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Surrender – Opening your Mind, Spirit and Heart

In any communication there is a balance of listening and expression. The deeper our ability to listen, the more effective our ability to express becomes. Listening allows us to understand the essence of what is being conveyed to us and to reciprocate with precision and clarity. This is essentially what surrender is all about. Surrender is a yielding in order to gain understanding – and understanding is everything. It is the knowledge that allows us to act with intention and purpose. It is the ability that allows us to create empowerment, it is conscious transformation and it is mastery.

When the channel between the Higher Self and the consciousness has been opened, it takes about 14 days to make this connection permanent. Depending on the thickness of the channel, spiritual information will either trickle or pour like a waterfall interacting with the mind and physical body. The more willing we are to surrender and at least for the time being ‘give up’ our own expression and simply “listen,” the more information and knowledge we will absorb and integrate into ourselves. As each channel becomes open to receive it clears the way for knowledge and energy to come through. In a sense it is like having many water hoses. As long as we are pushing our expression through, it is difficult to receive energy coming the other way. When we surrender, we stop for a time pushing out our own essence and listen to what else is there. Ironically, what comes back is our own essence but so much more also.

The Higher Self has the ability to encompass what we are because its plane of existence is multi-dimensional. Integration of the Higher Self into the body trains the body to increase its perception of dimensional planes. This is what lifts the body from a 3 dimensional state to 4, then 5 and more planes of existence. This is what it means to “ascend.” Spiritual power can only exist at a limited level at the 3rd dimension, simply because the 3rd dimension has its own set of laws. As the body is trained to connect to higher dimensions it is no longer just in the 3rd dimension, and so it gains the experience and ability to use and call on a broader range of spiritual power. This only occurs if the practice includes the physical body. Meditations and practices that exclude the physical are splitting the mind from the body and so they do not gain this benefit of integration. This is also the reason why many spiritual masters have developed physical health problems. Their higher plane bodies became so powerful and full of higher energies, but their physical bodies could not hold or maintain these levels and so they overloaded, short circuited and their physical bodies died. Interestingly, many masters who had ascended and split from their bodies before, have chosen to come back to this plane to learn how to fully ascend inclusive of the physical.

Another thing that is important to note is that full integration of the physical plane with the higher planes will allow us to manifest and “fit in” to this world, so to speak. This avoids all the pit falls of spirituality that is insubstantial or full of “fluff” so to speak. Spiritual power becomes manifest not just in life philosophy and attitude but in the very way that we connect with physical reality. The structures that are our physical bodies and minds pour in higher dimensional energies. These are integrated using our physical bodies as “converters.” Through this channel the multiple dimensions can meet without hindrance or obstacle. This is the essence of “surrender.”