Soul Retrieval

“Loss” of the soul is actually a disconnection of pathways between the body and higher aspects of consciousness. This can occur through shock, injury or negative entity interaction. Disconnection from the soul body will almost always manifest itself as depression, anxiety and lack of purpose – although the presence of these aspects does not necessarily mean that a disconnection has occurred. The stronger and clearer the connection to the soul body, the less a person will manifest these symptoms however so either way soul body cultivation is very valuable.

The safest and most assured method of reconnecting the soul connection is to retrain the internal body’s circuitry to perceiving the soul. This may seem like a contradiction from methods which focus on creating a soul body, however it is simply two ways up the same mountain. The soul exists in the realization of it and so in the absence of realization the body and mind cannot connect to it. By entraining the connection, the realization, and therefore the existence, occurs.

The energy of the soul is shifted into your reality when you connect your consciousness to it. If this connection is guided to occur through your physical body then your cells, organs, blood, muscles and in fact all of your physical atoms are infused with this connection. The process of cultivation begins in the mind which then forms a channel between the mental and the physical. It is this channel that allows the soul to be integrated and fused into the body. This is “soul retrieval.”