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How to Expand Consciousness – Creating the Tools for Higher Consciousness

Expanded consciousness is flexible consciousness. It is consciousness that can quite literally stretch and move effortlessly and easily. Flexibility of the mind is about choices. A person who trains their muscles to stretch will be able to move efficiently in ways and perform actions with a greater range of movement than when the muscles were untrained. Similarly in learning to stretch our minds we will be able to do things that we were unable to do when we keep it in a rigid state. This is not to say that rigid states are not of value, it is simply to say that with flexibility we have the option to be rigid, gentle, mentally resilient, creative, intuitive, responsive, sensitive, genuine, playful, loving, caring and free. Furthermore, just like the muscle that is flexible will be less prone to injury, the mind that is used to stretching and expanding will also gain this benefit. Granted the injury of the mind arises from the perception that it is wounded. What is actually happening is that it is losing it’s familiar form. It believes that the new forms are negative and so it perceives injury. In any case, a flexible mind gains the ability to realize that it cannot truly be wounded and the freedom from this most basic fear also allows it to experience more than it could ever imagine.

Expanded consciousness is a consciousness that allows itself to perceive more. It is exploring and stretching the fringes of itself. It is exploring, moving and delving into the heart of itself.

In this society many of us have permitted ourselves to become carbon copies. We have a perception about what an “in control,” “successful”, “happy” or “spiritual” person should be and we try to fit ourselves into this mold. The problem is, because we get into the game of wanting to fit the mold, we deny the reality (or illusion) as it actually is. To get anywhere we need to start where we are.

Who we are and the image of who we are are two very different things.

So what constitutes a flexible mind? Look at what we have told ourselves we should and should not be. How many of us never let ourselves cry because we believe that it is weak? How many of us repress anger because we have been told it is wrong? How many of us keep a “brave” or “good” face simply to preserve an image or perception? These are simple everyday examples of where we control our consciousness and command it to not step out of line. Not only do these repressed emotions cause physical problems in the body, they affirm that we need to fear these aspects of ourselves. We must face this fear in order to transcend it. We must transcend it in order to experience freedom.

Let yourself feel your emotions. Acknowledge what they are. Do not get trapped in the game of pride saying you should feel this and not that. Simply feel.

Expanding our usual routine to encompass more feeling frees up a lot of energy. At the same time it stretches our perception of ourselves. The more we expand the more energy that we get.

Work with this exercise:

Observe your body. Feel your posture, notice your breathing, watch your thoughts and emotions.


Seek neither peace, order or chaos. Simple observe what is with a neutral, objective mind.

Begin to feel, see and imagine yourself expanding out.

Feel as if you have an energetic skin that is expanding out and becoming giant.

See yourself as big as your town, then your city, then your state, then your country.

See yourself holding the planet in the palm of your hand.

Keep expanding. How expansive can you become?

Remember that the secret of visualization is to simply do it. If it seems unclear or if you seem to have doubts, just let them be. We are pushing our minds to stretch and expand. If it feels elusive at first then you’re doing it right. If you have doubts, then you’re doing it right. The main thing is to maintain a connection to the visualization no matter how small it may seem at first. Know that your mind exists at this frequency of expansion right now. You are simply tuning into it.

We are not seeking to diminish who we are – we are simply experiencing that there is more.

From the vantage point of holding the planet in your hand take a look at all the things that you have perceived to be your problems. How do they feel now? Take a look at how different situations and experiences both internal and external are affecting your energy. From this expanded perspective, observe and ask yourself how you could best get from where you are now to where you want to go. Know that this expanded consciousness can give you the answer as easily as you can know that turning a door handle will open the door.