The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is the key to realizing abundance. It is literally the ability to infuse everything that we see, hear, feel, smell and taste with the energy of appreciation. This energy integrates with and through all our gates of perception and through this connection our external world begins to reflect our realization of abundance.

Before going on let’s get one thing straight. Gratitude has nothing to do with guilt. Guilt is guilt. Gratitude is gratitude. The truth of it is simple:

Guilt is feeling like we should be thankful.

Gratitude is feeling thankful.

Gratitude is about appreciation. It’s about actually enjoying and loving the experiences that we are having. The power of gratitude works by bringing power, beauty and greatness to everything that we have now.

Let’s use the example of the body and mind conduit being like a sponge. If we do something out of guilt then it is basically guilt that is filling the sponge. Sure our actions and words may seem all politically correct and “right” but our inner being is not doing it out of gratitude, and so the “sponge” gets filled with the frequency of obligation and guilt.

On the other hand if we begin to listen for the genuine feeling of gratitude and allow our minds and bodies to connect with this feeling, then the “sponge” will be filled with this feeling. In the process each cell of our body will begin to realize a feeling that we appreciate it. This is something that is actually experienced – it is felt and it is an amazing gift to allow yourself to experience.

The frequency of gratitude is powerful because it supports, nurtures and enhances who you are.

When you allow the frequency of gratitude to touch your sight, your ears, your feeling, taste and smell – what you are doing is appreciating yourself. You are thanking yourself for giving you the opportunity to touch, taste, smell, feel, think and hear. You are infusing appreciation through yourself.

Life purpose is deeply meaningful to us and so will always be connected to inspiration, passion and love. These are the feelings that for many of us make life worth living. It is the polar opposite of a life which is lived only to fulfill obligation and avoid guilt and shame. Life purpose and gratitude go hand in hand because every moment that we live our purpose is enjoyed and inspired. As an extension each moment is a moment we are grateful to be able to share and this is illustrated in the expression our essence. Gratitude is not something that needs to be forced. It is something we experience willingly and joyfully. We feel inspired and we genuinely desire to express our gratitude for it.

Gratitude is pure pleasure – it has to be. It comes from really, really appreciating things in life and this will always feel good.

The essence of experiencing gratitude is simple: take time to connect to it. Train the mind to find genuine gratitude regardless of all the other aspects of self that exist. Keep refining the sensitivity of the mind to find deeper levels of genuineness. “Listen” and feel for it at the cellular level of the body and mind.

It really is as simple as that, but it only actually works when we do it.

Life can be heaven or it can be hell – it depends on what we feed into ourselves. Playing the guilt and shame game will always lead to pain. It is an endless circus of running around trying to avoid it, but being caught in the vicious cycle of it. Gratitude is a cycle of reward and healing. As we express gratitude to our mind and body, it reflects gratitude back to us. This relationship with ourselves is one of the most powerful we can know.