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The Art of Healing

Soul Retrieval

“Loss” of the soul is actually a disconnection of pathways between the body and higher aspects of consciousness. This can occur through shock, injury or negative entity interaction. Disconnection from the soul body will almost always manifest itself as depression, anxiety and lack of purpose – although the presence of these aspects does not necessarily mean that a disconnection has occurred. The stronger and clearer the connection to the soul body, the less a person will manifest these symptoms however so either way soul body cultivation is very valuable.

The safest and most assured method of reconnecting the soul connection is to retrain the internal body’s circuitry to perceiving the soul. This may seem like a contradiction from methods which focus on creating a soul body, however it is simply two ways up the same mountain. The soul exists in the realization of it and so in the absence of realization the body and mind cannot connect to it. By entraining the connection, the realization, and therefore the existence, occurs.

The energy of the soul is shifted into your reality when you connect your consciousness to it. If this connection is guided to occur through your physical body then your cells, organs, blood, muscles and in fact all of your physical atoms are infused with this connection. The process of cultivation begins in the mind which then forms a channel between the mental and the physical. It is this channel that allows the soul to be integrated and fused into the body. This is “soul retrieval.”


Etheric Curses

A Etheric curse is an energetic or Etheric implant that prevents consciousness from accessing particular paths of understanding. The most effective curse is the one that is unseen or hidden because without an awareness of these implants there will be no struggle to remove or dissolve them. A curse is has the depth to follow the energy body from life to life. This Etheric code then instills and manifests the blueprint of the curse into the physical body.

Etheric Curses are the often the reasons that negative experiences can repeat themselves throughout a persons life and into the next one. Removing a curse will see a dramatic change for the better as well as increased health, energy and vitality – integration of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge and abilities flow without obstruction.

The purposes of curses are as many as the minds that create them, the main thing to be aware of is how to remove them. The Higher Self is the consciousness that has access to most subtle and cunning of energies, so this is the connection that will be able to dissolve curses the most effectively without any undue physical or emotional trauma. The next best thing is to work with high level Pleiadian guides who will be able to call on the Higher Self connection also as well as restore the original light body and the complete DNA strand complement.

For a long time I have believed that it was not necessary to remove curses as purification practices would inevitably dissolve these. At this time I strongly believe differently as I have seen visually how these implants can prevent beings from connecting to their deeper consciousness correctly in the first place. Without certain threads of consciousness in place progress into the deeper spiritual awareness can take lifetimes longer than it should.


The Nature of Energy Blocks

Energy is pretty much everything, so in this light an energy block can be pretty much anything from patterns of thought, emotions or physical knots. Blocks are simply weaves of energy. Deep blocks are weaves that have worked into each others spaces, formed subtler supporting weaves and interlocked throughout forming a multi-level matrix. The first step to unlocking a block is to follow the weave. There are several ways to do this, but first it must also be remembered that not all blocks are bad. All blocks have a reason for existing, it is important to understand this reason because sometimes a block is simply supporting our consciousness in its present direction.

The first question that should be asked is: ‘Why does this block exist?’

The second question should be to ask: ‘How would I benefit from removing this block?’

The answers to these questions can be gleaned from moving the mind into the blocks by simply observing objectively – no pushing or prodding of any sort. Dependant on the level of sensitivity, communication will occur in any number of ways. You may observe written contracts spelling out the reason for these blocks; you may view visions of a past or present life illustrating why the block exists, you may hear voices from guides; the knowledge may simply be felt. It is important to observe these responses and only act to remove a block once you understand why it was put there in the first place.

In many ways energy blocks can act like the walls of a hose. By creating obstacles and resistance these blocks can divert energies, emotions and thought forms to moving in specific directions or patterns. Some of these patterns may be necessary in order to fulfill certain intentions. It needs to be understood however that energy blocks will in the end cause the stagnation of energy at specific points of the body and mind. This will lead to dis-ease.

