Kundalini Rising – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

For a long time I believed that the activations of certain energies such as chakras and the Kundalini would lead to Enlightenment. I spent much time building and generating energies in order to facilitate such activations and in time my work paid off. In the early 80’s I experienced a very dramatic Kundalini awakening which brought with it a lot of new awareness as well as the feeling of physical and spiritual power. My chakras felt strong and clear and my meridians felt like rivers of chi.

The ability to manipulate energy is what makes conscious manifestation possible and I had seen a dramatic increase in my ability to manifest both material wealth as well as to create certain effects such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis. For a period of around 5 years I dwelled in this mind state believing that this was simply the beginning of a deeper awakening or Enlightened state. In time however I was to see that I was quite wrong.

Psychic abilities, Kundalini and chakra energies are all tools. They are like the wheels, steering wheel and engine of a car, they will help to fuel a journey, but they are not the journey itself – for the journey to take place a driver is required. It was only after many years of utilizing these energies that I came to see that the various powers that I attained were like circus tricks. They provided no real value beyond the momentary pleasures of the ego being gratified. Even if I were to walk on water, this would have been no closer to true Enlightenment and freedom.

In many ways the achievement of this type of power showed me one of the most important lessons that I could learn: To stop seeking it. This was a similar lesson that I’d been fortunate to learn years earlier regarding money – for having attained large quantities of wealth from my businesses I had learned early in life that it would not bring me the true happiness that I sought.

It was back to the drawing board in many ways for me, but all these years of training were not for nothing. What I was simply realizing was that the purpose that I’d used these tools for was frivolous and that it was time to look further and higher. Just like money can be used for waste or for the good of all, mental powers could be used for seeking the truth of Enlightenment.

In time I began to understand with absolute clarity why Enlightenment had never been about these types of power. I understood then what masters had meant about avoiding the false powers and seeking only the one truth. The real irony is that as the one truth is revealed all the false powers align within the consciousness, mind and body in a way that hold real meaning and so they become aligned with truth and become true powers themselves. Just as importantly the mind and ego no longer craves these things because they are at peace.

John Gregor