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Foundational techniques for realizing consciousness.

The Power of Mudras

Mudra is an Indian term for seal or circuit. Essentially we connect fingers with thumbs or fingers with fingers to create circuits. The “okay” sign which is usually indicated by connecting the pad of the index finger to the thumb pad is a basic mudra for focus. Mudras form electrical circuits in the body which influence our emotional, physical and mental states. They are, like breath work, chakra work and visualizations, another method to connect to specific frequencies easily. There are mudras for improving concentration and focus, mudras for the immune system, connection to spiritual realms – there’s pretty much a mudra for everything. Understand though that it is essentially the mind that is doing it. A mudra is not a magic wand – using the “okay” sign mudra for instance won’t instantly give us the concentration of Buddha. What it does is essentially give an extra push of energy in a particular “direction”, it is helping to give shape or form to a specific request. When the mind familiarizes itself with frequencies it can bypass all chakra work, mudras and breath and just go direct to the source. In the meantime however use these tools. They are all free and provide an easy and tangible method.

Basic mudras revolve around thumb to index finger, middle finger, ring finger and little finger. We can vary the frequency of energy by instead of touching pad to pad, touching pad to knuckle crease, pad to knuckle – the variations are literally in the thousands. Then we can work with both hands. Suffice it is to say that I’m not going to go through all the combinations here! Interestingly enough many people will enjoy discovering subtle shifts in energy and purpose by themselves. For example feel the difference in doing the “okay” mudra and then touch thumb pad to the pad of the little finger. Feel different?

Here are a few others to play around with:

Touching the pads of the thumb, middle and index fingers together is said to help release sinus congestion and improve the immune system.

Touching the pads of the thumb, little and ring finger directs life force through your body for health and well-being. Also good for nervousness and anxiety.

The “okay” sign of touching thumb pad to index finger pad gives energy for focus and helps to move energy through laziness, anger and depression.

Touching the pad of the thumb to pad of little finger helps to sustain the physical body from fatigue, weakness and dehydration. Helps to connect to etheric dimensions.

Moving through each mudra in meditation or breathing with the intention to release and charge will clear and energize the related electrical pathways in your body. It’s interesting to see pictures of gods, goddesses, Buddhas and Jesus holding variations of what seem to be mudras and finger modes.

Explore the subtle differences in feeling between mudras, observe and also use intention and visualization to essentially create your own mudras. Remember that it is about direction. Direction to move your energy toward a particular goal. Learn to direct your goals, coordinate your energy and your body and mind will work congruently to achieve them.

Working with physical structures like mudras, breath, Yoga, Internal martial arts, chanting and so on gives us a fairly tangible method to connect to frequencies and feelings. This “bridge” or window to feeling gives us the opportunity for recognition. After enough practice we do not need the window or “bridge.” Our mind is able to move directly to the feeling. It is like learning to ride a bike. At first we use training wheels to find the right balance. In time our muscles and mind understand the necessary balances and we can simply jump straight on and ride. It is useful to remember that just as we need to move to the stage where we wean ourselves off training wheels in order to ride free, we also need to move away from physical structures such as reliance on breath and mudras in order to create a mind that can move freely. The journey of the mind can be delightfully cyclical however. There may be times when we soar freely and powerfully without the use of any aids – at other times we may benefit from coming back to the beginning and working with the basics. There is no shame in this – only wisdom.


How to Expand Consciousness – Creating the Tools for Higher Consciousness

Expanded consciousness is flexible consciousness. It is consciousness that can quite literally stretch and move effortlessly and easily. Flexibility of the mind is about choices. A person who trains their muscles to stretch will be able to move efficiently in ways and perform actions with a greater range of movement than when the muscles were untrained. Similarly in learning to stretch our minds we will be able to do things that we were unable to do when we keep it in a rigid state. This is not to say that rigid states are not of value, it is simply to say that with flexibility we have the option to be rigid, gentle, mentally resilient, creative, intuitive, responsive, sensitive, genuine, playful, loving, caring and free. Furthermore, just like the muscle that is flexible will be less prone to injury, the mind that is used to stretching and expanding will also gain this benefit. Granted the injury of the mind arises from the perception that it is wounded. What is actually happening is that it is losing it’s familiar form. It believes that the new forms are negative and so it perceives injury. In any case, a flexible mind gains the ability to realize that it cannot truly be wounded and the freedom from this most basic fear also allows it to experience more than it could ever imagine.

Expanded consciousness is a consciousness that allows itself to perceive more. It is exploring and stretching the fringes of itself. It is exploring, moving and delving into the heart of itself.

In this society many of us have permitted ourselves to become carbon copies. We have a perception about what an “in control,” “successful”, “happy” or “spiritual” person should be and we try to fit ourselves into this mold. The problem is, because we get into the game of wanting to fit the mold, we deny the reality (or illusion) as it actually is. To get anywhere we need to start where we are.