In choosing to remove an energy block it is important to understand that the essential ingredient is simply a connection to the block. Through this connection a communication is formed. By following the weaves until we find the first weave we can communicate a dissolution. Subtlety and focus of the mind must be developed to a very high level in order to reach this first weave. If the mind is not able to remain sharp at these very subtle levels, it will keep missing the spaces through which to follow the path of the weave.

All programs, blocks and mental patterns, can be structured through the workings of these principles. Energy can be set up to support specific patterns, or taken away to dissolve others. By implementing these at specific levels of consciousness, we build a kind of scaffolding in which to support the direction of our purpose and intention. In time the inner structures must be made self-sufficient, strong and flexible, as to not become reliant on the blocks and thus grow stagnant. As long as these phases and cycles of growth are regulated, energy structures can be used to create powerful mediums of intention.


Chakra Balancing

The chakras are portal or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energies into the physical body. The body has 7 primary chakras but over 2000 secondary ones which help to direct and hold the integrity of our 3 main elements – mind, body and spirit. Since the flow of this triad is always shifting, directed by our intent and consciousness, so too must the chakra system recalibrate and find new points of balance which each shift. In other words, just as our thinking, communication, perspectives and intentions change, so do the requirements of our chakra systems.

The chakra system deals mainly with subtle energy and so for the most part this energy is able to move through subtle shifts of tension within the physical body. With enough subtle tension however, the flow of energy will slow and even stop. The result is that the body, mind and emotions will begin receiving less and less information. Information will result in less understanding and less understanding will lead to less ability. Usually this does not happen in a dramatic way, it may take years, the same way that plumbing can take years to clog up and eventually block the flow of water.

Depending on which chakras are blocked or limited, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit various manifestations. Blockages in the solar plexus for instance can result in a lack of will or strong intent to take action. This will be experienced in the body as a lessening of the bio-chemicals that create the sensation or emotion of will and purpose. Emotionally and mentally this will be experienced in corresponding mind states such as apathy or boredom. Blockages in the crown chakra will result in a disconnection from the Higher Self, as well as a difficulty connecting to the bigger picture in ones life. Just as with the solar plexus chakra, specific bio-chemicals will correspond to this particular blockage.

The link between the energy of the chakra and the bio-chemistry of the body is simply about information. There is nothing mysterious about it at all. Our whole being exists and survives because of information. There is information between the heart and the brain, information between organs and enzymes, hormones and blood, oxygen and lungs, as well as information from the outside world such as people, books, trees, the sun, the moon, gravity and electricity. Information is influence and expression, through connecting with this information a communication happens. This is the same communication that occurs between the energy of the chakras and the physical body.

The foundation ‘foot in the door’ principles to any type of chakra balancing should begin with simply spending time at the chakra location. Forget about what is written in books, references or even here for that matter. Nothing will compare to actual ‘sit down’ time with your own chakras. Its like spending time with a loved one, kids, friends and so on – we can go out and seek advanced knowledge and professional advice, but sometimes what is really needed is simply to spend time with them. It’s the same deal with the chakras. An amazing amount of communication will open up when we just listen and observe – and in this listening a great deal of balancing and integration will just happen. The results will be seen in the way the physical body feels, the mind thinks, the emotions move and the spirit flows through us.


Inner Peace – Transforming Darkness into Enlightenment

Peace is a truly destructive influence. Any energy that meets peace is instantly changed by the very fact that it is met with complete acceptance and embrace. There is no struggle or attempt to change it at all. All intention, all perspectives, all moves and counter moves are accepted completely. Every other energy within the universe seeks to express a specific frequency or influence. Peace is different. Peace takes whatever comes and because the energies have no resistance to bounce back off and thus no cause for expression and recreation, these energies are destroyed. They are destroyed and transformed into peace themselves. Complete annihilation of the form and essence of the energies involved.

This is how the peaceful warrior works. There is no co-existence. Everything the peaceful warrior closes with, the peaceful warrior destroys – completely. There is no malice or hatred. These would require that their opponents be wrong and thus the belief that they should change. Peace takes all comers as they are. Right and wrong are both embraced and destroyed unconditionally.

