guilt if they do not believe that they deserve healing. It is only when we can accept that even that which we perceive to be wrong is worthy of love, can we forgive, accept and truly move on.

There is a resonance within the energy of guilt that has usually existed just below the threshold of this planets surface consciousness. This thread of emotion links all the way through all of our history and like any memory holds the reflections that have had the most impact. The perception that we have abused power has led us to fracture the way that we can wield and perceive real power. The strong magnetism that is directing this planet’s consciousness to heal guilt will help us to understand the nature and capacity of true power. At this time the resonance is slightly above the threshold of group consciousness. This means that not only can present life guilt be easily accessed, so too can the guilt of many past lives. The latch to opening into these is simply accepting even for a moment that what we do feel as guilt is quite alright and safe to feel. Allowing the essence of forgiveness to embrace guilt does not make us bad people, it does not mean that we will recreate those experiences that we perceive to be wrong. On the contrary, when we connect to forgiveness, we create forgiveness, the more we move into this space, the more we accept and are at peace. Rather than moving in the direction of creating pain, dominance and suffering, we are moving in the direction of unconditional love. We need to move away from the mindset of punishing ourselves or each other for what we perceive to be crimes and wrong doings. We may believe that we are being just in creating these states and emotions of punishment, but in truth what justice is there in perpetuating states that will continue to create anguish, misery and suffering in the world? For sure, all states of being need to be met if we are to gain positive opportunity, but those positive opportunities also need to be taken in order for them to become their potential.


Emotional Channeling – Activate Healing, Meditation and Enlightenment for Past Life Karma

Throughout generations human beings have lived, died and during this time a trickle of consciousness has survived sometimes as a spark, sometimes as a raging fire. This consciousness has determined the direction of our evolution. This energy and direction can be felt. This destination can be understood by following the flows of consciousness and spirit. Moving deeper into these weaves and spaces we can find that while the destination may have been the same, the reason has often been different. At times profoundly so.

Humans have waged wars over knowledge, over land, money and resources. The frequency of consciousness can shift from peace to violence in an instant. The gate of the mind acting as a portal between energetic dimensions will if not mastered swing like a gate in the wind. When we enter into the dimension of emotion we gain the opportunity to listen to the story of the emotion. The story of the emotion brings us through all the places it has been, the minds that it has met and been expressed through and the reasons that it has existed for.

When we listen to the story of an emotion we channel its essence and meaning. This is more than merely feeling and acknowledging an emotion. It is going into the very depths of why that emotion has been carried through from the beginning of time to this very moment. For example listening to the story of guilt will bring us back to times when power was misused and abused, where we neglected to see, or we saw and did nothing. The feeling of guilt holds the visions, and when we listen we may hear the voices of reason and regret. Following the emotion we may see those that made the decision and the reasons that they did what they did. We may also see the ones that suffered, the ones that did nothing and the ones that never knew. Depending on how deeply we enter the experience these visions and voices may be as vivid or real as life or as subtle as a flicker of sensation, light or feeling.

The first barrier to hearing the story may be doubt and this is something that is easily washed away by experience. The next barrier however is often greater and that is the barrier of fear. It is at this gate that we ask ourselves what we could possibly have to gain by entering. It is here that we find reasons to turn back and look elsewhere. It is important at this stage to send out the intention through the gate and to understand whether our truth needs to be realized by entering through it. Interestingly if the knowledge and ability is there to acknowledge then there is truth to be had.

There are more journeys that seek endings and destinations than we have started in this lifetime alone, and it is only through opening up and remembering that we can reconcile all these. With each journey’s end comes a reunion of that emotion and sense that seems so old. With each ancient guilt brought to reconciliation comes a deep transformation that results in forgiveness, healing and peace. As each path and journey is met and listened to we come to understand the reasons for lifetimes of striving and endeavor. We see reasons that have been duplicated over and over again, we see lessons learnt then forgotten, then learnt once again. As consciousness listens and experiences the story of emotion it begins to reveal itself and see its own reflection through the ages. It recognizes the path as one that it had walked and understands the reasons why. All the reasons from high to low when integrated become closer to a whole. Instead of fractured, separated answers there is cohesive, coherent scripture. At this point the story becomes our own and when we listen we understand, and so life and our actions take on the wisdom of the ages.


