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Mastery of the mind.

Meditation Mastery – Developing High Level Elite Meditation

Meditation is the practice of understanding. It is training the mind and the body to observe and gain knowledge about specific energies and aspects of consciousness. As the body and mind becomes familiar with the language of these energies, a communication is realized and formed. This communication is the catalyst to understanding.

Often understanding is perceived to merely mean intellectual realizations. In truth understanding can be defined as ‘knowing.’ It is knowing how ‘cause’ relates to ‘effect,’ and it is also knowing how to influence “cause” and “effect.” Deep understanding means an intrinsic, intuitive knowledge of how to create effect or result. It becomes as basic as simply reaching out and taking a glass of water. No thought, theory or concept needs to be understood to take the water – the ‘knowing’ is so deep and cellular that our body and mind has the perfect coordination and knowledge to simply reach out and take it. This is ability and skill. It may not be recognized for a task such as this, but this is because we have reached a high level of skill. It is simply taken for granted. This is the direction of mastery. It is tuning our abilities to such a high level that ‘intention’ can become ‘reality’ at our will. This level of mastery only occurs through progressive practice.

For many people spiritual practice does not move much deeper than the intellectual level. The intellectual level is the level of thought, concepts, philosophy and theory. This is the level where we make our plans and understand the ‘map’ to creating deeper skill. The fact of the matter is that without deeper practice we do not have the opportunity to control cause and effect. Using the example of taking a glass of water for instance, as babies we were unable to manifest this effect at will. Even through watching and gaining instruction it took practice and time to entrain these abilities into our bodies. It took even more time to develop this ability to the level where we could do it without thought.

The training of the mind and body to coordinate and follow intention in this way is meditation. Mastery of meditation is the development of all the skills required to move, direct and control the mind in all its facets. Where the basic meditation will form fewer aspects of focus and skill, mastery is able to flow from one to another at will. The difference is like needing to think hard about reaching out and taking a glass of water, all the while concentrating intensely – and simply reaching out and taking it.

The speed of ‘thought’ is fast indeed, but it pales in comparison to the speed of knowing. Mastery is the training of our abilities into body and mind so that this deep coordination of consciousness just ‘knows’. ‘Thought’ needs to interpret and process experience, then apply the necessary level of consciousness. ‘Knowing’ simply creates experience directly. The higher the level of ability and skill, the less thought is required. It is like taking the glass of water – we simply reach out and connect. There is no dispute, doubt or argument about the fact that we can simply reach out. We just do it. This is what ability and skill does for us. This is also the reason why intellectualization, concept and theory leaves so much room for arguments, dispute and doubt. None of this however matters when we develop real skill. It becomes completely irrelevant when we develop mastery.

Training towards meditation mastery develops the ability to connect to spiritual experience without requiring intellectual concepts or theory. The experience just happens as a result of the ability and skill. Our understanding of spirit, the Higher Self and metaphysics changes completely, because instead of working with theories and thinking “what if?”, we get to actually try out our ‘what if?’ ideas within the realm of experience.

Where theories would discuss whether spirit of the Higher Self exists, ability demonstrates existence beyond a shadow of a doubt. More than this, experience moves us into a more constructive phase such as viewing discussing methods of evolving with Ascended Masters, astral projecting into mystic libraries of spiritual knowledge and communing with the Higher Self or God force.

Mastery is a path that is created when we dedicate ourselves to developing a high level of skill. Through this path, purpose and meaning are made apparent – empowerment is made apparent. Ideas that were concepts become experiences within our reality. Mastery at this point is no longer simply an idea, dream or ideal. It is refined ability and skill. Correct meditation, the art of understanding and communication is the most direct path of training to bringing these skills of consciousness to mastery.


Real Mastery – What is Self Mastery and How to Achieve It

Mastery needs to be recognized for what it is if it is to be reached. Many terms and concepts such as empowerment, enlightenment and mastery are bandied about these days and it seems almost popular not to define them at all, but to simply use them as romantic concepts. This is fine if we are to remain passive listeners to stories of spirituality. If on the other hand we wish to develop and experience spiritual understanding for ourselves, then we need to exercise our brains and refine and analyze exactly what these goals mean.