The true essence of peace is one of the reasons that it is so misunderstood on this planet right now. We have a tendency to believe that peace means that we must avoid struggle, conflict and agitation. The truth is the opposite. Peace runs towards struggle, conflict and agitation just as easily as it runs towards love, joy and bliss.

The type of peace that avoids struggle has no chance of creating peace in a world that contains struggle.

The type of peace that avoids hatred, anger and sadness has no chance of creating peace in a soul and mind that experiences these aspects.

A peace that is not able to make peace with struggle and conflict is a very limited peace indeed. It is a peace that only exists when it ignores or creates ignorance and denial. On the other hand a peace that opens its arms to everything is a peace that exists regardless of struggle, agitation and conflict. In truth unconditional peace is the only true peace. For how can we call it peace if we are secretly afraid of feeling fear, hate, anger or sadness? This simply becomes a game of peace. An illusion that we create to fool ourselves in believing and hoping that we are content and at peace. It’s a perfectly normal and human game to play, but it will never deliver the goods compared to real inner peace.

The minute we stop running, pretending and denying our so called negativities and dark sides – all of it trembles. It trembles because we’ve turned and looked it in the eye. It’s the beginning of creating real destruction and transformation. It’s the beginning of real peace – looking and feeling who we are and letting it be as it is.

All the illusions of spiritual and religious dogma may at that moment be booming in our ears. How can we be spiritual and such conceited people at the very same time? How can we strive for such lofty peaks and yet feel such base emotions?

Let them come.

The more we let them come as they are, the more we feel their taint. The more we feel it, embrace it and allow it to be as it is – the greater our peace.

It may not be evident at first.

It may feel dirty, disgusting, tainted or just plain wrong.

And well it should.

Real peace is not requiring that it change. Not one bit. In time that consciousness that is letting things be will look in the mirror. It will see something special, something that does not struggle, that yields to everything and that accepts everything. In that reflection that consciousness will realize how great its inner peace has grown. It has grown large enough to perceive, to feel and to be a true destroyer of all that comes its way.


Healing Past Life Guilt – Releasing Karmic Debt, Pain and Suffering

Guilt is not healed so simply by moving on. It needs to be met completely. Without a complete connection there cannot be complete healing. All solutions require a complete understanding and connection with the issue at hand. Healing guilt is no different.

Guilt exists because of the perception of wrongness. Forgiveness is the doorway to healing guilt. It is the precursor to unconditional acceptance, the reunion with universal consciousness. Forgiveness will open the way through several levels. On one level the pure feeling and emotion of guilt must be opened completely. On another the aspect that was able to act in such a way as to create guilt must be forgiven also. It must be accepted and felt for what it is, without the condition that it is required to see differently or change. As soon as we require or demand change then the vibration of our forgiveness changes. The healing ability of forgiveness changes when it becomes conditional, for in being conditional we choose to hold on to part of the pain. Perhaps it is our story and we have become attached to telling it. Perhaps we feel like we need to protect ourselves, so that this will never occur again. Whether for protection or because we feel that this story has become who we are, the choice is between fear of being hurt again or healing and discovering reunion in all that we are.

By letting go of the need to protect ourselves we open up the way to finding a self that needs no protection. As long as we fear pain – then we will fear pain. As long as we need protection – then we will need protection. The path to true power is through letting go of the shields and devices that we would use to stop us from connecting with the universe and to let this connection take place. For deep understanding and thus empowerment to be realized we must move in the direction of whole connection, not denial.

Guilt holds a special opportunity for healing because the nature of guilt is about right and wrong. Even the most gifted technical healers may find difficulty with healing guilt if they do not believe that they deserve healing. It is only when we can accept that even that which we perceive to be wrong is worthy of love, can we forgive, accept and truly move on.

