Channeling ~ Part 1 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

Channeling is the ability to communicate with spiritual and dimensional entities. This ability is anything from subtle communication to allowing other entities to fully enter our physical being. It is important to understand that communication on any level with dimensional or spiritual beings is to be taken with the same cautions that we would take communicating with someone on the physical plane. Many factors enter the equation when communicating with dimensional beings, the first factor being purpose – ours and theirs.

If we observe the spiritual dimensions objectively it is not difficult at all to perceive the truth behind any entity’s purpose. Many, many entities simply seek to have some fun with what they consider to be unsuspecting humans. Like many beings they like attention and so if we listen and follow their advice, they’ll continue to give it. Just remember though, just because they aren’t from the physical doesn’t mean they know anymore than you. The scope of entities available for channeling and communication is massive, but their relevance to our own life purpose is not. Many of the beings that have worked hard to purify themselves are also available but do not hang around or throw themselves at people who are not on the path themselves. In order to communicate clearly, we must be clear within ourselves. Without this clarity, the expression that we are capable of receiving is limited. In other words until our consciousness begins moving in a direction that is congruent with inner strength and truth, we are unable to perceive let alone communicate with those that are much further along the path.

The ability to create energy is always important. Without energy we cannot survive, let alone create. Between the initial and middle stages of development many forms of consciousness and entities will come to us, not necessarily to harm us, but simply because we are beacons of energy. As we begin to master our emotions it becomes more difficult to upset our center and so the entities that would normally take advantage of our fears and insecurities begin to move away and avoid us. The same thing occurs with people of this type in the physical plane. They simply sense at an energetic level that they cannot get what they want from us. At the same time they will sense that we can see quite deeply into their soul, but because we have met these aspects in ourselves with understanding we are able to meet these people with peace. The same goes for inter-dimensional entities, but the fact seems to remain, that unless they seek peace and understanding themselves, they will move on. In any case at this stage psychic vampirism and the like is no longer an issue.

It is of course important to move in a direction of fully meeting each aspect of ourselves with the energy of understanding. This is the best and only true protection that we can ever have. It is the kind of shield that protects by fearing nothing inside ourselves, not even fear and so in this state we are able to meet anything outside ourselves – even fear. Each master who has achieved full realization has come to this meeting and succeeded in facing this.

Until then, we must meet each communication and interaction with the highest level of perception and truth that we can connect to. We must connect to this truth and seek through the windows available to us even purer and clearer truths. This is the way to seeing to the heart of all communication, physical, spiritual or mental. There is no being that can truly deceive when we look at it through the eyes of truth. This is simply because when we are in our truth, we are in the essence of understanding and the essence of internal peace. This inner peace, means that we do not seek through craving, aversion or desperation any emotional promises or bargains. And so we can see with clarity what is actually occurring. This frequency of inner peace does not need to be fully realized in order to work. Even the merest intention or illusion of inner peace creates a direction for consciousness to understand. This is the true essence of real power, that even a reflection can banish what is false.