Real Mastery is about skill and ability. This statement encompasses the necessity that strength and discipline are also part of the skill set. Part of the romance of the later parts of the last century were that mastery has nothing to do with skill, but has more to do with being alright with being where we are. This mindset implies that whether we are growing or not, “it’s all good.” This is not real mastery. This is just passive acceptance and a reluctance to engage with perceptions of struggle, work and fear.

Real mastery is about control of the self. It is through skill and ability that we gain the opportunities to control the self. Without skill and ability we have no choice. We are like puppets. It is like a car with a broken steering wheel hurtling along the highway. The passengers have no choice, they must go where the car goes. Ability and skill, is development of choices. It is directly linked to control. When we have control we can move and act as we will. Control in itself is a subject in itself, but suffice to say for now, that what many of us mistake for control, is not control at all. Control is not repression or “keeping a stiff upper lip” this is just a reflection of inability or lack of skill. Control is not rehashing the same emotional patterns or personality traits over and over again. Control is choice. It is the ability and skill to choose this action or that action. With control, the higher consciousness actually gets a choice. Without control there is only the choice that seeks to avoid or repress fear.

It has been said that all babies are masters, but while this is certainly a romantic notion, it holds no logic in universal law. Babies for sure have an ability to learn and adapt at a fast rate, but they do not have control over their environment or survival. If they were left alone for a few days without food or water they would almost certainly die. If they were left without physical contact for too long then they fall apart emotionally. Babies are not masters, if they were we would not need to be so protective of them. If anything, babies are masters in the making. They are developing the abilities and skills necessary to have choices and control.

The path of mastery ends when we decide that what we have is “good enough”. This is the reason why many people do not fully develop their abilities and skills. They simply believe that they are “good enough.” Mastery requires the cultivation of an extremely critical mind. This is not a mind that simply denigrates everything, rather, it is a mind that tests all things and searches for flaws. It does not stop here however, simply seeking flaws without also seeking solutions is what a pessimist really is. The true critical mind seeks flaws in order to seek solutions. It destroys in order to create something better. It is transformation with purpose and meaning. This is how ability and skill progresses, by seeing what is lacking or could be improved and making it better.

The mindset of mastery does not fit with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. The mindset of mastery fits more with the “let’s see if it breaks when I do this…and if it does, lets see if we can make it stronger.” Painful? More for the ego, than anything else, but it needs be understood that having regular scuffles with the ego keeps it in check. The ego needs to become accustomed to pain and bruising if it is to join the journey to mastery. The development of ability, skill and control will always be a thorn in the side of the ego, because it is only through being critical that conscious growth will take place. Denial makes many friends, truth is only interested in one. Luckily at the end of the day, this is the one friend that we will be able to count on to get the job done: our self. This is what mastery is about. It is about getting the “self” under control.


The Power of Perception – The Key to Mastering Reality

Power without perception has no true value. In the first, without perception, we will not even know power to exist. In the second if our perception is not up to scratch we’ll not know what to do with it. Perception is vision and clarity. It is seeing the big picture but also remembering the small details. When we have perception the ways and methods of power become simple and clear. As a result this type of power has profound value.

Clarity brings the ability to understand the why and how of things. The why and the how are the nuts and bolts of reality. When we can see how and why they hold everything together, we can loosen a nut here and tighten a bolt there or make everything come crashing down and perhaps build a new structure.

Perception and clarity also clears out all the superfluous garbage from our minds and body. Instead of wasting time and energy juggling meaningless variables and theories, we just take in the whole in a glance and see exactly what needs to be done to affect everything. Obviously this attribute is valuable for everything from healing to meditation and manifestation.

