Healing the Planet ~ Part 2 – Healing the Planet with Meditation and Higher Consciousness

Observing the interaction of the external world with our internal world provides us with the opportunity to see and understand aspects of ourselves that could well go hidden and unnoticed. Interaction with the world, people and external experiences will reflect a constant stream of reactions, emotions and feelings many of which will be familiar, so much so that we often neglect to notice that they have any significance at all. On the contrary these reactions and inter-relations hold an important key for whole and real healing, inner peace, empowerment and connecting with the true self.

It is one thing to connect with love, healing and peace when secluded from the world, the meaning and truth in these experiences is revealed however when we connect with adversity. It is in these moments that we are given the opportunity to stretch and re-discover the boundaries of love, healing and peace. It is easy to find peace when the world and experiences are simple and easy, quite another to develop it when confronted with the madness of the universe. Being dependant on circumstances and experiences for peace and healing means that we are not in control of our direction, where as cultivating a mind where we strive to find peace and healing everywhere is the realization of mastery.

Mastery comes through revelation, that is revealing the parts of ourselves that reflect a need for peace, healing and reunion and then responding with wisdom and understanding. The revealing comes through connection with our consciousness and it is this part that is so easily achieved by meeting the external world. Without the external the mind can very easily become like still waters, they hold the illusion of being still and clear however when stirred the bottom holds many aspects that aspire to healing and peace. The beauty of the external is that this stirring occurs constantly and so with awareness we gain the opportunity to purify and heal within.

As the external helps us understand the internal, healing the internal also heals the external. What happens is that as we learn make peace with the perceptions and reactions that are being stirred up we no longer react in the same way to the external. As we make peace within, we no longer see certain aspects of the external as aversive. This peace is not intellectual it is an actual experience at the sensual level. As our response to the external changes, so too does the external change. It begins to heal. This healing happens because the energies involved are being understood and accepted by our consciousness at every level of their creation.

An interesting thing occurs at a certain level of progression. As the mind realizes that it can direct its own healing and creation of empowerment it shifts from wanting to avoid pain to finding pleasure in healing. This shift directly correlates to the level of skill that our consciousness is able to tap into. That is to say that with a certain level of empowerment we begin to truly gain pleasure from empowering others. We see and feel the direct benefits that we gain from guiding others to realize healing. As our sphere of skill and ability increases so too does the spectrum of what our consciousness is able to meet, understand and heal. Expanded consciousness eventually encompasses the whole planet and those within it. The healing of one becomes the healing of all.