Purification, the Master of Karma – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

To really understand purification you need to understand Karma first. Karma is like doing something because we did something else. You can pretty much get to the root of your Karma if you keep asking yourself “why you are doing that?” and following it back. In any case, eventually you will come back to sensation which is where all action, thought and impulse comes from. This is the Karma regenerator – it’s what keeps churning out those programs, reactions and instincts.

Ever wonder why you are having such a good life? Karma. Ever wonder why you are having such a bad life? Karma. Ever wonder why you never think about these things at all? Karma. Ever wonder why you have ethics or values? Karma.

There’s no getting away from it as long as you play its game. The moment you stop playing the game, Karma begins to dissolve. This is what purification is all about. It is essentially taking a consciousness of purity and applying it to all the rest. The two meet and because true purity can’t really be tarnished it purifies everything that it meets. This essence of purity is the esoteric version of the story of the Philosopher’s stone which turned all material substances into gold.

So the key as you see is tapping into that essence of purity. This is the link between all religions, spiritual paths and Esoteric Mystery schools. Sure the details have become a bit askew over the years with arguments over this way of reading it or that way, but the message remains the same – purification leads to “God.”

John Gregor