The Power of Music

Music has the ability to transform locked physical and emotional states into fluid ones. The power of sound and music has been used since the beginning of time to channel energies into direction and intention. Higher planes exists where the traveler is met with music that seems as if it is played by angels. This music has a direct effect on the heart center of a human being and this energy has a ripple effect of healing the entire body and mind. There are also realms composed entirely of sound, where the other senses recede to the point of completely dissolving. Here the consciousness floats and the language of the tones and symphonies simply infuse into out being.

Beings have intuitively connected to this place of sound and music throughout our planet’s history. The circular, flowing nature in which music captures a form of energy, emotion and intent forms a direction that manifests powerfully at the physical level of sound. It is this reason that music can so inspire the energies and emotions of joy, grief, hope, anger and so on. It is also for this reason that we need to be deliberate and conscious of the sounds that we choose to express, as well as the meaning behind the sounds.