Who we are and the image of who we are are two very different things.

So what constitutes a flexible mind? Look at what we have told ourselves we should and should not be. How many of us never let ourselves cry because we believe that it is weak? How many of us repress anger because we have been told it is wrong? How many of us keep a “brave” or “good” face simply to preserve an image or perception? These are simple everyday examples of where we control our consciousness and command it to not step out of line. Not only do these repressed emotions cause physical problems in the body, they affirm that we need to fear these aspects of ourselves. We must face this fear in order to transcend it. We must transcend it in order to experience freedom.

Let yourself feel your emotions. Acknowledge what they are. Do not get trapped in the game of pride saying you should feel this and not that. Simply feel.

Expanding our usual routine to encompass more feeling frees up a lot of energy. At the same time it stretches our perception of ourselves. The more we expand the more energy that we get.

Work with this exercise:

Observe your body. Feel your posture, notice your breathing, watch your thoughts and emotions.


Seek neither peace, order or chaos. Simple observe what is with a neutral, objective mind.

Begin to feel, see and imagine yourself expanding out.

Feel as if you have an energetic skin that is expanding out and becoming giant.

See yourself as big as your town, then your city, then your state, then your country.

See yourself holding the planet in the palm of your hand.

Keep expanding. How expansive can you become?

Remember that the secret of visualization is to simply do it. If it seems unclear or if you seem to have doubts, just let them be. We are pushing our minds to stretch and expand. If it feels elusive at first then you’re doing it right. If you have doubts, then you’re doing it right. The main thing is to maintain a connection to the visualization no matter how small it may seem at first. Know that your mind exists at this frequency of expansion right now. You are simply tuning into it.

We are not seeking to diminish who we are – we are simply experiencing that there is more.

From the vantage point of holding the planet in your hand take a look at all the things that you have perceived to be your problems. How do they feel now? Take a look at how different situations and experiences both internal and external are affecting your energy. From this expanded perspective, observe and ask yourself how you could best get from where you are now to where you want to go. Know that this expanded consciousness can give you the answer as easily as you can know that turning a door handle will open the door.


The Power of Confidence

A master once asked me what I thought that I most gained from training with him. Many things came to mind and I mentioned his technique, understanding and expression of principles and teaching ability. He stopped me then and said: “The one thing that you gain most from me is the ability to have confidence in yourself. You trust that my ability is good and so you believe that what you are learning and developing is also good. Because of confidence in me you trust what I say, you trust what I show you – and so you develop confidence yourself.”

Over the years this statement has been reflected in my own teachings. I’ve seen students struggle to understand concepts but continue on trusting that I know the method and so having confidence in themselves.

An Aikido master once remarked to me that it was amazing how people would train the same basic technique for 40 years and still feel like they were scraping the surface of it, yet because of the confidence given to them by their teachers they would continue, knowing full well that the journey may not be completed in their lifetime and yet finding gratitude in the smallest increments of improvement.

I have often seen meditation practitioners who believing that they were getting no where simply gave up. What they were unable to see was the context and structure in which they were learning. They perceived elements such as the monkey-mind, lack of focus, agitating emotions and believed they were on the wrong track. Confidence waned and they dropped their practice.

I now see the remarkable value that confidence has in ones life because the fundamental thing that it give us is the ability to persist. If we believe that we are on the right track it is far easier to keep going. When we are in the dark, confused and unsure if we are going in the right direction, it is easier to give in to doubts.

This is one of the reasons why I encourage people to find teachers and mentors. Especially if our life reflects certain undeveloped skills or experiences which seem to just keep being allocated to the “tomorrow” folder. A time will come where most teachers or mentors would encourage us to develop confidence in ourselves. The sooner the better generally. Confidence is an energy which we release ourselves. It is simply that we do not choose to release it until we believe that we have reason to feel it. If we are doubtful people then we will perceive there being very little reason to release it. On the other hand confidence can be an addictive sensation so we may try to recreate situations and experiences where we can attain this feeling. We may try to dominate conversations and push our own views. This tends to cover up our own inner insecurity. There is a far more effective path. The path of self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge develops confidence simply because in knowing who we are we gain the opportunity to understand what gives us value and meaning, form our inner self into one united with deep purpose – and ultimately accept and love ourselves for who we are.

The path of developing confidence requires bringing sense to a universe that is seemingly senseless. In learning to control ourselves we learn to flow with what comes our way. We do not control the waves of life, we become master surfers and learn to direct our way through what is given to us. It is an exquisite balance of give and take. Ebb and flow.

Self-knowledge comes from connecting with experiences consciously. Being conscious we will see what is occurring. Self-knowledge comes from seeking information through books, people and other such resources. Path-notes that others leave are like journal entries that eventually unite all paths and thought. Seek the connection between all directions. Perhaps most importantly is to realize the mind which has already achieved full self-knowledge. This is also the mind which has attained true and pure confidence.

