The Way of Manifestation part 3 – Letting it happen

The principles of realization and the law of attraction are actually the same thing. By imagining or visualizing what we want as if we had it now we open ourselves to that dimensional reality – or as the law of attraction would put it ” we draw it to us.”

Knowing that something exists here and now is the fundamental principle of manifestation. We must know that our goal exists right now as if we literally held it in our hands. We literally become the person that exists in that reality. Our level of being and doing transforms. This level of knowing requires very strong focus because often it requires us to overcome our beliefs that we are just dabbling in fantasy.

Just say for instance that we wish to manifest good health. We go through the motions and visualize and so on. But at some level we still believe that this won’t really work, that it’s just fantasy. Now if we were truly certain of something happening then we would not have that belief. We would create with the same certainty of knowledge that we have when we know that we can create speech from our mouths. We don’t ask to create speech, we don’t try – we just do it and it happens.

All the tools on this site are of use in coordinating the practice of manifestation. Emotional healing is relevant because emotions that are not congruent with our goals lead to resources working against each other. For example many meditation practitioners speak of the obstacle of the chattering mind – when there is emotional turmoil this chattering mind becomes louder.

Two skills which we will always come back to are observation and focus. Focus is the engine that creates our desires. Our strength of focus will determine the level at which we consciously manifest our reality. Meeting healers, astral projection practitioners and meditation practitioners of all types – the number one issue is keeping “connected.” In plain English this is about focus. If a visualization, emotional reshuffling, connecting to “God” is unclear, if there are “too many extraneous” thoughts, distracting emotions or confusion – the issue is focus. Focus needs to be emphasized and re-emphasized – it is the difference between small results and dramatic results. It needs to be practiced every day to get any good at manifesting. Observation on the other hand is our eyes and our ears. It is what allows us the sensitivity to know which direction to place our focus. If we find that we are creating a lot of what we don’t want, then it’s time to practice self-observation and change the direction of our reality.

Remember that essentially manifestation is a game we play with ourselves. The more that we discover, the more we realize previously unseen players within ourselves.

Understanding the theory of realization is also important. Realization will make the practice of manifestation exponentially more effective. Instead of “trying” to create, we shift our minds to a dimension where our goal already exists. This provides the essential balance. Extension of desire without excess attachment.

Fundamentally the practice of manifestation comes down to “knowing” that the goal exists here and now – but it can clearly be seen that “knowing” involves much more than what we might believe at first glance. Knowing requires a very deep certainty. Depending on what we are choosing to manifest this certainty may need to penetrate to the cellular level of our body. This is the reason why I include methods for developing different areas of the mind on this site. Different methods will open up the mind in different ways, the more trained we are in these differences the more flexibility and ultimately the greater inner strength and opportunity we will have.

As we continue the practice of manifestation we will begin to observe what is holding us back, we will feel resistance or it will become obvious in some other way that what we are trying to manifest has not come to pass. Notice what these resistances are and use the principles of observation, focus and shape-shifting to learn how to move past them. Then go back to your main goal and keep going. Rinse and repeat when necessary!

Know that the visualization, the imagery, the feeling and emotions are there as soon as the process of manifestation is initiated in the mind. Instead of trying for it with great effort – see if you can find the picture and feeling within all the rest of the stuff going on in the mind. It is already there playing the perfect scene. Imagine where it would be. Look and feel for the genuine, effortless visualization that exists here and now. Let it come to you – leave the struggle as it is.

Look back through past articles on this site. All of them relate to the method of manifestation in some way. They train the mind to move and think and be shaped in specific ways that teach flexibility and inner strength. The purpose is to create a mind that is able to actualize realization. It’s as simple as that.

Understand the theory. The theory supports the practice. Keep researching, cross-referencing, discussing and exploring all knowledge related to this field. The more that the logical, rational mind understands, the more it will give permission and energy to practice. The less it understands the more it will define such pursuits as a waste of time. We want to get the mind working for us as much as possible. As an ally it is a great friend. All great things start in the mind as ideas and inspiration.