There are two fundamental directions that perception can move toward: inward and outward. By maintaining awareness at the sense doors where the external and the internal meet it, we are able to understand the interaction between both. Working with the creative and destructive cycles, the point of transformation occurs within this point. Moving into this point allows for a deeper perception of creation and destruction. The loop or cycle of transformation become tighter as creation and destruction begin to occur swifter, each taking the place of the other in rapid succession. Look for the point where both exist simultaneously and observe for a still point. This still point of zero point provides a completely different space from the reality of creation and destruction. It stands apart and is unaffected by cause and effect and yet its presence and acknowledgement affects all around it. This is they entry point into the void, stillness and eternity. It is through this infinite well that healers and magicians attempt to transpose reality.


The Foundation of Magic ~ Part 1 ~ The Secret to Unlocking Magical and Metaphysical Abilities

Magic is at it’s essence the manipulation of cause and effect. Through the deep understanding of energy the magic user learns to alter the direction and flow of reality.

The novice may begin with learning spells and techniques, but these are merely a pathway to learning the fundamental principles that underlie all magic, manifestation and creation. So too an adept may use external alchemy such as powders, roots, and herbs to enact an enchantment, but it is important to understand that these catalysts simply represent an energy. The path to mastery eventually leads to complete understanding of the frequencies of this energy such that no reagents or techniques are needed. The master learns to manifest at will because they have developed an understanding of the knowledge, energy and intelligence behind the reagent, technique or spell.

The essence of magic has always been the manipulation of energy whether through the use of spells and reagents or direct energetic manifestation from the mind. It may be easier in the beginning to simply use the reagent recite the technique and leave it at that, but the magic users growth and understanding will inevitably stagnate. The longer road that ultimately leads to mastery comes from understanding and meditating on the energy behind the spell, entering and learning the wisdom within the reagents and listening to the principles as they communicate beneath the techniques. This is the foundation of magic.

There needs not be any division between metaphysical schools that encourage the use of spells, ingredients and reagents and those that promote pure and undiluted development of the mind. The only division is that of the mind that wishes to perceive itself as being right. True practice and development of the self is about opportunities.

All understanding whether pure meditation, magic, alchemy, psychology or modern science is about communication. It is about understanding the expression of energy and reciprocating an expression of energy. To divide and separate is simply to divide and separate ourselves from the opportunity to truly understand unity. There is no separation when we delve into the heart of the matter.

Meditation is understood through the mind and senses and so too is magic, science, music, conversation, sleeping and dreaming. All of these hold opportunities for learning, expression, communication and understanding. All of these hold opportunities for empowerment, wisdom and growth. When communication becomes open and universal, it is because we have allowed our consciousness to bridge the gaps in perception that would keep us separate. The choice to find and bridge those gaps will always be found in seeking out that which we would resist and separate ourselves from and exploring those energies and spaces. What is of interest is that the art of Magic directly works with bridging separation and moving through resistance. It evokes creativity and surrender, connection with the external and awareness of the internal. The very fact that elements of Magic will elude the contemporary mind is evidence of its ability to stretch and expand the mind. All of these aspects and principles are fundamental to any school of pure meditation or mental mastery. The real power of Magic lies however in the reality that it does not exist. For it is the perception of impossibility that creates the greatest resistance in the mind – and so it is this resistance that bridges the greatest separation.


Emotional Channeling – Activate Healing, Meditation and Enlightenment for Past Life Karma

Throughout generations human beings have lived, died and during this time a trickle of consciousness has survived sometimes as a spark, sometimes as a raging fire. This consciousness has determined the direction of our evolution. This energy and direction can be felt. This destination can be understood by following the flows of consciousness and spirit. Moving deeper into these weaves and spaces we can find that while the destination may have been the same, the reason has often been different. At times profoundly so.

Humans have waged wars over knowledge, over land, money and resources. The frequency of consciousness can shift from peace to violence in an instant. The gate of the mind acting as a portal between energetic dimensions will if not mastered swing like a gate in the wind. When we enter into the dimension of emotion we gain the opportunity to listen to the story of the emotion. The story of the emotion brings us through all the places it has been, the minds that it has met and been expressed through and the reasons that it has existed for.