Work with this exercise:

Start exactly where you are. Expand your mind to encompass and observe your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Notice how they inter-react with your body.

Stretch your mind to effortlessly observe all the movement and flow within yourself.

Place no regulation on however your inner and outer landscape will express itself. Simply allow it to be.

At this point the eyes may be opened or closed. Allow yourself to see in your mind’s eye the you that is mastery personified.

See, feel and hear the essence of this being that is you.

How does it feel to know yourself fully and honestly?

How does it feel to meet every atom and point of consciousness with complete and effortless acceptance?

How does your inner master look?

Allow your consciousness to move completely into this reality.

Allow the dimension or mastery to be pulled completely into you.

Becoming the consciousness of mastery automatically shifts you to doing what a master would do to complete their journey. It draws in all the elements of meeting experiences consciously, attracting people, texts and other resources and integrating this knowledge at all levels of the body and mind. As consciousness opens up to being a master, aspects which may have been a struggle before will happen easier and with less effort. We essentially get out of our own way! As we begin to see that we are capable of being spontaneously effective, we realize a confidence that we can never achieve from attempts to control the external world. This is the power of true confidence.


Developing Clarity – Awakening Higher Knowledge, Intuition and Understanding

Creating a life with meaning and value requires that we are able to recognize the information that we are receiving. This is the essence of clarity. It enables us to see straight to the heart of things, seeing through all doubts, chattering voices, confusion and fear.

The information is coming through. It is the mind that is interpreting in such a way that the results seems uncertain and unclear. The confused mind is given power because we are focused on it. We are tuning our minds into it. Shifting into the mind of absolute clarity requires that we listen for it.

Work with this exercise:

Observe your body. Notice how you are breathing, how you are holding your posture – feel the weight of your body.

Observe your thoughts and emotions. Notice how they are manifesting in your body. How do the sensations feel?

Notice what it is that you are unclear about. Observe your doubts. Let them flood in on you. Observe your fears. Let them surround you.

Observe how this feels in you. Does it move and change or does it stay still? What is it’s frequency?

How do you react to being surrounded by fear, doubt and confusion? Observe this.

Notice that the observer is able to encompass all fears, lack of clarity, confusion and doubt. It is able to be all of these things but also be outside all of these things.

Allow the swirling mass of consciousness that is confusion and doubt to be as it is now. Observe the observer. Notice how it surfs the waves of the mind and body with the essence of mastery.

Now it is time to direct that mastery.

Observe your breath.

Take a slow deep breath, hold for a moment and release. Do this easily and without strain, yet notice the energy in the breath.

Look for and feel the most genuine, sincere feeling of nourishment and life within the breath.


Feel that genuineness again. It is not important how subtle or strong the feeling is. It is not important how subtle or strong your doubts are. Simply observe, listen for and feel the genuine feeling of nourishment within the breath.

Now imagine and feel the beginnings of pure clarity infused in your breath.

Know with certainty that this thread of pure clarity exists here and now simultaneously with everything else that you are. It exists regardless of confusion and doubt. It is absolute clarity in spite of any perceptions that you are lacking any information at all.

It is the feeling and essence of knowing.

Allow your consciousness to move into it. Pull this dimension of pure clarity in to you. Feel it surrounding and soaking your every cell with it’s essence.

Find the effortless mind, the clear mind, the masters mind. Know that it exists here and now.

Recognize it and be open to it. It doesn’t matter if confusion seems to dominate 99.9% of the mind and the feeling of clarity is just 0.1%. Hone in on that 0.1%. Even the smallest opening that leads to purity is capable of opening the way to full realization. Grab onto that thread of clear consciousness and allow it to fuel you with it’s attributes. Allow it give you it’s abilities of effortless clarity and focus.

The power of this exercise is that there is no need to try to integrate knowledge or find answers when practicing. The answers are already there, the knowledge is already integrated. We are simply connecting to the mind state that already understands and knows. The more we connect to this mind state, the more we will allow knowledge and clarity to simply be known and revealed to us. The less we feed our doubts and confusion by hanging around with them, the less we believe and experience their power. Nothing can take our power unless we give it away first.

When we cease trying to integrate and trying to be clear – when we simply be clear, then things become clear. Suddenly information makes sense. What has meaning and value makes sense. Our direction makes sense. Sometimes when we are trying so hard to forge a direction we don’t notice that our deeper self is already showing us a path. All it requires is that we feel.

How to Transcend Anxiety

Anxiety is the fear that we cannot cope with our perception of reality. Logically everything may (or may not!) seem totally fine, but internally we are seeing through a dimension that we feel we cannot handle with capability. The trick to conquering anxiety is to train ourselves to realize that regardless of it’s existence, deep empowerment still exists. This seeming contradiction creates a gap in the illusion being: “I am anxious.” After all who am I? Transcendence, moving the mind, dissolving the illusion – all of these show the mind that there is more to “I” than it had previously believed. In that moment “Wham! The cycle begins to change.”

