The Power of the True Self ~ Part 1 ~ Awakening the Master Mind

The power of the mind is revealed when we learn to control it. From control comes mastery, and from from mastery the full spectrum of opportunities to experience universal consciousness. In all of this the most empowering of experiences it that of connection and realizing the True Self.

True Self is simply a name to define an experience and feeling. It is a connection and a re-connection, a coming home and a reunion. It is a source of intelligence and wisdom, and it is also a source of unconditional love and understanding. Realizing the true self is perhaps the highest goal of meditation, because it is the only place where the journey actually stops and is still. From this lens all things can be seen and touched, wielded and understood. At the same time, the need for understanding, the search for wisdom and knowledge ceases – at least for the moment. The moment of connection allows the understanding that all wisdom, knowledge and intelligence has been and is for the attainment of this goal, and so once reached all further seeking is superfluous.

The more the mind and body enters into the realm of True Self, the more peace, unconditional love and acceptance become what we are, rather than something we seek. The irony is that in this state although we no longer need to seek, we also do hold no more aversion to seeking, no more aversion to struggle, fear and failure. To move and create becomes a joy, and so with the smallest of movements we enter into a dance with the universe and energy and willingly leap back into a communication with that which would perceive life and consciousness as “I.” This brings us back to who we are, with all that we would perceive as flawed, unworthy and needing of transformation and transcendence. Yet there is an extra lens. An expansion and channel to a consciousness that is our True Self, one that cannot possibly exist simultaneously with our perception of a flawed and fractured self – and yet it does exist. It exists simultaneously and seamlessly. The True Self is consciousness that whether at peace or not at peace, whether ignorant or aware, in love or in hate, wisdom or confusion, is still complete, fully connected to the universe and with no falter in its willingness to experience the finite and the human.

It is one of the exquisite contradictions of consciousness, that from the lens of the finite cannot be seen the face of the infinite, yet with a shift one can be infinite and comprehend and encompass with ease all that is finite. For these to exist simultaneously is impossible – and this is the very reason why the True Self holds the key to making the impossible possible. From all seeing, unlimited and all knowing, and all accepting to limited, finite and small knowing. Yet the infinite self understands that it is only in being finite that we are able to experience so many qualities in their purest essence. The “I” is created without the benefit of perspective, wisdom and knowing, so as to experience the act of seeking and finding and all the levels of creation and reflection that form the path of power. The True Self is then able to experience an aspect of itself that is able to love single mindedly, struggle, persevere and create – and it knows that we do all this, continuing on our path and journey to seek something that we may only sense we have lost or forgotten. Rediscovery of course brings much laughter.