When we listen to the story of an emotion we channel its essence and meaning. This is more than merely feeling and acknowledging an emotion. It is going into the very depths of why that emotion has been carried through from the beginning of time to this very moment. For example listening to the story of guilt will bring us back to times when power was misused and abused, where we neglected to see, or we saw and did nothing. The feeling of guilt holds the visions, and when we listen we may hear the voices of reason and regret. Following the emotion we may see those that made the decision and the reasons that they did what they did. We may also see the ones that suffered, the ones that did nothing and the ones that never knew. Depending on how deeply we enter the experience these visions and voices may be as vivid or real as life or as subtle as a flicker of sensation, light or feeling.

The first barrier to hearing the story may be doubt and this is something that is easily washed away by experience. The next barrier however is often greater and that is the barrier of fear. It is at this gate that we ask ourselves what we could possibly have to gain by entering. It is here that we find reasons to turn back and look elsewhere. It is important at this stage to send out the intention through the gate and to understand whether our truth needs to be realized by entering through it. Interestingly if the knowledge and ability is there to acknowledge then there is truth to be had.

There are more journeys that seek endings and destinations than we have started in this lifetime alone, and it is only through opening up and remembering that we can reconcile all these. With each journey’s end comes a reunion of that emotion and sense that seems so old. With each ancient guilt brought to reconciliation comes a deep transformation that results in forgiveness, healing and peace. As each path and journey is met and listened to we come to understand the reasons for lifetimes of striving and endeavor. We see reasons that have been duplicated over and over again, we see lessons learnt then forgotten, then learnt once again. As consciousness listens and experiences the story of emotion it begins to reveal itself and see its own reflection through the ages. It recognizes the path as one that it had walked and understands the reasons why. All the reasons from high to low when integrated become closer to a whole. Instead of fractured, separated answers there is cohesive, coherent scripture. At this point the story becomes our own and when we listen we understand, and so life and our actions take on the wisdom of the ages.


Recognition and Advanced Manifestation ~ Part1

Manifestation is the ability to direct our consciousness and intention in a such a way that it affects reality. From the smallest of thoughts and sensations to the largest of experiences and connections, manifestation is the ability to understand the communication of energies at play. It needs to be understood that recognizing these communications of energy and the relationships of cause and effect means more than simply observing. The reason that manifestation has a limited effect for many people is that they do not recognize the communication that is taking place. In the instant that we direct our consciousness and intention there is an effect, this effect begins within our mind and body and creates a response. Listening to this response allows us to understand the cause and effect, that if we use our consciousness in this way then this will happen. Observation alone however allows the opportunity to pass in exactly the same way that it allows us to let go of emotional and energetic blocks. Manifestation is different. With manifestation we are intending to create.

Manifestation requires that we observe the interaction of cause and effect then recognize whether the resulting energies are conducive to our goals or not. If the result is one that is not congruent with our goals then we listen and observe why that is. By communicating within this energetic relationship we come to understand exactly what is needed to effect exact goals and directions we have. Keep in mind that in the beginning manifestation may simply reveal a direction, however the importance of this direction should not be underestimated. Profound changes in life occur because of direction alone, and similarly a lack of direction can lead to a real lack of fulfillment.

Manifestation may require that action is taken at the mental or physical level or both. Recognizing the communication that is occurring when we direct consciousness, understanding what is required then responding to this requirement is what makes manifestation work.

Perhaps the most common obstacle in manifestation is understanding what is required and responding to this requirement. In both instances the ability to recognize allows us to understand and integrate. Recognition is more than observation. It is observation with a purpose to effect a specific direction of consciousness. It may be an understanding that all is going as intended, or it may be an awareness that certain elements need to be altered. In any case once we have recognized we must respond. It is this reciprocation of energy and consciousness that allows that manifestation to take place.