Emotional Mastery Pt 3

Understanding the structure of an emotion occurs through observing the physical feeling, location and shape of the emotion as it manifests within our body. This same principle holds true no matter what the emotion is, the differences occur because each emotion will have a different form and the mind will perceive it’s ability to understand this form through it’s experience of the form. For example the emotion of shame will feel different to the emotion of anger, guilt will feel different to the emotion of hate, love will feel different to the emotion of astonishment. Each emotion has a certain shape, tone, frequency and physical feeling. By learning to first become the shape we learn how to move the shape. Instead of it controlling us, we learn to have control. Step by step, learning to control and direct one shape at a time we become master of our emotions.

Each of us will have certain emotions that we have difficulty in facing more than others. What is important is not so much what these emotions are, but that we continue to use the same principles to master them. A dramatic and profound difference occurs in our lives when those emotions that once controlled us no longer do. When we are able to have enough will to face each of our emotions then this intent provides us with the direction that we require. Sustaining this movement regardless of fear and doubt will gradually develop our mind into the key that allows us full movement through these emotional gates. With each gate that is mastered other emotions will become easier. It is like we have more shapes and forms to work with, and our mind becomes easier to direct along certain planes. The next level of learning is to guide the mind to shift from form to form and dimension to dimension without pause. As this progresses new levels of depth will be revealed which provide the opportunity to further hone the nature of our “key.” Likewise new spaces will be revealed between the forms which provide openings into new realities and experiences.

The mind and body needs to at all times remain sensitive to it’s own nature. There is always the tendency to change experience from what it is, and this tendency needs to be investigated from the most surface level of the intellectual mind to the deepest level of physical and bodily sensations. If consciousness strays too far from the experience of the emotion then we lose the opportunity to learn how to transcend it. Similarly if we allow the mind to become transfixed on a particular aspect of emotion then we can avoid seeing what else exists within it. The key is to always remain observant, alert, to seek new areas of feeling and experience and also to investigate the areas of feeling that are most familiar to ourselves.

Of all the skills available in the personal and spiritual development fields perhaps emotional mastery is the one that is the most deeply fulfilling. Having control over the energies that provoke us, inspire us, make us fear and make us love means that we are able to create meaning, inspiration, purpose and empowerment at will. In essence we become our own master no longer subject to the strings of our emotions and feelings. As our mastery increases we learn how to generate and transform emotion and yet walking further along this path we also begin to experience a reality where “what” emotion we are feeling is not as important as “how” we are experiencing it.


Emotional Mastery Pt 2

What is important is to move the consciousness in the direction of emotional mastery. This movement will be refined and strengthened through the nature of it’s intention, and in time the movement and the path will become one.

It is important to understand that mastery is ultimately about control, and control is about sensitivity and the ability to respond to this sensitivity. Imagine trying to hold water in your hands. If you grasp your hands tightly into fists then the water will be lost, but if you cup the water gently in your hands then you may retain it all. Control is like this. We need to develop our sensitivity in order to feel and see the nature of our emotions. Understanding this nature allows us to direct the shape of our minds. When we can consciously assume the shape of an emotion then we can enter this gate. Through this gate we may find yet another subtler manifestation of this emotion and we are given the opportunity to refine our consciousness further. Eventually we come to the beginning and move through.

Taking the shape, being open, detached and formless are all essentially the same thing. By being formless we take the form of whatever energies we meet and being detached we do not add anything to the equation. Being open we accept into ourselves that which we experience and taking the shape we become one with it.

The reality of being detached means that we will feel the whole spectrum of emotions. Right, wrong, ugly and the rest – none are too good or too bad. In observing objectively the emotion and observing the thoughts and beliefs that come along with that emotion we are learning the nature of the key. Developing the ability to remain sensitive and formless we move with the shape of the emotion and we become that key.

While many of us will experience difficulty in feeling and connecting with emotions that they may perceive as bad or even evil, such as hate, jealousy, anger or grief, others will also notice that it is the pleasurable emotions that they do not truly want to let go of. Simply let go and know that the experiences of pleasure and pain are always there. We do not need to become afraid of losing them and in fact this fear keeps us from experiencing the moment of reality that is here and now. Within this moment of reality there lies the opportunity for realizing our true self, but we must continue to move through with consciousness what we are experiencing inside.


