The Master’s Trap

The feeling that we are just beginning to understand the essence of mastery comes not from low self worth. It comes from being open to knowledge and so with this mind set we gain knowledge.

We need not be falsely modest and say that we know very little. We simply remain open to what it is that we are seeking to achieve and we will be open to the knowledge that we need. We will see the opportunities that we need. In this way knowledge and the opportunities to understand this knowledge will come in droves. There is a vast difference between the image of being open and being open. One of them has as it’s goal the acquisition to further ones pride. The other has as it’s goal the acquisition to further one’s knowledge. As long as we are open to knowledge there will be knowledge to receive.

The title of “master” carries power – but this very power can stand in the way of the path of knowledge. If we believe that a master has learned all they have to learn, if we believe that a master can teach themselves all that they need to learn, if we believe as a master that our system is the only one that is relevant – then we close ourselves to much knowledge. Master is a word that is not always a reflection of skill, because skill is not about title, it is about results – and results improve with knowledge and experience. Mastery of the self requires that at some point we let go of the false pride that would achieve this goal simply for the accolades and to focus our energies simply on being a master. The aspects that crave mastery simply to fulfill an insecurity of worth need to be resolved. True self-mastery is able to accept the energies of insecurity to the point where we can transcend those energies – and so we no longer need to cater to them at all. We are not concerned with external appearances or agendas because we are not attached to the emotional state of pride, insecurity and fear. True pride can then be revealed. The true path is then illuminated even brighter.

True pride is the feeling that we are following our true path. True pride is congruent with the feeling of self-honor.

When we transcend the attachments to desires that we do not truly wish then our mind becomes united. Our mind is not in struggle with itself, our energies are not dissipated.

Do not try to appear like a beginner. Do not try to appear humble. Simply be humble. Be open to all knowledge that is applicable to your path. Investigate and observe when your pride feels a sting – and in this moment listen for a part that feels true. It may be faint, it may be strong – but it is the part that honors what you know to be you.

It exists in inner chaos as much as it exists in inner order.

True humility does not need to exist in appearances. It exists regardless of face and demeanor. It exists when we are arrogant just as it exists when we are at peace. We simply need to know how to find it. We need to practice listening for it when the landscape is happy, we need to listen for it when the landscape is sad. We need to remember and take action on that memory.

Being open means that we ask for what we need. Accepting who and where we are means acknowledging when we may benefit from asking for knowledge from others and requesting teachings. A true master is able to become a beginner because they understand that the true goal requires doing what is needed to achieve it. False pride, images of grandeur, wisdom and stature fall away when it is understood that they simply hinder the journey. Looking the fool, appearing ignorant or clumsy are not concerns when our goal is self-mastery. In fact as we begin to realize the goal, all these human “flaws” are experienced with true compassion because we allow ourselves to forgive every aspect of ourselves. At this point, like babies, we learn to walk unimpeded by a mind fraught with concerns of failure, image and false pride. Our goal becomes simply to walk.

To one that has forgotten what it is to play, a child will be a master.

Explorers of mastery will rarely be understood by the collective consciousness because to the collective anything out of the acceptable is ridiculous, scary or just generally incomprehensible. Seeking self-knowledge we will walk lines that often contradict, we will often illustrate dualities, observe blatant hypocrisy and be accused of being over-analytical to the nth degree – and this is merely the tip of the ice-berg that they see of us. Of course all of these things are part of being human. It is just that the more our awareness grows, the more we become aware of the seeming chaos of the mind – and this is where the real opportunity lies. As we see so we gain the chance to meet what we find with understanding and compassion. Journeying deeper into our depths we find more “madness” and we gain the opportunity to realize and listen for peace. In time peace will permeate to our inner most core and it has followed the path of understanding at each juncture.

This is the reason why those who have come before us have left path notes which remind us to remain ever vigilant. At each juncture there is the lure to simply go the way that we have always gone. If however we remain conscious and choose the path of understanding, then we reconcile that part and it is re-integrated in the whole.

At any point of the journey it is important to be aware of pride. To be open to knowledge even if it’s presence defines that we are still beginners. We are not here simply to be called masters or for that matter beginners. We are here to learn and grow.