Being Natural – Creating Effortless Empowerment and Self Mastery

These days it has become popular to use the word “natural”. Its usage is especially enjoyed when it is used to refer to aspects of humankind or evolution not being natural and to use this inference in an attempt to direct a particular influence of “natural.” In the context of the universe there is nothing that is not natural. There is creation, there is destruction, there are layers of truth, illusions, shapes and forms. This very planet we live on was not always what it now is. There was a time that it was simply swirling gases, and a time before that when it was nothingness. Is this more natural than where we now live? Is it better simply because it is what was? A more accurate term for these swirling gases would be to use “original form.”

These same concepts and beliefs are projected through into how we see ourselves and how we direct our development. For instance in this very moment we may have natural tendencies which are not aligned with our conscious intention. These are habits, patterns and a magnetism that are moving in a particular way. The only reason that they are natural is because we have done them so many times that they are in effect self-perpetuating. This is in fact what we have defined “natural” to mean.

This planet, the trees, the air, the water – all have become self-perpetuating patterns of energy. They are able to hold their form, more or less. The same principles apply to consciousness. This is how energy works and yet we seem confused when certain achievements seem to require a lot of effort or hard work to attain. It is almost like all great goals and dreams should come easily. “It’s not natural,” we say when things get too hard and we fall back to old habits. “It’s too extreme,” we say and return to patterns that we consciously know do not serve us.

As a race we have done well to create language, but as a tool it can be used to hinder or support our intentions. We define words and concepts into negative and positive and then we act from the ridiculous notion of not wanting to be associated with negative words and only positive ones. What we really need to be doing is understanding what serves and supports us and what does not. Certainly being controlled by words does not. It is meaning that holds true power.

The ability to consciously, positively and willfully direct our reality is powerful. It is extreme and for many people it is not what comes naturally. The processes and abilities involved to reach this stage take work and practice. Often this work will be hard. It becomes harder when we feed ourselves beliefs that everything should be easy. Ironically, when we embrace what is hard the experience becomes inspiring. No person who has broken through their own self-limiting beliefs has ever not been astounded. Breaking through challenges is not natural. If it were natural then it would not be perceived as a challenge at all. Take walking for example: How many of us find it a challenge to walk into the next room? Is there even a thought that it may be an insurmountable obstacle? For many people the act of walking is so natural that it registers not even a thought. Yet for those that are in rehabilitation, walking may not come naturally anymore. They need to train it, over and over until their body and mind understands what is required. Eventually, it can become natural.

Living life at a “high” level is never entirely natural. There is always a stretch or expansion that is pushing at boundaries and limitations. Yet when we embrace and accept what does not feel natural then it becomes natural. The bottom line is that achievement in any area of life is about working the body and mind to remember the forms of consciousness that are required to excel. As each level becomes entrained into the body and mind they become natural. This then opens the way to use this base to reach for a higher level of achievement. Without a stable base, none of these changes or understandings are natural – they become as impermanent as the wind.

Power without perception is of no true use for us humans. This is what happens when we become attached to words. We need to look clearly at what it is that is important to us – what holds meaning and value to us. Then we need to understand what characteristics of consciousness are needed to achieve these. All that is needed then, is to practice these characteristics until they become natural. Natural is not about “easy”, it is not about “hard”, it is about perpetuating what is important. It is a full time job, but when it has value, then there is nothing better in this world.