Metaphysical Technology

The influx of metaphysical technologies into this planet is moving into a new stage now. Where the harnessing of such technologies has largely been in the underground movements even within fringe new age groups, recognition of potential power and knowledge is beginning to be realized. The melding of consciousness and technology heralds expanded opportunities for manifestation, astral projection, healing and spiritual realization and as long as the balance is kept between the esoteric and exoteric principles, the path of self-mastery and control will continue to progress.

The advantages of using metaphysical technologies are many. For the novice they offer a way of sustaining high levels of energy and intent even when the consciousness is not yet able to hold these frequencies. It is much like a computer is able to tap into complex equations at a level and speed that most human beings are not.

Metaphysical technologies range from the very physical implements to etheric artifacts and structures. The method and material used to create these artifacts will determine the power and ease with which they can access each plane of reality. Ancient knowledge is now being understood and channeled in as to how to create technology that can link and transcend several planes simultaneously. The ability to link these planes and to draw energy from one seamlessly into a creation of another holds profound opportunities.