Work this exercise:

Observe your body.

Feel the way your anxiety sits in your body.

Feel the shape of it.

Observe the way your mind, body and thoughts are reacting to the sensation of anxiety.

Allow the sensation of anxiety to be as it is. Observe.

Allow your thoughts to come and go as they please – whatever they may be. Simply observe.

Now allowing the anxiety to be as it is, observe the observer.

Shift your consciousness so that more of it is observing the observer than the anxiety. Simply allow the anxiety to be as it is.


Notice how the observer simply allows the anxiety to be. It requires nothing. It just is.

Notice how the observer simply allows your thoughts to be. It requires nothing. Whether fast, slow, critical or neutral the observer simply watches.

Now imagine a feeling of capability and strength existing. Use the faculty of the observer to notice how this deeply capable consciousness feels.

Move your consciousness into this feeling of capability. Allow the observer to be. Allow the anxiety to be. Listen to the feeling of genuine capability.

Observe how this inner strength is able to exist simultaneously with any thoughts and sensations of anxiety.

Observe the effortless consciousness that is able to move, breathe, and be empowered regardless of feelings of anxiety, ridicule or doubt. It is there you simply need to find it.

Look, listen, imagine and feel. Stretch your mind. Expand your consciousness. Give yourself permission to explore.

The opportunity to transcend anxiety only exists when we allow anxiety to exist as it is. As soon as we suppress it we deny ourselves the opportunity to move through it. Remember that transcendence means to see through the illusion. The illusion being that anxiety has us trapped. When we experience that empowerment and deep capability can exist simultaneously with anxiety then we break the illusion. In this moment anxiety has changed – because the mind has changed. It’s like learning to climb a fence. The fence is the same, but it no longer blocks our journey because we have learnt to get past it.

The principle behind this exercise is the same as the principle behind any emotional healing technique. We must guide the mind to transcend the belief that we are disempowered in the presence of any thought, feeling or emotion. Working through the various blueprints of various emotions allows us to understand the principles. There are of course other methods of working through anxiety, or any emotional mind state for that matter. Breathing, chakras and energetic methods all work and some accelerate the process more or less than others. In my opinion the essential thing is to teach the mind to transcend energy states. This is what allows us to go beyond technique and instead of being reliant on certain criteria we understand how to be free and empowered in any situation.

Be conscious that developing the ability to connect to empowerment will get to the point where anxiety feels like nothing. It’s tempting at this point to let go of remaining aware of the sensations and residues of anxiety, and simply connect to empowerment – but as patterns tend to work in cycles, a time may well come where anxiety returns. This is simply because the mind has not yet transcended the fear of anxiety. This fear keeps the mind attached to the belief that we cannot free ourselves from it. Getting to the root of fear requires that we remain vigilant. We must remain conscious always. To prevent this from feeling like a prudish chore, develop consciousness with the essence of effortlessness capability and freedom. After all these are the essentials of self-mastery.


Developing Intuition

In-tuition means to look within for learning. The frequency of intuition exists always but it becomes loud and clear through either of two methods. Learning the thread of consciousness to look for and connecting with it or silencing the mind. Both ways lead up to the same peak of this particular mountain, but the interesting thing is that in developing one way we also understand the other. I guess it has something to do with the little premise of illusions – see through one and we see through ’em all.

Emotional mastery plays a large part in many esoteric schools for the simple fact that when emotions are blaring at us we tend to get distracted and find it hard to focus on other things. We get stuck on the circus act of catering to all these different impulses that we never get the chance to notice that there’s a whole other ball game going on in there.

Intuition can come in many ways, gut feelings, strong impulses all the way to tangible and well defined visions, smells and sounds. One of the easiest ways to develop intuition is to call on it in relation to learning new skills and manifesting reality. This process will bring knowledge to you that is relevant and specific to your goals. There will be times when it will be clear that the knowledge that you are receiving is from a source other than your intellectual mind. It is creative because the in-tuition is about creation – the creation of learning. Shifting into this mode brings us into line with our intuition.

When we make intuition our goal our intuition responds to this desire. It brings us information that will help us to clarify the connection. It will offer us methods to work through doubts, enhance focus and still the mind. This is intuition at play. It is teaching us what we are asking to learn.

As we become more familiar with intuition we will see that it weaves through our other senses and feelings. This is one reason why mastery of the senses and perceptions has been promoted in spiritual circles. As intuition is beckoned each of our senses will become heightened. It will be like they are wrapped in an essence which is able to elicit more from the universe around us.

