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Developing Clarity – Awakening Higher Knowledge, Intuition and Understanding

Creating a life with meaning and value requires that we are able to recognize the information that we are receiving. This is the essence of clarity. It enables us to see straight to the heart of things, seeing through all doubts, chattering voices, confusion and fear.

The information is coming through. It is the mind that is interpreting in such a way that the results seems uncertain and unclear. The confused mind is given power because we are focused on it. We are tuning our minds into it. Shifting into the mind of absolute clarity requires that we listen for it.

Work with this exercise:

Observe your body. Notice how you are breathing, how you are holding your posture – feel the weight of your body.

Observe your thoughts and emotions. Notice how they are manifesting in your body. How do the sensations feel?

Notice what it is that you are unclear about. Observe your doubts. Let them flood in on you. Observe your fears. Let them surround you.

Observe how this feels in you. Does it move and change or does it stay still? What is it’s frequency?

How do you react to being surrounded by fear, doubt and confusion? Observe this.

Notice that the observer is able to encompass all fears, lack of clarity, confusion and doubt. It is able to be all of these things but also be outside all of these things.

Allow the swirling mass of consciousness that is confusion and doubt to be as it is now. Observe the observer. Notice how it surfs the waves of the mind and body with the essence of mastery.

Now it is time to direct that mastery.

Observe your breath.

Take a slow deep breath, hold for a moment and release. Do this easily and without strain, yet notice the energy in the breath.

Look for and feel the most genuine, sincere feeling of nourishment and life within the breath.


Feel that genuineness again. It is not important how subtle or strong the feeling is. It is not important how subtle or strong your doubts are. Simply observe, listen for and feel the genuine feeling of nourishment within the breath.

Now imagine and feel the beginnings of pure clarity infused in your breath.

Know with certainty that this thread of pure clarity exists here and now simultaneously with everything else that you are. It exists regardless of confusion and doubt. It is absolute clarity in spite of any perceptions that you are lacking any information at all.

It is the feeling and essence of knowing.

Allow your consciousness to move into it. Pull this dimension of pure clarity in to you. Feel it surrounding and soaking your every cell with it’s essence.

Find the effortless mind, the clear mind, the masters mind. Know that it exists here and now.

Recognize it and be open to it. It doesn’t matter if confusion seems to dominate 99.9% of the mind and the feeling of clarity is just 0.1%. Hone in on that 0.1%. Even the smallest opening that leads to purity is capable of opening the way to full realization. Grab onto that thread of clear consciousness and allow it to fuel you with it’s attributes. Allow it give you it’s abilities of effortless clarity and focus.

The power of this exercise is that there is no need to try to integrate knowledge or find answers when practicing. The answers are already there, the knowledge is already integrated. We are simply connecting to the mind state that already understands and knows. The more we connect to this mind state, the more we will allow knowledge and clarity to simply be known and revealed to us. The less we feed our doubts and confusion by hanging around with them, the less we believe and experience their power. Nothing can take our power unless we give it away first.

When we cease trying to integrate and trying to be clear – when we simply be clear, then things become clear. Suddenly information makes sense. What has meaning and value makes sense. Our direction makes sense. Sometimes when we are trying so hard to forge a direction we don’t notice that our deeper self is already showing us a path. All it requires is that we feel.