The Power of Stillness

The power that stillness offers us is the opportunity to clearly perceive the nature of flow in all things. From this we can develop the ability to follow the path of flow into dimensions of knowledge, spirituality, empowerment and enlightenment. All things have their own flow or frequency, matching it is like creating a key that fits a door. We can choose to open this door and explore, we can choose to leave the door just as it is or we can choose to make peace with all the door represents. Each choice offers an opportunity for mastery of the self because each choice involves learning to move the mind.

The experience of stillness is like bringing quiet to a swirling lake so that we may see the bottom. In truth the bottom is always there, stillness simply allows us to see. When we have tuned ourselves to hearing and seeing this flow then we will find that quieting the mind and body is no longer necessary. We will gain the ability to perceive flow and stillness in all things, noisy, quiet, chaotic or orderly. Even the experience of stillness which is often perceived as eternal has within it a depth that when moved through is realized as flow. The question then arises whether this is true stillness? As with all things the speaking of it will never compare to the experience of feeling it. The perception of stillness is enough at any given moment, just as the perception of truth at this moment is enough when seeking absolute truth. Sustaining the direction through practice will in the fullness of time transcend all the layers. It is similar to a dripping tap filling a swimming pool with water, given enough time the tap will fill the pool.

Stillness can be practiced by implementing the physical path. By remaining absolutely still, moving no muscles other than our lungs to breath, our heart to beat and our other autonomous organs we observe a static state. The easiest way to do this is lying down or sitting in a comfortable position. In stillness we will then observe our mind and body’s desire to move, and yet when we do not move, when we remain still we will notice the flow of energy that is asking us to move. We simply observe this energy’s flow and it leads us to other flows. In time we may be conscious of many, many flows and yet beneath them all there is a deeper stream of flow. Learning to follow these pathways to deeper levels we find subtler and subtler feelings of stillness. The stillness may again open us to the awareness of flows which in turn lead us to gateways of stillness. Through each portal we will find that we are delving deeper into ourselves. We can also notice that between the stillness and flow is another space. This space is the canvas upon which we can realize clairsentience. Similarly, observing stillness we may begin to perceive movement, this movement may become visual at areas and is the space where we can experience clairvoyance. Each of the skills of true perception can be found through following the paths of power, but even at these levels of experience still deeper areas can be sought, explored and found. In time a doorway that unites all the senses, stillness and flow can be found. Through it we experience ourselves as we remember ourselves as we truly are and who we have been is changed through this reunion. One of the true beauties of this however is that although we are changed we can still perceive the consciousness that was unaware. This is the reality of the infinite mind, it can experience the contradiction of knowing and not knowing, truth and ignorance all at the same time. Learning to experience peace as it exists within all internal struggles, dissent and contradictions is what heals and reconciles all aspects of the self.

Gaining a foothold to understanding stillness is all that is required to integrate this essence into all practices and life. Remaining still physically gives us the most obvious representation of stillness. The principle remains the same as we travel deeper. Bringing this essence into the practice of focus allows us to find a far deeper, more sustaining focus. Bringing this essence into the practice of observation allows us to find a more expansive, fluid awareness. The psychic senses become clearer and connection with the higher self becomes tangible. The relationship between stillness and true empowerment are intrinsically linked. Each provides a direction for the mind to move and it is through this movement that the consciousness gains the opportunity to see the reality of itself – that it’s truest power and purpose exists in the realization of it.