Emotional Mastery Pt 1

The gatekeepers between the personality self and the true self are the emotions. In truth the journey between personality and truth is simple – we move our consciousness from “here” to “there.” This principle holds true for any spiritual realization from the most basic fundamental of awareness to the most incredibly profound experience of oneness with the universe. The shape of the path of truth is straight, it is our steps that are crooked. As we straighten our steps the way becomes simple.

Movement of the consciousness reveals many layers and levels of the self. Each level expresses itself with certain feelings and sensations that ultimately control us through the emotions we attach to it. While one direction of mind will elicit an emotion of joy, love and bliss, others will reveal emotions of pure frustration, irritation and fear. The really interesting thing is that each of these emotions, whether we perceive them as positive or negative can, if given the opportunity, absorb us and so prevent us from moving further along the path to our true self. An emotion that is perceived as positive will not only be thought of as such, it will be felt, and sometimes quite strongly. This often provides an even greater challenge to pass than the so called negative emotions, as pleasure has it’s own way of taking away the motivation or desire to keep on moving. It caresses us to stay here a little bit longer. It convinces us that this is what we are looking for. On the other hand painful emotions prompt us to move on and learn, and if we have the tools we will continue studiously to use them to transcend.

Recognizing that our mind and body reacts to pain with aversion and pleasure with craving is the first step to mastery. Recognition must come in the form of observation of the body and mind, then at the juncture that body and mind meets, consciousness is given the opportunity to move through and perceive spirit. Through observation of mind and body we will notice that with each sensation that arises an emotion connects to it. As our observation becomes refined and sharp we notice the birth of this emotion. Observing deeper we notice the space before the birth and we move through.

Emotional mastery requires that we move in the direction of fully understanding all emotional energy. This means that rather than retreating from the experience we enter into it. This is the true meaning of detachment. To retreat is not detachment. To retreat is to fear or avoid the meeting of emotion and experience. Detachment is to be able to fully connect with emotion and experience and keep our consciousness clear. In this state our consciousness does not add to the experience. It does not add the perception of emotion, it does not add the perception of good or bad. It simply experiences reality as it is. When consciousness exists at this place, mind and body walks the path to the true self in a straight line.


Illusions Pt 1 – Breaking Free of the Matrix – The Secrets of Meditation and Enlightenment

Illusions are all about the perception of obstacles, the most effective of which we are the ones we do not even see. Perhaps the greatest of obstacles to self-discovery is believing that we have reached a point where we are beyond self-delusion. When we cling to this belief then we lose the ability to perceive where we are. We close our eyes to feedback, intuition and true seeing. Growth stops, the ego grows rigid and we create an illusion of self-actualization. This will be a way point for many who have built a little skill and ability. Substantial development and connection comes only if we recognize this and continue on our way. Seeing the pettiness of pride can be a slap in the face particularly when we have worked to develop inner strength and stability. The truth is that the only reason it is coming up now is because we have the strength and stability to face it. If we follow the fundamental principles of awareness and observation and allow ourselves to meet what is so obviously there then we can get through this particular obstacle.

The “higher” we get up on the throne of development in any particular area the higher there is to fall from, and so inevitably we seek to keep our place. Real strength and wisdom however is understood through learning to take the falls. We learn to meet the ground and we gain yet another opportunity to understand illusion. What is it that is hurting when we admit that we are fallible? What is it that is stinging when we allow other people to know that we do not know all? That we may even have something we could learn from them? Through this particular kind of exquisite pain we reveal the shape of our pride. We trace out the image of the personality that we have chosen to develop and we gain the opportunity to seek more. How much stability do we truly receive from our false pride? How much strength and empowerment do we truly receive from pretending that we are flawless? How strong can the inner child become when we simply continue to shelter it from the world?

Invincible spirit is forged only in connection with the universe. Connection comes through consciousness, consciousness through awareness and observation.

Transcending illusion means that at any particular time we are ready to truly admit that we may be totally wrong. That each and every experience and our perception of it could have been total bull-arcky. That all our rationalizations, ideas, concepts no matter how proven in science or backed-up by society, friends or family could be a total farce. When we face this possibility what do we find? What exists in our consciousness at this place? This is what we must find if we would find our truest, deepest strength and reach our highest peaks.