Spiritual Integration

Integrating spiritual realities into our lives requires at least in principle two things. The first is to send our consciousness through the window that opens and allows exploration of the spiritual realms and then we must train our physical body to experience and open up to this reality. Developing the psychic senses is a clear way to look through the dimensional windows, but in many ways this is simply the gathering of knowledge. The opportunity that a psychic sense such as clairvoyance offers us is to see clearly and truly how energy and entities are interacting and so understand how to affect the result. Likewise a skill such as clairaudience allows us to listen to the guidance of entities and energies and so understand how to create and manifest in a particular direction. The development of these skills is not by any means mandatory for spiritual development, they are simply extra tools for enhancing the journey. All of us have the ability to feel and observe and this is the most important principle of all.

In seeking peak experiences, spiritual realizations and empowerment we are actually seeking union with the true self. The true self is the peak, it is empowerment and it is spiritual realization. The process of observing and feeling allows us to move through the layers that obscure the true self from perception. This is the experience of realization and it is also the experience of true peace. When it comes down to it, it may be said that what we are truly seeking is inner peace and although the paths to realizing this experience are often different the principle is always the same. It is about meeting each atom of experience and allowing it to be exactly as it is. This reality of allowing an internal experience to be exactly as it is, is the energy of peace. We feel and perceive any particular energy and we do nothing. In doing nothing we allow these entities or energies to be exactly as they are. We ask nothing of them and so they experience peace and that peace is being formed and realized from within us. It is being created and shaped within us. The reason why we train our minds to become formless is so that we can take the shape of whatever form is manifested within us. When we hold our form there is a clash as two forms meet. When we allow our form to move and shift then there is no clash, only peace. As our consciousness is directed to connect with more and more energies and is given the opportunity to create peace, less fear arises simply because we know that we can meet and experience whatever comes our way. Without fear our mind and body becomes clear. Through this clarity the experience of our true self becomes effortless and furthermore because the experience has come through directly connecting with everything that comes our way integration occurs at the deepest levels of our being. There is no gap between spiritual and “normal.”

Since the accelerated way is through developing the psychic senses and then turning them within, we need to be aware of times when the development of these senses requires balancing with the physical body grounding and integration. In short I would recommend at least 3 times a week practicing grounding work. The essence of grounding work is connecting to the physical body, feeling and observing it and bringing the mind fully into it. The easiest way is to just observe the body during physical movement. Anything from walking, doing the dishes, showering or doing up your shoe laces. Observe your posture, the way you hold your weight and balance. Notice and objectively observe any physical tension and areas of relaxation. All physical manifestations are connections to consciousness and it is through these connections that the mind integrates with the body. The process of experiencing the physical and alternately experiencing the spiritual and subtle allows the realization of a consciousness that is expanded. Directing the mind to move between the spiritual, mental and physical provides the opportunity to observe the movement, the landscape and the spaces interwoven beneath and through these elements. Within these spaces and flows exist the essences that connect spirit, mind and the physical. Experiencing these paths of power allow us to find a unity between what we have previously perceived and experienced to be separate levels of consciousness. This unity and integration opens up the experience of spirit within the body, the physical within the mind and the mind through the spirit.

Integration is where real empowerment exists because it brings the experience back home to where we live. It is perhaps the most sustainable and realistic means of spiritual life because it does not seek to leave a single iota of being behind. All is met, the dark, the light, the ego, the personality and the higher self. With each meeting there is an opportunity for mastery through the experience of looking straight in the eye of whatever energy it is that exists there. We feel and choose to be open and the feeling and experience is allowed to be as it is. What is gained is a consciousness that is opening to a realization of truth.


