Creativity ~ Part 1 ~ Unlocking the God Force Within

Evolution is about the consciousness and for consciousness to grow, it must find new paths, opportunities and perspectives. This is what creativity is. It is the new paths, the new opportunities and the new perspectives. It is refining an idea of what is “better” or more suited to our destination, and then putting that idea into action.

The art of guiding our evolution must be alive with wisdom and intelligence. This means moving toward a deeper and deeper understanding of why we are practicing the way we are. We must reflect on what we are achieving and measure it up to our destination.

Consciousness that is alive is consciousness that is creative. This expression of consciousness can only exist by constantly challenging our own dogma. This does not necessarily mean throwing away that which we find of value. It simply means to not hold what we believe to be the right way or method so strongly that we refuse to look for different and perhaps better opportunities. When we believe that what we know is “good enough,” then we limit our ability and the action we will take to find something closer and more congruent to our destination. Creativity is transformation, and transformation is both the destruction of a form and the creation of a form. Creativity then in its most pure form must be willing to completely destroy or let go of old ideas, methods and systems – because in that moment the potential for complete creativity and transformation is possible.

Pure creativity exists without fear. Pure creativity does not fear loss of skill, ability or experience, because pure creativity is potential and the ability to manifest that potential.

Grasping to a system, a form, a method or practice, because we believe it too be the best will simply result in us never discovering that there may be something more suited for us out there. Interestingly that “thing” may not be a form or system at all. It may well just be pure creativity, spontaneity and trust. Trust that in connecting to the creative consciousness we will not be without “experiences” and without “results.” Trust that in letting go of rigidity, the fear that we must grasp a system or form, that we will not “ascend” or be on the “right path.”

The creative consciousness has no “right” path. All paths belong to the creative consciousness, because all paths have potential. Grasping at what we may lose, we may never experience all that we may gain. There is always a reason or two why we must and need to stay fixed in our rigidity. But rigidity in truth is not about empowerment – it is about fear. Fear that we will lose our way, fear that we will regress or fall into the darkness. It is that very fear that holds us back. Creativity is the action that releases us from the fear of fear.