Use Your Illusions ~ Part 1 ~ The Secret of Enlightenment and Meditation

At the true level of self there is no struggle, no craving or aversion, simply a state of being. Consciousness is at peace with all that is, be it pain or pleasure. At this level the mind has realized how to create the ultimate solution to all experience. To meet it exactly as it is, with peace. Within this consciousness the self understands that what it truly seeks is peace, reunion and truth. This understanding has been realized and experienced at the deepest, broadest and subtlest levels of mind, body and spirit. External circumstance and experience has long been let go of as a direct medium for peace. Instead the self has realized that true peace is experienced through bypassing the instability of the external and connecting directly and purely through the internal core and structures of the mind, body and spirit. This is not an ideal that exists simply for philosophical or spiritual ideals, it is a practice that has has been created because it achieves results.

The search for real reunion, peace, true happiness and love allows exploration, but as consciousness expands it becomes more and more fully aware of the flaws of relying on external experience for internal satisfaction. The journey begins with refining external experience, finding ways to limit those that bring dissatisfaction and perpetuate those that deliver satisfaction. Through lifetimes of experience, levels of satisfaction are lived through, refined, observed and judged. We begin to see flaws, impermanence and fallibility. What once brought a level of happiness may now reflect a deeper level of emptiness. The search brings us new clues, and we look and listen to see if these clues will lead to reconciling our inner spaces. More and more the journey leads within. In time we realize without a doubt that all the answers must come from within, because after all, this is where the questions were born.

When full shifts of consciousness occur, experience both past and present become integrated and so make sense. Incongruent realities and inner dimensions are blended and through this union show us through experience how contradiction can live in perfect harmony. Because the experience occurs at the lowest level of being, that of the physical, all higher levels of consciousness are automatically integrated. The same does not occur however when higher levels of consciousness shift first. In these cases it is important to be aware that the physical levels of body and mind need time and practice in order to bring them up to the higher levels of thought and knowledge. This process is facilitated by using illusions.

The lower, denser and physical levels of body and mind will use illusions like a road map to guide them to the higher levels of experience. In this way the process is very similar to using a road map in that the map itself does not directly bring you to the destination, but it shows you a representation of the path.

The internal world of consciousness reaches its destination by becoming the destination. That is, if our destination is to create peace, we get there by becoming peace. The illusion begins its work by observing the landscape within. Then it shapes consciousness to create the illusion of inner peace. These illusions meet our inner experience and communicate through this meeting our intention. Since both illusion and inner experience are in essence aspects of ourselves, both these parts get to understand the destination that we desire. Through learning and mimicking this destination, they become it. When they become it, then we are there.