The Power of the True Self ~ Part 2 ~ Awakening the Master Mind

The cycle of remembering and forgetting is necessary to create the experiences of exploring, finding and recreating. The True Self knows that in the deepest of seeking what will be found is always reunion. In this journey we will create much love, much hate and much forgiveness. We will forget, reconcile, regret and accept. This is the eternal balance and cycle that moves from “being” to “doing” – and back again. As with all that exists within the infinite, however there is ample room for a consciousness that moves on the fringes of the True Self, between “being” and “doing”, acceptance and creation, inner peace and directing and guiding wisdom and information.

The essence of a Bodhisattva is that of a consciousness that has at the moment of complete dimensional connection with the true self, chosen to delay full transcendence from this plane in order to stay and continue to work with it. This choice and decision required at a certain level that the need for struggle, aversion, craving and direction continue to exist. The choice to delay purifying and transcending these levels of struggle enable the Bodhisattva to stay on this plane. It is what connects them here and this connection becomes their purpose. The same principles inherent in this choice work for all forms of consciousness, Bodhisattva or not. It is simply a compromise for the time being of energies and choices in order to support and facilitate a particular goal and direction. Those that would transcend and continue moving beyond this dimension have made the choice to purify all attachment, struggle, craving and aversion to this plane. This is the reason why so few ascended masters and the like interfere with the affairs of the physical. The need and drive to do this is for all intents and purposes non-existent. What throws a spanner in this perfect plan however it the nature of all consciousness to head toward the direction of truth and the infinite. This in itself creates consciousness where it is possible for the ascended and transcended to interfere and interact with our plane. Another example of the impossible becoming possible. Contradictions within contradictions. Observing these workings from the outside we may for a moment perceive pure chaos, but the essence of observation itself moves in the direction of order and so the chaos is balanced. Further perspectives and opportunities are revealed when we begin to understand how to channel and work with these contradictions. How to shift what is impossible, draw in and create what is opposing and observe how the infinite balances the finite.

The different forms are the products of the inter-relationship of the same principles. Healing, psychic senses, manifestation, meditation, channeling, astral projection, shamanism – all are the forms. The perspective and ability that makes these what they are are born from our understanding of their specific shape, dimension and form. The potential infinity of the consciousness is the reason why these forms do not follow each other sequentially like patterns in the physical. Rather the essence needs to be seen through the lens of the True Self. Through these eyes and ears the connection between what cannot be connected can be understood, experienced and made logical. Integrating all of these levels of consciousness right through to the physical and intellectual is what allows full and whole understanding. At this point spirituality begins to be understood through the eyes of science.