How to Expand Consciousness – Creating the Tools for Higher Consciousness

Expanded consciousness is flexible consciousness. It is consciousness that can quite literally stretch and move effortlessly and easily. Flexibility of the mind is about choices. A person who trains their muscles to stretch will be able to move efficiently in ways and perform actions with a greater range of movement than when the muscles were untrained. Similarly in learning to stretch our minds we will be able to do things that we were unable to do when we keep it in a rigid state. This is not to say that rigid states are not of value, it is simply to say that with flexibility we have the option to be rigid, gentle, mentally resilient, creative, intuitive, responsive, sensitive, genuine, playful, loving, caring and free. Furthermore, just like the muscle that is flexible will be less prone to injury, the mind that is used to stretching and expanding will also gain this benefit. Granted the injury of the mind arises from the perception that it is wounded. What is actually happening is that it is losing it’s familiar form. It believes that the new forms are negative and so it perceives injury. In any case, a flexible mind gains the ability to realize that it cannot truly be wounded and the freedom from this most basic fear also allows it to experience more than it could ever imagine.

Expanded consciousness is a consciousness that allows itself to perceive more. It is exploring and stretching the fringes of itself. It is exploring, moving and delving into the heart of itself.

In this society many of us have permitted ourselves to become carbon copies. We have a perception about what an “in control,” “successful”, “happy” or “spiritual” person should be and we try to fit ourselves into this mold. The problem is, because we get into the game of wanting to fit the mold, we deny the reality (or illusion) as it actually is. To get anywhere we need to start where we are.

Who we are and the image of who we are are two very different things.

So what constitutes a flexible mind? Look at what we have told ourselves we should and should not be. How many of us never let ourselves cry because we believe that it is weak? How many of us repress anger because we have been told it is wrong? How many of us keep a “brave” or “good” face simply to preserve an image or perception? These are simple everyday examples of where we control our consciousness and command it to not step out of line. Not only do these repressed emotions cause physical problems in the body, they affirm that we need to fear these aspects of ourselves. We must face this fear in order to transcend it. We must transcend it in order to experience freedom.

Let yourself feel your emotions. Acknowledge what they are. Do not get trapped in the game of pride saying you should feel this and not that. Simply feel.

Expanding our usual routine to encompass more feeling frees up a lot of energy. At the same time it stretches our perception of ourselves. The more we expand the more energy that we get.

Work with this exercise:

Observe your body. Feel your posture, notice your breathing, watch your thoughts and emotions.


Seek neither peace, order or chaos. Simple observe what is with a neutral, objective mind.

Begin to feel, see and imagine yourself expanding out.

Feel as if you have an energetic skin that is expanding out and becoming giant.

See yourself as big as your town, then your city, then your state, then your country.

See yourself holding the planet in the palm of your hand.

Keep expanding. How expansive can you become?

Remember that the secret of visualization is to simply do it. If it seems unclear or if you seem to have doubts, just let them be. We are pushing our minds to stretch and expand. If it feels elusive at first then you’re doing it right. If you have doubts, then you’re doing it right. The main thing is to maintain a connection to the visualization no matter how small it may seem at first. Know that your mind exists at this frequency of expansion right now. You are simply tuning into it.

We are not seeking to diminish who we are – we are simply experiencing that there is more.

From the vantage point of holding the planet in your hand take a look at all the things that you have perceived to be your problems. How do they feel now? Take a look at how different situations and experiences both internal and external are affecting your energy. From this expanded perspective, observe and ask yourself how you could best get from where you are now to where you want to go. Know that this expanded consciousness can give you the answer as easily as you can know that turning a door handle will open the door.


Principles of Dimensional Shape-Shifting

The mind is the portal through which we can experience all dimensions. This is achieved by training the mind to become the key which is needed to open the doors. Quite literally by shaping our minds in a certain way a shift or realization occurs where we are able to perceive and connect with these dimensions. The value of this is understood when we realize that all mind and body states from emotions to expanded spiritual consciousness are dimensional realities.

An excellent foundation for developing our minds to access dimensions is through the chakras. The chakras are gateways of dimensional energy that the body and mind can easily learn to sense. From this sensory base we learn to move through the illusion that the chakras exists only in a certain location*. By learning to work with the mind in specific exploratory ways we allow it to realize that the chakra can in fact exist anywhere on the body, then extending from this – anywhere at all.

*For locations of chakras please refer to the glossary in the sidebar menu.

