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Healing Past Life Guilt – Releasing Karmic Debt, Pain and Suffering

Guilt is not healed so simply by moving on. It needs to be met completely. Without a complete connection there cannot be complete healing. All solutions require a complete understanding and connection with the issue at hand. Healing guilt is no different.

Guilt exists because of the perception of wrongness. Forgiveness is the doorway to healing guilt. It is the precursor to unconditional acceptance, the reunion with universal consciousness. Forgiveness will open the way through several levels. On one level the pure feeling and emotion of guilt must be opened completely. On another the aspect that was able to act in such a way as to create guilt must be forgiven also. It must be accepted and felt for what it is, without the condition that it is required to see differently or change. As soon as we require or demand change then the vibration of our forgiveness changes. The healing ability of forgiveness changes when it becomes conditional, for in being conditional we choose to hold on to part of the pain. Perhaps it is our story and we have become attached to telling it. Perhaps we feel like we need to protect ourselves, so that this will never occur again. Whether for protection or because we feel that this story has become who we are, the choice is between fear of being hurt again or healing and discovering reunion in all that we are.

By letting go of the need to protect ourselves we open up the way to finding a self that needs no protection. As long as we fear pain – then we will fear pain. As long as we need protection – then we will need protection. The path to true power is through letting go of the shields and devices that we would use to stop us from connecting with the universe and to let this connection take place. For deep understanding and thus empowerment to be realized we must move in the direction of whole connection, not denial.

Guilt holds a special opportunity for healing because the nature of guilt is about right and wrong. Even the most gifted technical healers may find difficulty with healing guilt if they do not believe that they deserve healing. It is only when we can accept that even that which we perceive to be wrong is worthy of love, can we forgive, accept and truly move on.

There is a resonance within the energy of guilt that has usually existed just below the threshold of this planets surface consciousness. This thread of emotion links all the way through all of our history and like any memory holds the reflections that have had the most impact. The perception that we have abused power has led us to fracture the way that we can wield and perceive real power. The strong magnetism that is directing this planet’s consciousness to heal guilt will help us to understand the nature and capacity of true power. At this time the resonance is slightly above the threshold of group consciousness. This means that not only can present life guilt be easily accessed, so too can the guilt of many past lives. The latch to opening into these is simply accepting even for a moment that what we do feel as guilt is quite alright and safe to feel. Allowing the essence of forgiveness to embrace guilt does not make us bad people, it does not mean that we will recreate those experiences that we perceive to be wrong. On the contrary, when we connect to forgiveness, we create forgiveness, the more we move into this space, the more we accept and are at peace. Rather than moving in the direction of creating pain, dominance and suffering, we are moving in the direction of unconditional love. We need to move away from the mindset of punishing ourselves or each other for what we perceive to be crimes and wrong doings. We may believe that we are being just in creating these states and emotions of punishment, but in truth what justice is there in perpetuating states that will continue to create anguish, misery and suffering in the world? For sure, all states of being need to be met if we are to gain positive opportunity, but those positive opportunities also need to be taken in order for them to become their potential.