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Judgment – Discernment, Wisdom and Insight

Judgment is a tool for growth and evolution. It is the aspect of our consciousness that decides our priorities. By definition everything else becomes less of a priority. This is by the way where the famous line, “judge not lest thee be judged,” fits in. As soon as we judge one thing as better than another, then we automatically judge the elements of ourselves that are not aligned with the “better” aspects as being lacking – and vice versa. But that’s the price of conscious evolution really. Each direction, choice and action is a weighing of priorities, values and meaning. We can’t have one without the other. The famous line rather than being a moral statement is more of an explanation of universal law.

More important than debating whether judgment is morally sound or not is to understand it’s meaning and value. The fact of the matter is that without judgment none of us would exist here and now in this form anyhow. First off, without judgment our lungs wouldn’t be able to breath because they couldn’t perceive the difference between the feeling of air and no air. Without judgment we would walk smack bang into pain and danger because we could define it as an experience that was detrimental to life.

Essentially, growth is about realizing what direction has real meaning and value and then going for it. The main factor that gets us there is judgment. Judgment is what takes in the over view, looks at the cards we’ve got, knows what to hold, knows what to fold and knows what to keep back from the game for a later day. Judgment is what recognizes opportunity and sends the message to jump to it. Without judgment, well all those opportunities would just float on by. There is no argument about it. The greatest ally of conscious growth, evolution and personal development is good judgment.

Now the “lest thee be judged” part is another story. This part is a reminder to look at the reasons why we seek growth, evolution and development.

Why do we do what we do?

Past the intellectual reasons we come to feeling. If we consciously seek something other than what we have right now, then it is because the mind is not at peace with what is right now. “Better must be there, not here,” – this is the perception that we have created.

This is the “be judged” element. If over “there” is better, then over “here” is by implication just not good enough. Sound familiar? It’s the story that begins every journey of personal development. Buddha walked out of his palace because it just didn’t cut it, Mohammed went looking for his mountain, Moses thought his people deserved a better deal, even Jesus had a few complaints. By all accounts these guys could have judgment like an avalanche at times, but they got results, there’s little arguing with that.

The peace that seekers realize over the course of their journey comes as they gain a deeper understanding of their purpose. They begin to see that what they truly seek is lacking within themselves at deeper levels.

How do they realize this lack?


The more intense the drive is to create a better tomorrow, the more intense the agitation today. The trick however to maintaining direction is not necessarily to cut back on the drive, but to make peace with the agitation and intensity. This is the balance point of weaving growth within inner peace.