Perhaps the most confusing trait of intuition is that it can seem intangible and fleeting within our inner landscape. Using it to develop skills and manifest reality gives us an extra solidity that can rapidly help us to distinguish when we are simply guessing or feel confused about what intuition is.

Martial arts masters, Yogic and Taoist adepts have had legends told about them learning from spirits and ascended masters. Intuition is the bridge to connecting with these dimensions. Trusting our intuition means following through on that knowledge. Trying it out and seeing what happens. This is the main reason that many people who are interested in intuition find that it eludes them – we need to follow through at least in acknowledging that the answers are something to think about. If not we are ignoring and in effect closing our ears to intuition. Also understand that if we simply throw a command out to our intuition with the intention of getting our lives in order or understanding the universe, that sometimes the knowledge that comes can be pretty overwhelming. Be aware that we will not always be ready for the answers that our intuition gives us. Just imagine getting an impulse to quit your job and move to the bush, or perhaps it may be to get a job in the city and move from the bush. Intuition answers because we asked the question – and most of the time it will answer in a very direct and blunt fashion. Take the answers on board but also allow for the fact that you may not be ready to make these changes just yet. Simply thank and acknowledge the information that is coming through for now.

Explore developing relatively small aspects of your life and get used to the feeling of intuition. As you develop trust it’ll be easier to follow through. This is another reason why it is valuable to work on developing skills and attributes.

Work with this exercise:

Think of a skill or experience that you wish to develop. It may be anything from improving your golf swing to tuning into your emotions.
Mentally think about this desire.

Now observe the desire. Observe the impulses you have connected to this desire.

Take in the whole bigger “picture” surrounding the whole process that you have attached to wanting this desire.


In observing “listen” and feel for a part within that could achieve your desire easily and effortlessly.

Send it an impulse with your mind and observe how it feels.

This is the basic practice for getting in touch with your intuition. Remember that your intuition is the part of you that can connect to universal knowledge, so attaining information for any task is easy. It’s just that our willingness and ability to interpret and therefore assimilate the information is easier when the goal is simple and small. Give yourself a week of connecting to this impulse and be open to the ideas and knowledge that you receive. Consider it, think about it’s relevance. Play with it and try it out. Remember that in a sense we are not actually developing our intuition. It is already there and strong. We are simply remembering our connection to it. Intuition exists in the realization of it.


From Stagnation to Motivation

Breathing is one of the easiest ways to bring change to the energy of stagnation and apathy. Breathing elicits a physical movement through the body, consciousness of actual movement and flow – which is of course the opposite of stagnation.

Work with this exercise:

Breathe in slowly and deeply. Imagine yourself breathing from your stomach area. Of course we don’t actually breath from the stomach but allowing the muscles there to initiate the movement of the diaphragm is what we’re looking for.

*As a note – breathing efficiently means we take less breaths per minute, one of the advantages of this is that we use less energy to get more energy. Practitioners of breathing such as qigong or pranayama will commonly learn to breathe at a rate of 4 or 5 breaths a minute. Efficient breathing in itself will allow us to channel more energy into motivation as well as bring this energy deeper into our cells.

Breathe deeply and work with the intention of easy, effortless breath.

Look for the genuine feeling of energy and flow within the deep breath.

We want to imagine this feeling flowing through our cells, muscles, brains and organs.

Don’t struggle with the feelings of apathy or stagnation. Just let them be. Save your energy for infusing the feelings of flow and energy moving.

Let your mind follow the energy to the deepest reaches of your cells.

Listen for the feeling and level of deepest nourishment within the breath.

You should start to feel a vibrancy echoing in your body. It may start small or it may be dramatic. These are the embers of movement that we start with. Continue to breathe and focus this energy into the body until you feel that the energy has surpassed that of stagnation and apathy.

Eventually we can bypass the breathing altogether and simply connect to the exact same feeling that we get. It is after all the mind that is connecting to the energy. This is interesting because it is proven that the body and brain need oxygen for energy, but it is through the connection of the mind to specific frequencies of energy such as the one we’ve worked with here that it becomes possible to connect and maintain a sense of energy signatures without using breath as a conduit. One of the advantages of using mind over breathing is that the mind learns to transcend reliance on the breath for mind states. It learns to become flexible and move at the direction of our will.

An extension of this exercise is valuable for developing the mind/energy connection:

Take a few slow, full, deep breaths.

Listen for the genuine feeling of energy within the breath. Feel for the aspects that nourish the body and mind.

Breath in. Hold you breath for a few moments and imagine that feeling of energy is still being inhaled into your body.

Exhale, and when exhaling imagine that the feeling of energy is being inhaled into you body. Feel it infusing your mind and cells.

Externally the breath is the usual inhale and exhale. Mentally the breath is continuous – it is a steady, effortless stream of energy.

Practicing this exercise continuously for 5 minutes can feel like total nourishment and refreshment for the mind and body.

