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Spiritual Growth – Achieving Real Spiritual Evolution

The state of spiritual growth as a whole on this planet is in a shambles. Contributing to this is the lack of or inappropriate teachings, but the worst of the lot are the philosophies proposing that we have nothing to learn at all. It is this idea that halts growth in its tracks. It may provide moments if not minutes of inspiration and the odd fantasy that everything is all right and we need not do anything – but in effect it is asking us to stop being critical and seek ignorance.

The most technically gifted masters among us have already long left our company, having realized that most of us simply do not care enough to truly gain from the teachings. This leaves much of the modern world speculating about the true nature of ideas like enlightenment, empowerment and so on. In the mean time these Savants walk through the levels of consciousness as easily as one would walk through an open door.

While modern day intellectuals would debate the existence of enlightenment and the meaning of empowerment, the masters are evolving and refining their methods for evolving the actual practice. It is understood that not all beings are on the direct path to enlightenment, the universe is fully capable of encompassing those that are actively choosing other roads. It is for this reason that the masters do not agitate over teaching, rather they understand the energetic momentum that the planet as a whole will gain from their own growth.

Being caught in the flow of beings powerful enough to influence entire planets with their consciousness is simply an indication of lack of self-mastery. It is not a moral condemnation, simply an observation of fact. It is similar to being caught in an ocean storm. Only the most effective swimmers can break free from its grip. This in itself is about training for real ability and skill.

If we are too weak to influence our own direction, then we are caught with the waves. Perhaps even unaware of what is occurring. If we wait for masters to give us strength, then we will wait forever, for true strength cannot be given, only earned through facing our weaknesses.

It comes back to us to remain critical. Critical of ourselves and critical of what we have and are creating. It is in this that we gain the opportunity to evolve with intent, meaning, reason and purpose. There is so much more to be known. Spiritual growth initiates when we acknowledge this. Concepts and ideas only reach fruition through sustained action and practice. Ideals such as love and compassion only become what they are through testing our connection to them in the heat of real life and experience. Principles such as those of manifestation and purification are only entrained into our bodies and minds through vigilantly aligning our spiritual understanding with our physical and mental being.

It is not difficult to see that spiritual growth as a whole is floundering. It is only difficult when we refuse to be critical. When we are objective we can see the vast amounts of incongruent knowledge and information. We can see the struggle to understand and find clarity within this knowledge. We can see how this lack of clarity has come to limit expansive spiritual vision and potential. We can see how protecting this lack of answers has led to fear and aversion to having a truly critical mind.

We only fear the critical mind when we choose to cling to blind belief, but no answer will be forthcoming from blind belief. The myths within the spiritual arena are legion, but this also means that the opportunity for truth is massive. Potential for growth lies in these opportunities, but without taking them there is no real power or conscious growth. The intellect must move beyond the comfortable appraisal that potential lies out there somewhere. It must look to the heart and see why we are not moving stridently toward our potential right now. It may not be pretty, it may not be in the current trend of “spiritual speak,” but it is true. Movement between two points of consciousness only occurs because of the choice to move. This choice is made when we understand critically the reason for our new destination.