The Foundation of Magic ~ Part 2 ~ The Secret to Unlocking Magical and Metaphysical Abilities

Magic creates a direction in which to channel consciousness. At the same time the art of Magic is not adverse to the use of tools, reagents and other ingredients as catalysts and mediums of energy. These ingredients provide a window into these energies and the reasons for how they alter cause and effect. Where many practitioners of “pure” meditation can reach plateaus where they cannot bridge spaces to further development, the aid of external energies and ingredients can provide the information that is required. In principle there is no difference between guidance from a human consciousness and guidance from a plant extract, crystal or herb. Knowledge is knowledge.

Moving the mind into an ingredient or reagent is essentially the same as moving the mind into any form or shape of consciousness. Observation opens the way to recognition and by focusing the mind through this channel an understanding of the energy’s properties becomes available. If the mind feels stretched as it learns to do this then the process is working!

With practice deeper levels of connection to the specific energies are found and the ability to use lesser and lesser amounts of ingredients and reagents will be noticed. This becomes a tangible way to measure the increasing ability of the mind to take the form and property of these specific energies. As the mind gains the ability to manifest directly, the opportunity to continue the process of development can be sustained by increasing the “intensity” of the goal. This will in turn require a deeper sensitivity and strength of the energies required to manifest this goal.

The art of Magic leads to the same place ultimately as the art of pure meditation. At the peak the mind recognizes itself as the creator of all things, and this understanding reveals the universal processes inherent in all esoteric arts and sciences. The way is almost never straight and linear, and knowledge however profound will not become wisdom without the integration of consciousness. The more expansive this consciousness, the more masterful our ability to integrate and therefore access and use this wisdom and knowledge.