The Power of Acceleration ~ Pt 2 ~ Expansion and Evolution of the Mind

Accelerated mind states bring profound and dramatic increases in awareness, while at least for the time being, neglect the processes of integration and resolution. Guiding the shape of acceleration to that of a spiral guides the knowledge back through all the spaces and levels that have been missed. Trusting that we can always find ourselves again we leap out into the space of our consciousness. The lines and paths that we take within the spiritual and mental realms are vastly different to those within the physical. In the physical the shortest path between two points is a straight line. In the spiritual and mental dimension points can be opened and connected to within other points, to an infinite degree. For this reason excessive acceleration can lead to problems with integration or “re-entry.” This is one problem that can occur to people who rely on drugs for acceleration and is reason that shamanic traditions that use drugs prepare their bodies through ritual.

Training the mind and body to understand how to consciously accelerate involves the same principles that all meditation and Esoteric Alchemy use. It is all about movement. While integration is about receiving and harmonizing, acceleration is about finding gaps and spaces and moving through these. At the same time we send our consciousness out with the intention of connecting to the source of the knowledge that we seek. This acts as a beacon or thread of intention. By communicating, feeling and seeing this beacon we understand and intuit which paths and spaces will open up further paths and spaces and which will not. Working with intention to direct our journey towards purpose and meaning ensures that our creation of consciousness is congruent with our truth.

It is also important to recognize the way that our higher consciousness communicates with us. For some there will be a leaning toward the visual, others auditory, kinesthetic or one of the other senses. While it is always beneficial to develop a well-rounded set of psychic senses, for the purposes of communication it is better to acknowledge the language that is being spoken.

Acceleration will always bring a sensory increase in one or more areas. If working with the chakras for instance one may see layers of colored energy rippling and peeling open. Or if one is more auditory one may hear tones moving and shifting through frequencies. Thoughts and seemingly random imagery may flash before the eyes and mind. All of these are indications of acceleration, similar to how sights and sounds flash by when we are in a speeding car. In the beginning it is fine to investigate some of these phenomena, but eventually it will be shown that only by staying true to the purpose of our journey will we find the meaning and answers that we seek. There is a literal infinity of sceneries that the consciousness will show us and if we allow it, this slide show can and will continue indefinitely!

The process of gathering knowledge from an accelerated consciousness is usually one of cycles. Each cycles allows us to push a little bit further and understand where we go a little bit more. As is often the case, just as acceleration is an experience that often elicits excitement, it is the return trip, the integration the elicits the understanding and thus the rewards.