The advantage of using breath is that we are physically coordinating our body and mind. This coordination gives us an object to focus on which is tangible. The breath allows connection to energy. The mind learns to imagine and through imagination to infuse with energetic properties. We then learn to move past the external limitations of inhale/exhale by drawing continuous streams of energy.

Practice working with this exercise for a few minutes the moment you wake in the morning, it will bring new energy and motivation to your day. If stagnation and apathy has been a long-standing practice, then great benefits can be had from keeping 10% of the mind focused on connecting with the breath and particularly the energy within the breath from morning until evening. Usually a dramatic shift will be experienced in a few days of doing this.


The Way of Manifestation Part 1 – Visualization

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for manifesting the reality that we want. From our desires we build our ideas, from ideas we envision our success, from our vision we create our reality.

Visualization is one of the best kept “secrets” of conscious manifestation. It’s one of the ways up the mountain to creating a life that we desire. Whether we seek to create wealth, health, happiness, be free of pain, emotional wounds or just have a simple life – the principles of manifestation will apply. It’s all about understanding the interactions of energy and ourselves. Visualization interacts with our minds and bodies in a very interesting and effective way. If a visualization is strong and/or sustained long enough, we create a belief and knowing that we are now manifesting that reality. It is seen and witnessed and so it is done.

All of us have the ability to visualize perfectly. We just need to allow our minds to realize this.

Close your eyes for a moment and try to see in your mind’s eye an apple.
How clear is it?

Does it shift and waver?

Can you make the apple red?

Can you see it in detail?

A small percentage of people will be able to visualize the apple clearly the very first time. The rest of us need to train our minds to focus on that image much like focusing a camera lens. In time all of us are capable of seeing that apple perfectly in our mind’s eye, and if we can see the apple, then we can see anything – success, health, wealth, love, whatever it is that we wish to create.

It is valuable to understand that clear visualization exists for everyone right here and now – we are just learning to tune into it. It is very similar to tuning a television or radio to get the station that we want. If we are off a little bit, all we see is static. When we keep looking we begin to refine the ability of our mind to hone in on the signal. Eventually the image becomes clearer, and in time it becomes perfect.

Experiment with what types of visualization work easiest for you. Some people find it easy to visualize an apple but difficult to visualize a car driving down the street and vice versa. Make sure to practice both what comes easy and what is more challenging. The aim is to be able to visualize whatever we want whenever we want. As far as manifestation goes however the real fun begins when we visualize ourselves achieving our goals and dreams, and this is what we should focus on as soon as possible. So even if the visualizations are muddy, wavering or unclear at first keep connected and keep going! Your skills will improve with persistence and practice.

One of the important fundamentals of manifestation is that we need to make sure that we see what we want to create as clearly as we can – to actually witness it happening and being achieved in our mind’s eye. It is not complete until we see it happen. This is the fundamental difference between intention and knowing. Intention is a may be. Knowing is a certainty.

If we would manifest our reality we need to make our visualization as clear and as certain as possible. If for example you want to cure yourself of a sickness then see your self fully cured. See yourself flourishing and in vibrant health. Do not stop the visualization until you get it just right. If you want to see yourself acing your exams then see it happening. See yourself doing it easily. See yourself accessing the information you need easily. See yourself walking in and walking out full of clarity and confidence in your abilities. See yourself holding your results in front of you.

The more directed, flexible and strong our focus, the easier it is to visualize. This is something we want to keep in mind. We want to develop our visualization so that it is effortless. If we find ourselves straining then we end up affirming that manifestation will be a difficult and challenging process. Through finding the path in our mind of least resistance we can manifest effortlessly and easily.

As can be seen, the principles involved in visualization tie into the practices of focus and observation that have been discussed in previous articles. The skills of observation give us the sensitivity to know what needs to be worked on, what needs to be refined and honed. Focus is what lets us get crystal clear images. It keeps things sharp. Focus is also what transforms ideas into reality.

It’s a relatively simple process of training a mind that quite literally sees chaos or “nothing” when it tries to visualize to one that has absolute clarity. The “secret” of success is regular practice. We start where we are. Even if the image is present for a split second and then gone this is where we move from. In your practice do not be concerned with whether it is working properly or not. Focus in on the object of your visualization and even if your mind’s eye is complete blackness know that your mind is training to find the shape of your images. Start where you are and step by step your skills will evolve and improve.

If motivation and discipline is a limiting factor then a good starting point is to visualize ourselves being motivated and disciplined. The key is to make it easy, to see ourselves practicing and doing what we want with relatively nothing holding us back. Practice even 5 minutes a day for ten days and the degree of difference in motivation and discipline will be substantial enough to begin getting started on other goals. Self- discipline is a very valuable skill for achieving anything in life, so let it be one of the first things we develop.
Conscious, directed visualization is one of the keys to manifesting the reality we desire. Make it a close friend that you communicate with regularly and it will serve you well.


