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The Power of Flow – Unlock the Knowledge of Enlightenment and Meditation

The power of flow comes from the opportunity it affords us to understand cause and effect and therefore reality. Flow is a tool, it is a method to understand the way we interact with the world, energy, emotions, people, the universe, thoughts and so on. We move with the frequency of these energies and in moving with them we understand what makes them what they are. In this moment of becoming one we flow and we gain opportunity. We can choose to enhance this energy, we can choose to dissipate it or we can choose to allow it to be. What we choose is ultimately decided by where we are going in life. What flow does is afford us the opportunity to have greater freedom of choice. It allows us to transform our feelings, emotions, energies and thoughts so that they are congruent with our “higher” purpose and so move into our own power.

When we can choose what we feel and what we think – when we can choose to feel at peace with our inner world, then we no longer struggle with the external world around us. The more power we have within, the less we need to control or struggle with the outside. As a result the choices and experiences that we make and have in the external world can become congruent with how we feel inside.

All emotions, feelings and thoughts are energy. When we can find flow in the energy of apathy then we will not be a prisoner of stagnation. When we can find flow in confusion then we can realize clarity. The same principles can move us from anger to inspiration, despair to compassion and so on. We no longer need to avoid learning because we don’t like failure. We simply learn to transform the energetic signature of failure into inspiration. We no longer need to go without experiencing potential because of apathy, we simply learn to transform the frequency of apathy into passion, inspiration or discipline.

The journey that we are on becomes easier and infinitely more enjoyable when our inner self is not at war with itself. A mind without limiting beliefs, emotions and thoughts is a powerful mind indeed because all that was once against is now in full support. When the mind is unified then inner victory is assured.

Remember that flow is a principle. The shape and feel of flow will change, but the principle stays the same. For example, to go with the flow of resistance means that we need to become the resistance – and the first level will feel like we are resisting. It will feel like full blown resistance! To go with the flow of pain we need to become the pain. It often feels as if the pain actually intensifies. What is actually happening is that our mind is becoming more acutely aware. This awareness has the capacity to open up into the realization of flow.

When our mind matches the exact frequency of that which we are seeking to flow with then it’s as if a key opens up the door to it’s inner self. Our minds have learnt to penetrate the external form to experience the inner flow. At this point the mind transcends this particular energy, emotion, thought form or feeling as a form of resistance, pain or obstacle at all. It no longer has a hold on us. We see it and feel it. We are fully and acutely aware of it and yet we are not attached to it because our mind has experienced reality beyond it.

Imagine not needing to feel a certain way when the body releases the sensation of anger. Imagine not needing to feel a certain way when the body expresses the sensation of hate, or apathy, stagnation or inner struggle. Instead of being the puppet who is pulled on strings each time certain emotions are released, we become the master who is able to experience what we choose at any time we choose. We then experience the reality that has not been the world and other people that make us feel the way we feel, it has been us all along. We simply haven’t had the freedom to choose our inner reality.

We are not actually seeking to create flow. It already exists. We are learning to listen for the flow within all things whether seemingly solid, stubbornly resistant, righteously angry, joyously happy, deliriously hateful or lethargically apathetic. Even the most immovable of emotions, pain or thoughts has within it flow. A rock at it’s surface seems static, yet at a deeper level it is made of the same atoms that we are made of. There is always movement present.

The realization of flow happens when we let go of the restrictions in-between. That restriction may be a knot in the muscle, it may be a perception in the mind – but it is interesting that a knot in a muscle can be released by moving the mind deeply into it, becoming it and dissolving the tension. At it’s core all flow is realized when the mind becomes aware of it.

Exploring resistance, playing with it, finding ways to open it, shift ourselves around it, moving in and out of it we start to get the gist of what is resistance and what is flow.

Think of a block of ice. For water to get to the core of that ice the ice needs to melt or provide some way through. Our perceptions create barriers like the ice – they are unable to connect to frequencies that are like water. When our minds and bodies are open and receptive then we are able to feel more. If we are not feeling empowered it is because we are blocking or restricting the flow of the frequency of empowerment. We are stopping ourselves from perceiving it and therefore being it.

When our mind is stuck in a pattern of thought, feeling or emotion then it is unable to connect to what is outside this pattern. This pattern is like a “box”. Greater opportunity is found in an unlimited mind, flow trains the mind to move around limits and so directly leads to empowerment.

Reality because it is always changing and different is formless. A pattern or “box” on the other hand is a form. It is our personality or mind or body trying to conform into what we think is “right”. The flow keeps moving and we keep bring our mind back to the “shape” or pattern we are used to. And so we keep missing the power within us. We become so attached to how power should be that we hide our eyes from where it actually is.

It is impossible to grasp the universe or the world for that matter and put it into a box. It is a constantly changing and evolving thing. When our mind creates a set of limiting beliefs it simply creates a box. The universe around us still exists in it’s infinite opportunity but everything we see is a perception out of that box. Damn!

The funny thing is, being “stuck” is also an illusion – as the mind believes or perceives itself to being stuck – so will it be. By bringing the mind to the realization of “movement”, the perception of flow has already begun. Continuing on this path we begin to realize that flow has been there all along. It was that we had “frozen” our minds to the perception or illusion of being “stuck”.

Emotions and feelings, sensations and thoughts are consciousness. Imagine that we use 90% of our resources, conscious and unconscious to hold them back. This leaves 10% to direct and fuel us to where we want to go. When we allow all those emotions, feelings, sensations and thoughts to flow we can then use 90% or even 100% our energy to direct us where we want to go. Many people believe that if they let go of trying to hold back all their “stuff” things will get out of control. It’s actually the opposite – all the repression leads to loss of control and very little energy to truly be or even remember what we want to be. When we let go at first there is a mad rush – like all this water coming out of a dam. Then it slows down and we see that we can swim easily where we want to go. Before it is released all that energy is like the dam – trying to hold it all in.

Some resistance is rigid and obvious. Some resistance is subtle and hidden. The practice of simple awareness opens us to the availability of resistance. Acknowledging where it is the first step to doing something with it. The practical application of flow begins with observation. Observing ourselves allows us to see where we have created these “dams” these areas of resistance. By observing objectively, feeling them and sensing them we learn to let them flow. It is actually by doing nothing that the “dams” and resistance begin to dissolve – then we have realization of flow. In the beginning when we begin this practice we realize that we have been using all our effort to keep these blockages in place. This is what it means to “let go”, “surrender” and “accept.” This is a very receptive energy – a yin energy. Then when we begin to swim, we bring forth an active or yang energy. The balance between resistance and flow is the key to creating a life of our choosing.



Flow is the ability to accept on all levels of being the experiences that we are having. This means the experiences of the physical world, the experiences of the emotional and mental worlds and the experiences of the subconscious and unconscious. When we are able to embrace and move with everything that we touch and experience then we are fully in flow. It needs to be remembered however that flow also entails going with the flow of our own desires and needs. Sometimes our own desires will conflict with another person’s desires. The realization of flow within this conflict signifies an expanded level of consciousness and the ability to go our own way while managing conflict, which is a very real part of this world.