How to Develop Psychic Senses Part 1

Intuition begins as a feeling, moves toward knowing and then certainty. As the five senses are allowed to experience the frequency of intuition we develop what is known as psychic senses.

The biggest cause of preventing realization of the subtle sense is the ego. By this I mean the self image that we have of ourselves. When we hold a perception of how we want to perceive the world and ourselves, we try and often succeed in preventing ourselves from seeing what is. For example just say that we want to be loving and compassionate people and our intuition tells us that someone is being dishonest, fake and manipulative, then because we want to sustain this image of being loving and compassionate, we just pretend that everything is hunky dory – we literally block our vision of what is going on. Sometimes we even make up explanations and justify why this person is acting this way. Intuition and psychic sense is a lot simpler than this. If we find ourselves justifying stuff chances are it’s the ego and intellectual side of things working to balance things out, to try to suit the perceptions that we want to promote. Nothing is wrong with this, but it’s a different ballgame from intuition and psychic senses.

There are many methods and exercises to sensitize ourselves to energy, but the actual interpretation of energy is about awareness and awareness requires sincerity and honesty. What good is it if we have developed the ability to see if we don’t use this sight? In the example of the person who wants to be loving and compassionate, what is it that is destroyed when they allow themselves to perceive a person being manipulative and dishonest? It is their own self-image which is being destroyed. In this moment we see our judgment and criticism and we perceive that we are not the loving and compassionate people we believed that we were. Well it’s about time! The truth is that we’re not seeing anything that wasn’t there before. The truth is that we’ve simply been trying to deny the reality of our ego. Further more we have been denying the existence of real unconditional love that is able to exist regardless of any perceived “flaws” in our selves. We are perpetuating a reality that it is only when we are card board cut-outs of what “loving” and “compassionate” people should be, that we are worthy of love – and we quite literally kick our “shadow” and hidden sides to the gutter. Not only is this slamming the door on our intuition and psychic senses, it is closing our eyes to the real meaning of unconditional love. What ends up being created is a self that is running so hard and trying so desperately to be something else, that we neglect to see who we actually are.

Seeing who we actually are is all that is required, but how hard is it to see when we build up the stakes? When so much is riding on us being this particular image?

So what’s the big deal about truth and all that anyway? Well without truth we never know where and who we are – and without knowing who we are we can’t get to where we want to go. We attempt to feel a certain way and we don’t know why it all feels so fake and unreal. The word “clairvoyance” simply means true sight, the word “clairaudience”, true hearing and the word “clairsentience”, true knowing. These skills essentially are derived through allowing our mind to perceive what is. Many psychics are able to read and interpret what is and through watching and communicating with the stream of cause and effect are able to interpret and predict what will be and what has been. Future predictions don’t always come true simply because a person can choose to move in a different direction and change the course of the current stream. A psychic simply has been born with or developed the skills to read energy that is at a more subtle level than the physical, but the truth is that all people are able to develop this skill to one extent or another. It just starts with being honest.

Observe what you see in other people. Interpret and understand by observing how your own body and mind reacts to them. Allow your judgments to surface, allow your own issues to surface and just observe. Learning to perceive and understand what you see in others will not only develop your intuition and psychic senses, it will give you the opportunity to see and reconcile your own truths. It can be ugly to see the judgments, issues and feelings that we have about others, but it is only in recognizing and being honest that we do in fact have these feelings, that we can heal our own fear and reconcile those perceptions about our own ugliness. The path of truth will take us through whatever lies in it’s way. Truth is not about seeing the light and avoiding the dark, it is about eventually recognizing light and love within all aspects of being – but first we need to let ourselves see all aspects of being.