The fear that we are totally worthless when met with understanding reveals the way to absolute empowerment. When we reach that place and we allow ourselves to find courage, love, compassion and complete acceptance regardless of the fear that what we have achieved and are is absolutely nothing, then the illusion is gone. In that moment we are innocent. We become nothing and we meet this state with absolute peace. The practice is achieved through observation, awareness, focus, the development of psychic senses, communication with spirit and communion with the earth. The degree to which we will experience real inner peace depends on the degree to which we are willing to face our selves.

The illusion of infallibility occurs because for so many people personal development begins as a result of perceived flaws, fears and insecurities. As we gain some skill we gain the opportunity to say “look at me, I’m alright now!” We say this to ourselves, we say this to the world. It’s what we’ve always wanted. To be alright. The thing is though we aren’t alright by the things we have and become. We become alright when we perceive we are alright. As long as we believe that we need more in order to be a better person we are saying that we are presently not good enough. Meeting that aspect of consciousness and guiding it to experience love and acceptance completes the circle. We show our deepest self that what we are, however we are, is good enough – always.


The Art of Healing

Healing is essentially effective communication. It is an interaction of information in the form of intention, electrical signals and bio-chemicals to the physical and mental consciousness. The purpose of the communication is to facilitate an awareness of whole or holistic health. Whole health means that every level of being, mind, body and spirit is operating with harmony and with ease – which is also to say that it is free of dis-ease. Harmony too is more than a meaningless esoteric concept, it means that there is a balance of tension and relaxation, that mental stresses, desires and aversions are not causing feelings of discontent, and that the body is able to process the information and energies that it is receiving. Each area of consciousness has a way of expression. When we learn to listen and speak in the languages of our consciousness we gain the ability to realize holistic health.
Healing is integral to the path of empowerment. Many of us realize after a time of walking this path that the reason that started them on the path in the first place was a feeling of separation from their self. This perception of separation is the reason for the sense of sadness and loneliness that many of us feel – whether it is perceived as a flicker or is all pervading. Whole health brings integration. With sustained intention we bring our consciousness back to an awareness of oneness. We bridge the gap between feeling sadness and knowing inner peace. When we bridge this gap then illusion begins to dissolve. The same principle is applied in many types of energetic, natural, Shamanic and Metaphysical Healing modalities. We are simply using a medium of energy to guide our bodies and minds to connecting with what wholeness feels like. We do this again and again. There is a learning occurring on different levels. It may feel like on one level our body and mind is learning what wholeness feels like from a different part of our consciousness, but it can often feel like this “teaching” part of our consciousness is also learning to “listen” and feel for what to show the “student” parts! The learning, development and understanding is occurring on many levels and dimensions.

The art of healing is developed into fine art worthy of the greatest galleries through practice and refinement. We need to observe the effect of our communication.

Is it doing something? What is it doing? How long is it sustaining effect for? Could we increase the effect?

The communication is much like any communication. Say we are washing the car. We throw a cup of water on the car. What effect? Have we achieved our ends? Perhaps we need to grab a bucket or a hose. How about another example. Let’s say we are making friends with someone. We come across one way. Observe. They seem to be backing away. Is this what we wish to achieve? Perhaps we can try something else. They seem to be smiling. Is this what we wish to achieve? The exact same principles apply in healing. The only differences are learning to listen to the language spoken and learning to express the languages which are effective for positive change.

Everyone is capable of being a healer. We are all natural healers. One only needs to see the reaction of a parent seeing their new born child to know that the child has the essence required to open and nurture a heart. The love that is invoked here is emotional healing. Realizing our healing abilities on a broader level takes knowledge, understanding and of course practice. The art of energy healing is beginning to gain acceptance in society as doctors, nurses and hospitals are undergoing training or recruiting Reiki practitioners. As a society we are beginning to realize that instead of flat out rejecting “new” claims to whole health, that we have little except our well worn beliefs to lose by seeing if they can step up to the claim. Granted there are practitioners who cannot do what they would claim, but I put this down to ego, pride and lack of honest appraisal. The truth is that technique alone does not make a healer, just as learning a recipe does not make a master chef. Development comes through experience and humble sincerity. Time has allowed those with real dedication to realize their skills and ability and the world is beginning to see and hear about healers who are true masters of the art. This development will have a profound effect on spiritual, personal and societal development. As more people begin to learn and really master the ability to affect energy, minds will changes, lives will change and the world will change. This is an exciting time.