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Developing Intuition

In-tuition means to look within for learning. The frequency of intuition exists always but it becomes loud and clear through either of two methods. Learning the thread of consciousness to look for and connecting with it or silencing the mind. Both ways lead up to the same peak of this particular mountain, but the interesting thing is that in developing one way we also understand the other. I guess it has something to do with the little premise of illusions – see through one and we see through ’em all.

Emotional mastery plays a large part in many esoteric schools for the simple fact that when emotions are blaring at us we tend to get distracted and find it hard to focus on other things. We get stuck on the circus act of catering to all these different impulses that we never get the chance to notice that there’s a whole other ball game going on in there.

Intuition can come in many ways, gut feelings, strong impulses all the way to tangible and well defined visions, smells and sounds. One of the easiest ways to develop intuition is to call on it in relation to learning new skills and manifesting reality. This process will bring knowledge to you that is relevant and specific to your goals. There will be times when it will be clear that the knowledge that you are receiving is from a source other than your intellectual mind. It is creative because the in-tuition is about creation – the creation of learning. Shifting into this mode brings us into line with our intuition.

When we make intuition our goal our intuition responds to this desire. It brings us information that will help us to clarify the connection. It will offer us methods to work through doubts, enhance focus and still the mind. This is intuition at play. It is teaching us what we are asking to learn.

As we become more familiar with intuition we will see that it weaves through our other senses and feelings. This is one reason why mastery of the senses and perceptions has been promoted in spiritual circles. As intuition is beckoned each of our senses will become heightened. It will be like they are wrapped in an essence which is able to elicit more from the universe around us.

Perhaps the most confusing trait of intuition is that it can seem intangible and fleeting within our inner landscape. Using it to develop skills and manifest reality gives us an extra solidity that can rapidly help us to distinguish when we are simply guessing or feel confused about what intuition is.

Martial arts masters, Yogic and Taoist adepts have had legends told about them learning from spirits and ascended masters. Intuition is the bridge to connecting with these dimensions. Trusting our intuition means following through on that knowledge. Trying it out and seeing what happens. This is the main reason that many people who are interested in intuition find that it eludes them – we need to follow through at least in acknowledging that the answers are something to think about. If not we are ignoring and in effect closing our ears to intuition. Also understand that if we simply throw a command out to our intuition with the intention of getting our lives in order or understanding the universe, that sometimes the knowledge that comes can be pretty overwhelming. Be aware that we will not always be ready for the answers that our intuition gives us. Just imagine getting an impulse to quit your job and move to the bush, or perhaps it may be to get a job in the city and move from the bush. Intuition answers because we asked the question – and most of the time it will answer in a very direct and blunt fashion. Take the answers on board but also allow for the fact that you may not be ready to make these changes just yet. Simply thank and acknowledge the information that is coming through for now.

Explore developing relatively small aspects of your life and get used to the feeling of intuition. As you develop trust it’ll be easier to follow through. This is another reason why it is valuable to work on developing skills and attributes.

Work with this exercise:

Think of a skill or experience that you wish to develop. It may be anything from improving your golf swing to tuning into your emotions.
Mentally think about this desire.

Now observe the desire. Observe the impulses you have connected to this desire.

Take in the whole bigger “picture” surrounding the whole process that you have attached to wanting this desire.


In observing “listen” and feel for a part within that could achieve your desire easily and effortlessly.

Send it an impulse with your mind and observe how it feels.

This is the basic practice for getting in touch with your intuition. Remember that your intuition is the part of you that can connect to universal knowledge, so attaining information for any task is easy. It’s just that our willingness and ability to interpret and therefore assimilate the information is easier when the goal is simple and small. Give yourself a week of connecting to this impulse and be open to the ideas and knowledge that you receive. Consider it, think about it’s relevance. Play with it and try it out. Remember that in a sense we are not actually developing our intuition. It is already there and strong. We are simply remembering our connection to it. Intuition exists in the realization of it.