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Negative Entities

A time will come when most projectors into the astral will understand how to navigate and deal with at least minor negative entities. By keeping the etheric body strong these entities simply cannot harm us. At this stage it can be very interesting to spend time around these entities. Much of what they communicate is going to be by our own perspective deceitful and in a sense cunning, but a lot of understanding can be gained through observing between the lines.

A certain level of emotional control is required in order to still aversion when dealing with these entities. They may be slobbering great spiders or demonic looking entities, but the true power of an entity comes from perceiving straight into its core. This is how we can identify true ascended masters from entities simply taking the form of one. The eyes too will often betray malice or the hunger for power.

Negative entities in the astral will often attach themselves to beings in the physical. By understanding and observing their methods and reasons, it becomes clear how to deal with them in the physical. Most of the time negative entities gain their power simply because people in the physical are unaware of their existence and effect. The two most effective ways of identifying these entities is through the psychic senses or through recognizing the patterns of entity disturbance.