*In part 2 I’ll be discussing the importance of feeling. We begin with imagery first because for most people it will be easier to stretch the mind to imagine visually events and experiences they have never had before. Most of us for example will be able to imagine riding a red dragon. In contrast many of us find it more challenging to feel something we have never felt before.

The Alchemy of Anger – Transforming the Energy of Anger into Empowerment

Healing and empowerment through anger is realized when we are able to connect with anger where it exists. This is infinitely different from the reaction that we usually have to anger. We usually “manage” anger by repressing it or releasing it. As a result we fear anger as opposed to being empowered by it. Today we will be discussing a method to shape our minds in such a way that we channel the frequency of anger to nourish and support our body and mind.

The desire to repress or release anger comes from our aversion to this particular frequency. Our minds have developed patterns of management that have also formed ideologies. It has become normal for us to either criticize the world that seems to make us angry or to criticize ourselves. Or we simply choose to deny the fact that we are angry at all and repress the emotion. These patterns occur because we have an aversion to the feeling of anger. It is as much a physical reaction to the biochemical reaction as it is a mental and intellectual reaction.

Learning to become empowered through our anger requires a training on the physical as well as mental level.

When we can coordinate our mind with the frequency of anger a shift takes place. We learn to move into the embodied manifestation of anger consciously and we gain the ability to channel it’s energy with 100% purpose and focus. It becomes an energy which can be use creatively and consciously, as opposed to the usual reaction of repressing or releasing. The two principles are at opposites. One is a rejection of the frequency of anger – the other is an embracing. Ironically through embracing anger we actually become free of the usual negatively associated symptoms of anger. Instead we learn to use it’s energy for nourishment, inspiration and conscious action.

Connecting consciously with the frequency of anger is a different path from that which most of us are accustomed. We have not been trained to do it, we also have beliefs about the rights and wrongs of anger. Many of us will already have an aversion to the mere word “anger”. Practicing the method outlined here will aid in healing the many beliefs and wounds we have developed around anger.

Work with this exercise:

Begin by observing your body. Pay attention to how it feels.

Begin to think about the things which seem unjust and wrong.

Give yourself permission to complain, rant and rage. What is it that is wrong with the world? How have you been wronged?

How have you wronged yourself?

Think about the things that you would stand up for.

Who is the part of you that would fight for what is right? Who is the part of you that would protect your family? Your friends?

Give yourself permission to feel the reflections of anger within.

Is there hate? Revulsion? Observe how they feel in your body.

Take how ever long you need to connect with this feeling. If it should fade simply find that place again.

We are not forcing anger to arise. We are simply feeling for the frequency however light or subtle it may be – however hidden or strong it may be.

At the volume of a deep breath allow yourself to say “ah.”

Allow the pitch of the “ah” to rise and match the pitch or frequency of the anger. We are not aiming at volume but intensity. It may become like a silent roar or scream.

If your face or body feels like expressing, let it express.

Connect the “ah” to the frequency and feeling of anger.

Give yourself permission to really let it out.

Stop making the sound and simply observe the sensations of your body. Observe where the anger was manifesting and notice the feeling of it.

Allow your consciousness to touch it.

How does it feel?

Has it changed at all?

Move through and into it. Observing how the feeling feels physically in your body.

And again begin the silent roar.

Really put yourself into it!

It’s best to explore and find the pitch of the intensity for yourself but here’s a tip if you’re feeling lost. Most people feel anger as a very high vibration in their heads. It is also reported as feeling or sounding like a roaring in the head.

Where ever or however it is, allow your consciousness to move into it.

We are training our minds to move into the fire, to become one. We learn to sit in the fire and become the fire. There is no need to fear. Become the pure energy.

Visualize yourself moving into the anger. Allow your mind to yield and become non-resistant. In it’s formless state it is able to become the shape of anger.

If you simply feel echoes of anger allow yourself to feel into these. Know that they are portals to the full experience of anger.

Come back to observing the body. Allow it to be. Allow your thoughts to be. Simply bring your mind to the feeling of the anger. Allow everything else to be as it is.

If you should visualize anything there, simply allow these sights to pass like a movie. Observe.

Good results seem to come from this practice when we alternate the silent roar with moments of observation and so on. Explore and experiment. Find what works best for you. You may also find that a different sound than “ah” works better. Go for it. The practice is about results and results are about what works for you.

In the beginning when practicing there may be fear upon entering anger, we may flinch or we may be in awe. Whatever comes up allow it to come and just continue with the focusing on the feeling of anger and the “ah.”

We feel fear because we can feel our mind stretching, expanding – we feel as if we should surely burst and erupt with anger – but we do not. We are developing the full consciousness of body and mind to feel the anger. We are developing an expanded consciousness.

