The Guilds of Asharem

One of the places to study in the 5th layer of the astral are the Guilds of Asharem. Entry to these guilds is allowed as long as the seeker comes with love in their heart. As with most places in the astral the keys to temples, guilds and masters will be found in the energy of the seeker. The Guild of Asharem is a good starting place however because unlike other places which require high level transmutations of energy, the Asharem Guild simply requires that the inner motivation of the seeker is towards love and self-empowerment.

Many of the teachers within are dedicated to helping seekers learn how to transmute earth plane energies into subtler etheric energies. These practices are extremely effective compared to many earth bound methods and seekers will find they are able to develop in days what would take years in the physical.

The currency in the Asharem Guild rather than money is the energetic honor of its practitioners. There is an understanding that cultivation of this inner energy and integrity is helping all practitioners within the guild move toward their goal. Unlike the physical, seekers who are dishonest in intention will be seen immediately for what they are. On the other hand seekers who are sincere will be helped and supported in transmuting and transforming their limiting and ‘negative’ energies.

Dedication to learning the methods of even a less strict guild such as the Asharem will require much commitment on the physical plane. Spiritual learning will need to become a priority, not necessarily over basic survival needs such as working and family, but for the most part spiritual development will need to revolve around other physical plane pursuits and not the other way around. All in all, the Asharem Guild is a boon to those ready to seek effective and ‘higher’ forms of spiritual learning.