The Power of Recognition ~ Part 2

The essence of manifesting a life that is meaningful to us is based on a foundation of willingness. It is through sustaining this ability to be willing, to continuously connect with the states of body and mind that will bring us to our destination that ultimately gets us there. The obstacles and challenges that we meet along the way are the different shapes, forms, feelings and sensory experiences of the mind and body. Each of these can and will be transcended by learning to enter into them, take their form and move consciousness through, but at the very first it is willingness that allows us to take any action at all.

Whether through intellectualization , faith, hope or inspiration it is this recognition of something being perhaps worthwhile and meaningful that is the very first step towards any destination. Meaning comes from recognizing the worth of an experience and in recognizing worth we give an experience reason and purpose. The deeper our level of recognition the stronger our willingness for further exploration.

It is important to understand for ourselves the tools that make recognition clear. Without clarity we get glimpses of recognition but may lack the ability to understand the potential. Without clarity we may recognize yet miss the opportunities to work with these opportunities.

Self-discipline is perhaps the most important of the tools. Discipline works whether or not we are inspired or confused, tired or energized, passionate or apathetic. From discipline we can learn to create passion, inspiration, knowledge and wisdom. Discipline needs to be recognized for what it is. It is an engine that will take us where we wish to go, however it needs to be pointed in the right direction. Discipline without a journey of reason and meaning will lead to a life without purpose. The strength of discipline needs to be blended with the softness of reflection, introspection and self-questioning. In this way each step is one of meaning and power.

At the experiential level recognition occurs through sense and feeling. The journey from a surface level of recognition to a deeper level occurs through becoming familiar with the experience of feeling and moving the mind through the various doors, flows and spaces. The development of patience and tolerance is very important here because it is only through tolerance that acceptance can be realized. Being able to keep the mind at any particular place, feeling or emotion for as long as is needed will eventually provide the recognition that is required to move through. There is no getting around this. The only way to truly transcend is to make peace.