Our former aversions to anger are simply a perception of the mind. When we learn to fully embrace anger with body and mind – a deep peace and power will be experienced. It is a very humbling and noble experience.
We can also observe that by opening ourselves to anger in this way we can clearly and coherently begin to understand the messages of the anger. It is telling us not what it believes is wrong – it is telling us what we believe is wrong. It is a messenger showing us how we perceive the world. We then have the opportunity to choose. Do we change the world or do we change our reactions to the world. What we have gained is the clarity to make this decision based on the unity between emotion and intellect.

Anger will stand up for the things that are important to us. It will elicit change for the things which we decide matter to us. It will stand up for the values and principles which we choose to make important.

Anger is needed when we need to to do something dramatically different. It may require us to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask what is wrong. It gives us a sign that there is something to be looked at – something to be made right.

Know that right and wrong are rules which we give meaning to – and where there is meaning there will be importance. If the principles that are right to us are violated and ignored, then anger will give us it’s message. It is asking us to take action. To change the circumstances that we are in – to transform.

We desire to feel differently. Anger gives us this opportunity.

Our reasons for change may be related to the work we do, interactions with friends or loved ones – but ultimately it is the way that we are communicating with ourselves.

One thing to keep in mind with this practice is that the implementation into daily life requires the mind and body connection to unite. We have within us a strong pattern that with anger must come release – and so when intense anger comes our body and mind react instantly. Through practice we can train our bodies to surpass the external release and we enter into the anger. By practicing on the smaller echoes of anger during solo practice, we can prepare ourselves for eventually being able to channel the energy of the larger more intense manifestations.

But remember to forgive yourself if you do at times lose yourself to anger.

While repression or projection can lead to us being a prisoner of anger – expansion of the mind leads to liberation and empowerment.

Anger is a very confronting emotion for many of us to manage let alone change our beliefs and the way we respond to it as drastically as I have outlined in this article. If we observe our usual relationship with anger however we must admit that many methodologies have not delivered us real results. We need to assess what works and what does not if we are to get where we want to go in this world. I for one will not tell anyone what their path is – I simply offer a method for finding healing through anger. As always I encourage you to explore if it is right for you.


P.S. Of course the technique is far easier to explain person to person ( I’m doing my best to put it into words). If you have any questions or comments regarding it feel free to contact me.

How to Create Laser Like Focus for Manifestation, Meditation and Psychic Mastery

Focus is the single defining attribute that will manifest ideas and dreams into reality.

Focus gives us sustained action to produce results. It allows us to move towards our goal or destination regardless of doubt, fear or external distraction. Focus is the strength to persist, the key to transforming lack of discipline into discipline. It is the “secret” to success in any area.

Without focus positive thinking will never work, ideas will never be created, conscious change will never take place.

Without focus real manifestation never gets beyond moments of inspiration. Dreams remain dreams.

Awareness is knowing where we want to go. Focus is the engine that brings us to our destination.

Focus whether used for physical or mental experience is a trait of the mind – and so it is here where it is developed and trained.

Through practice we learn to deepen our focus as well as lengthen the amount of time that we can maintain it.

I’ve outlined two methods below. They are basic and yet will if practiced regularly will bring mastery to the mind.

1. Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen allowing your mind as much as possible to “be with” the breath. Imagine your breath being infused with focused energy as it flow in and filling your body as you exhale with clear, focus.

2. Allow your breath to be natural and simply observe the rise and fall of your abdomen and front torso area as you breathe. Do nothing except maintain awareness.

The first technique is “active” in that you are consciously directing energy to your body and mind – it is a “doing” method.

The second technique is “receptive” in that you are “listening” or “observing” the breath doing what it normally, naturally does. It is a “being” method.

Most people who practice this technique will find that within seconds their minds will wander. This is the training ground for learning to bring the mind back to the object of focus, in this case the breath. If we whip the mind back to the object over time we will create resentment and tension. It is far more effective to simply favor the object of focus. There is a balance between relaxing too much that the mind drifts away and using just the right amount of concentration. As with all things practice will refine your understanding of what works best for you.

I suggest practicing the first method for a given amount of time then shifting to the second method for the same time. The active method helps to bring energy into the body, the receptive method helps to let the body adapt and make focus and observation natural.

Regular practice will bring results. Even 1 minute a day in the beginning is better than nothing. It is also better to practice every day than doing 1 long session a week. Regularity helps the body and mind adapt easier. Whatever you do, 1 minute or 1 hour – do your best to give 100% to the time you allocate.

These simple techniques will over the weeks and months bring an enormous amount of depth to the rest of the concepts discussed on this site, but this insight will only be forthcoming with regular practice.

These methods are what will make positive thinking work. They are the engine behind emotional mastery and neurological remapping. They are the foundation of any spiritual exploration and higher consciousness development. Over time I will be adding new techniques to this site but the foundation of them all will rely on the practices of focus and observation.