We need to understand that a chakra’s location is perceived as existing in specific places simply because the mind and body play into this blueprint. Anywhere on the body and as we will learn later, anywhere at all is a potential chakra or energy gate.

We can for instance feel the energy of the third eye chakra through the middle of our calf or for that matter the dining room table.

Location is an illusion which is dispelled when we teach the mind and body to bridge the gap between what we perceive as separate. In and of itself the experience of oneness is a profound and healing experience. Further advantages of learning how to bridge the gap is that we can connect to any dimension we wish anywhere. This goes for emotional, spiritual, physical, or any energetic dimension. We can use this skill to access knowledge, communicate, dissipate negative emotions, create empowering emotions and enhancing healing faculties.

The initial training of shape-shifting teaches us to bridge the gap between objects. It allows us to experience the unity between things and shatters the illusion of separateness. The practice described here of listening to chakra consciousness then moves us into the realm of communication and inter-dimensional awareness.

Begin with this exercise:

Closing your eyes allow yourself to become aware of the area between your eye brows.

Feel for an energy that exists here in this location.

If you cannot feel it then imagine what it might feel like.

Send your imagination out to listen for anything which might be there.

Any thoughts, sights, sounds, distractions – simply let them be. Let them be as they are.

Allow your focus to be placed only on this location and anything which flows from this location.

Allow all else to be like the water surrounding a gemstone. The water exists but we are focused on the gemstone.

Do not be concerned with whether you are focused properly, whether the exercise is working for you or not. By applying your mind in this way, know that it is finding it’s way.

These descriptions are in fact more than the exercise needs to be. Once you have realized the feeling, all descriptions become extraneous. In the beginning however we need these in order to satisfy our minds that we are doing it right. In truth by simply looking and exploring in this area regularly we will begin to see.

It is important to note that apart from the healing and regulating nature of the chakras, that their energy is also a wisdom of their own. It is one thing to control the energy with our minds – it is another to allow the chakras to express and show their own dimensions to us. It is the difference between telling the chakra what we want and listening to what it is.

This is first allowed to happen by attuning our minds to the energy of the chakra. We can then begin to move into it’s dimension – or rather the two dimensions begin to coordinate together. The mind becomes the focal point where this is able to occur.

There is an important skill that is developed here. By giving permission to others to be all that they can be – we are able to realize their power too. When we believe that we know what is best for others and try to control their path we are unable to be fully open to all that they are. There is a perception that we are right and they are wrong. That we know what is best and they do not. A chakra has an essence as much as a human being has an essence and the same principle applies. In fact the same principle applies for love, happiness, enlightenment, peace, joy and so on.

There is a wisdom and intelligence that can only be realized when we allow the universe to “come as it is.”

Without the filter of our expectation, our control and conditions, we are able to experience what these essences actually mean. As long as we place conditions all we truly hear and feel are our perceptions of truth – a far cry from truth itself.

Through listening and learning to “walk in the shoes” of the chakra’s energy, we are able to understand it’s message – then our coordination with it becomes deeply profound and powerful.

As a race human kind has a tendency to use resources whatever these may be without listening and asking. This goes for the earth, this goes for people, this goes for energy. Even in meditation we try to “control this”, “do that” and “make this happen”. It is part of our evolution that we seek to make ourselves “better” – but sometimes better experiences only come through first listening to the knowledge and wisdom that is already before us.

When we seek happiness and empowerment only in what is to come, we take away the opportunity to find it here and now.

Through listening comes understanding, through understanding comes unity. This is where the gap is bridged.

It is ironic that in our attempts to control others we lose the essence of the very power that we are seeking. In allowing ourselves to connect to them as they are – and learning to open ourselves we realize power.

The level of dimensional mind discussed here is sometimes regarded as more difficult to grasp than the usual chakra or energy work – but in fact it is more simple. It is just that we have created complex barriers in the mind. In truth young children would understand this principle in experience if not in words easier than many of us – but therein lies the method and simplicity.

