Etheric Curses

A Etheric curse is an energetic or Etheric implant that prevents consciousness from accessing particular paths of understanding. The most effective curse is the one that is unseen or hidden because without an awareness of these implants there will be no struggle to remove or dissolve them. A curse is has the depth to follow the energy body from life to life. This Etheric code then instills and manifests the blueprint of the curse into the physical body.

Etheric Curses are the often the reasons that negative experiences can repeat themselves throughout a persons life and into the next one. Removing a curse will see a dramatic change for the better as well as increased health, energy and vitality – integration of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge and abilities flow without obstruction.

The purposes of curses are as many as the minds that create them, the main thing to be aware of is how to remove them. The Higher Self is the consciousness that has access to most subtle and cunning of energies, so this is the connection that will be able to dissolve curses the most effectively without any undue physical or emotional trauma. The next best thing is to work with high level Pleiadian guides who will be able to call on the Higher Self connection also as well as restore the original light body and the complete DNA strand complement.

For a long time I have believed that it was not necessary to remove curses as purification practices would inevitably dissolve these. At this time I strongly believe differently as I have seen visually how these implants can prevent beings from connecting to their deeper consciousness correctly in the first place. Without certain threads of consciousness in place progress into the deeper spiritual awareness can take lifetimes longer than it should.