How to Transcend Anxiety

Anxiety is the fear that we cannot cope with our perception of reality. Logically everything may (or may not!) seem totally fine, but internally we are seeing through a dimension that we feel we cannot handle with capability. The trick to conquering anxiety is to train ourselves to realize that regardless of it’s existence, deep empowerment still exists. This seeming contradiction creates a gap in the illusion being: “I am anxious.” After all who am I? Transcendence, moving the mind, dissolving the illusion – all of these show the mind that there is more to “I” than it had previously believed. In that moment “Wham! The cycle begins to change.”

Work this exercise:

Observe your body.

Feel the way your anxiety sits in your body.

Feel the shape of it.

Observe the way your mind, body and thoughts are reacting to the sensation of anxiety.

Allow the sensation of anxiety to be as it is. Observe.

Allow your thoughts to come and go as they please – whatever they may be. Simply observe.

Now allowing the anxiety to be as it is, observe the observer.

Shift your consciousness so that more of it is observing the observer than the anxiety. Simply allow the anxiety to be as it is.


Notice how the observer simply allows the anxiety to be. It requires nothing. It just is.

Notice how the observer simply allows your thoughts to be. It requires nothing. Whether fast, slow, critical or neutral the observer simply watches.

Now imagine a feeling of capability and strength existing. Use the faculty of the observer to notice how this deeply capable consciousness feels.

Move your consciousness into this feeling of capability. Allow the observer to be. Allow the anxiety to be. Listen to the feeling of genuine capability.

Observe how this inner strength is able to exist simultaneously with any thoughts and sensations of anxiety.

Observe the effortless consciousness that is able to move, breathe, and be empowered regardless of feelings of anxiety, ridicule or doubt. It is there you simply need to find it.

Look, listen, imagine and feel. Stretch your mind. Expand your consciousness. Give yourself permission to explore.

The opportunity to transcend anxiety only exists when we allow anxiety to exist as it is. As soon as we suppress it we deny ourselves the opportunity to move through it. Remember that transcendence means to see through the illusion. The illusion being that anxiety has us trapped. When we experience that empowerment and deep capability can exist simultaneously with anxiety then we break the illusion. In this moment anxiety has changed – because the mind has changed. It’s like learning to climb a fence. The fence is the same, but it no longer blocks our journey because we have learnt to get past it.

The principle behind this exercise is the same as the principle behind any emotional healing technique. We must guide the mind to transcend the belief that we are disempowered in the presence of any thought, feeling or emotion. Working through the various blueprints of various emotions allows us to understand the principles. There are of course other methods of working through anxiety, or any emotional mind state for that matter. Breathing, chakras and energetic methods all work and some accelerate the process more or less than others. In my opinion the essential thing is to teach the mind to transcend energy states. This is what allows us to go beyond technique and instead of being reliant on certain criteria we understand how to be free and empowered in any situation.

Be conscious that developing the ability to connect to empowerment will get to the point where anxiety feels like nothing. It’s tempting at this point to let go of remaining aware of the sensations and residues of anxiety, and simply connect to empowerment – but as patterns tend to work in cycles, a time may well come where anxiety returns. This is simply because the mind has not yet transcended the fear of anxiety. This fear keeps the mind attached to the belief that we cannot free ourselves from it. Getting to the root of fear requires that we remain vigilant. We must remain conscious always. To prevent this from feeling like a prudish chore, develop consciousness with the essence of effortlessness capability and freedom. After all these are the essentials of self-mastery.