Observe the areas of the mind that would resist. Observe the areas of the mind that are able to imagine possibilities. The imaginative areas are like flowing water. The resistant areas are like dams. We learn to move the flow into the areas that we wish to explore. Leave the resistance to be as it is.

Work with observing all the chakras. Explore the difference between placing your mind at the chakra and allowing it to come to you. Recognize that it is a communication between you and the energy. Play with it. Spending time with your chakras is like spending time with a child – have fun, observe. Build the trust between yourself and the chakra. Communication can only deepen with trust.

Remember that the imagination is the area of the brain that is able to stretch and this is what we are truly developing here. We are expanding and stretching our minds. In time we will want to begin moving and connecting to energies which are far beyond what we currently imagine. Each step grounds us for the next step and allows us greater insight into what is possible.

Expanded consciousness occurs one step at a time.

Keep finding ways to explore the energy of the chakra’s. Then see if you can find this energy at different areas of your body. Explore how far you can move into the dimension of the chakra. Move in so deeply that you become the chakra looking back at yourself. Work with realizing the energy of chakras existing in external objects.

Some of these may feel like a stretch – and that’s how they are meant to feel.

Remember that we are developing a communication. Communication bridges the gap. It is to listen as well as express. To be sensitive to what the connection would like. Through communication we then gain understanding, and through understanding we realize power.


The Beauty of Meditation

Meditation to me simply means the practice of developing the mind. The goals of practice can literally relate to anything, after all how many things are there in life where our mind isn’t present in one form or another? Generally the better we are at coordinating our mind the better results we get from experiences in life. To me that’s the beauty of meditation. I put everything aside for a while and prioritize the aspects of me that I want to develop. It makes integrating personal development principles into daily life a lot easier than trying to do it on the fly.

The focus can be literally anything from healing, spiritual consciousness, mind/body connection, enhanced learning, calming down, energizing up, vision quests, developing the personality, relationships, affinity with the earth, emotional mastery, alchemy, manifestation, music, martial arts, golf – you name it.

Meditation is like training for the big game – the big game in this case being life. I do what I can to break down the myths that meditation has to be done a certain way because I believe that this type of mentality will make some people turn away from developing a skill that in truth is not exclusive to dogma or sectarianism. Meditation is a means to develop the mind – pure and simple. If anyone believes that meditation should only be used for certain purposes they have a right to have this belief – but it doesn’t mean that they are right and it doesn’t mean that anyone else has to abide by this belief.

Meditation is development of the our minds. Let us decide for ourselves what direction we wish to take our own development.

If we keep this in mind then meditation will be inclusive of everyone – not exclusive. It can be used by children to go on grand adventures into outer space, it can be used by students to manifest acing their exams, it can be used by musicians to connect to the genius of Mozart, it can be used by spiritualists to connect to the consciousness of God and the universe.

At the same time when we encourage meditation to be used in this way we begin to embrace the uniqueness of everyone. We are saying that your path is alright too. I’m not the only chosen one. It opens up a courageous heart when we can accept ourselves and our unique individuality regardless of what everyone else is doing. It is in direct opposition to needing to make our path more right, putting ourselves on a pedestal and ragging on other people for doing it “all wrong.” This just affirms our fears and insecurity.

In any case meditation like cooking, will turn out in many forms. Sometimes it tastes like something the cat dragged in, at other times it’s like heaven on earth. What it’s really reflecting is our mind in all it’s creative forms. There’s some stuff we’re good at, some stuff we’re crap at and some stuff that we really don’t have a clue what’s going on with. At the end of the day though it’s a discovery of ourselves no matter how we put it. Sure discovery is something that we get in life regardless – but giving that time, making creative, mental, exploratory expression and practice a priority even for 5 minutes a day, begins to pay dividends big time in the long run.

It’s a conscious and directed work out of the mind. Eventually the split between the work we do in meditation and our every day life becomes seamless. The mind just clicks that this is the way we want things to go – and while I love a good fight and struggle every now and then – there’s nothing like knowing that when I want to go with the flow and make life easy I’ve got a good friend backing me up.