Channeling ~ Part 2 ~ Tapping Metaphysical and Spiritual Sources of Knowledge

The power of channeling or communicating with our truth is that it provides the opportunity to express that truth. Even when communicating with entities that would deceive us or seek to feed off our fears, we are able to produce a profound change within the dimension in which we connect with them. By observing what is occurring and directing our understanding of this interaction we change the direction. By allowing our truth and energetic understanding of the connection to enter the communication, the entity at the deepest level receives a frequency that is understood as peace. The power of real peace cannot be matched for its ability to transform. Essentially peace is the energy of absolutely nothing, and yet it is recognized simply because everything else in the universe is something. Consciousness of all types are so used to meeting other energy and being made to be more or less than what they are. In meeting peace consciousness and energy is not required to be anything else than what it is.

When an entity meets this energy, at a deep level of its being it recognizes pure acceptance and this allows it to also understand the nature of its own rejection and struggle. Seeing and experiencing this moment is truly powerful and profound. It shows us what is possible when we create peace within ourselves.

At the same time we must be aware that there may well be levels of ourselves that simply cannot connect or communicate with specific entities at this time. We need to recognize and respect these limits, and we must understand the potential that is possible by gradually stretching these limits but not necessarily breaking them. In this way we come to understand the reason and nature of who we are and why we chose to create ourselves in this form and consciousness.

Using the principles of centering, truth, understanding and peace radically changes the nature of communication and channeling. Firstly rather than simply believing what is being said we simply see exactly what is occurring. Second, we gain the opportunity to expand the boundaries of our peace. We test it in live waters so to speak. Third, we gain the opportunity to communicate understanding and empowerment through resistance and obstacles. Fourth, we move in the direction of seeing and communicating with the path of our true self and fifth we make our consciousness congruent with with our higher self.

Channeling and communication is what provides the opportunities for deep development of our internal strength and power. Unconditional peace, love and empowerment is realized within the consciousness only when it is challenged by forms that test it’s existence. When we guide our minds and body to experiencing its existence in the face of contradictions, challenges and resistance, we manifest realization. This is an important key to bringing ourselves to a complete understanding and experience of our true self.