There is a resonance within the energy of guilt that has usually existed just below the threshold of this planets surface consciousness. This thread of emotion links all the way through all of our history and like any memory holds the reflections that have had the most impact. The perception that we have abused power has led us to fracture the way that we can wield and perceive real power. The strong magnetism that is directing this planet’s consciousness to heal guilt will help us to understand the nature and capacity of true power. At this time the resonance is slightly above the threshold of group consciousness. This means that not only can present life guilt be easily accessed, so too can the guilt of many past lives. The latch to opening into these is simply accepting even for a moment that what we do feel as guilt is quite alright and safe to feel. Allowing the essence of forgiveness to embrace guilt does not make us bad people, it does not mean that we will recreate those experiences that we perceive to be wrong. On the contrary, when we connect to forgiveness, we create forgiveness, the more we move into this space, the more we accept and are at peace. Rather than moving in the direction of creating pain, dominance and suffering, we are moving in the direction of unconditional love. We need to move away from the mindset of punishing ourselves or each other for what we perceive to be crimes and wrong doings. We may believe that we are being just in creating these states and emotions of punishment, but in truth what justice is there in perpetuating states that will continue to create anguish, misery and suffering in the world? For sure, all states of being need to be met if we are to gain positive opportunity, but those positive opportunities also need to be taken in order for them to become their potential.


Use Your Illusions ~ Part 2 ~ The Secret of Enlightenment and Meditation

Recognizing that our journey occurs in cycles and understanding the limits and potential of these cycles will allow us to know when to choose illusion and when to choose truth. The journey to truth can bring us through many dimensions, many of these dimensions will bring with them a sense of confusion and overwhelm, simply for the fact that they reflect massive amounts of knowledge, energy and expansion.

Wisdom comes from understanding how to best meet each experience for our highest potential and good. Internally we must recognize how we are responding to the journey and the choices we make. There will be times when revealing truth will be pure joy, at other times it will be draining and perhaps confusing. Recognizing how all the aspects of our mind and body are reacting to the experiences is extremely important for ensuring our success.

It is necessary to understand that while the higher aspects of consciousness may not need as much energy to function, shift and move through dimensions, the denser and physical levels require a lot of energy to transform. Often releases of energy and emotion will accompany these transformations and will require that we rest, revive and give these aspects time to adapt. Full integration at all levels will always require that we respect and honor the limits of all aspects of the self. In particular those aspects that work and transform the slowest.

The adaptation process is nurtured and supported when we understand how to use our higher consciousness to lead and guide the lower and denser levels. Whether we are guiding toward pure truth or working with the specific aim of supporting our physical body and mind, the understanding and use of illusion is important. The more practiced we are with illusion the greater the effect on our body and mind and therefore the greater the effect on our overall journey and destination. Just as important is our sensitivity to understanding what type of illusion is needed.

Through observing and scanning our consciousness we must recognize whether to continue through a specific path or create and practice an illusion of inner strength and clarity in order to find this place first. The order of exploration will make a big difference in how and if the knowledge can be integrated. If we reach a place that is wealthy with knowledge but too intense for our consciousness, then we will most likely miss the opportunity for knowledge and certainly for integration. If on the other hand we recognize that our consciousness is likely not ready to enter this place, then we can work on building inner strength, clarity and openness. Then when we recognize that we are ready we can enter and make full use of the knowledge within.

Illusion will work on all sides of consciousness, it can be used to see what is needed, it can be used to create what is needed, but at all times it is but a guide to reaching and manifesting the real thing. The mind and body will use it like a template with which to match up and find the places, dimensions and feelings it is looking for, and when consciousness meets these places the reality is drawn and merged into us. For this reason it is important that the illusory template that we use is perfectly accurate. The more accurate the illusionary map, the more accurate the reality will be.


Use Your Illusions ~ Part 1 ~ The Secret of Enlightenment and Meditation

At the true level of self there is no struggle, no craving or aversion, simply a state of being. Consciousness is at peace with all that is, be it pain or pleasure. At this level the mind has realized how to create the ultimate solution to all experience. To meet it exactly as it is, with peace. Within this consciousness the self understands that what it truly seeks is peace, reunion and truth. This understanding has been realized and experienced at the deepest, broadest and subtlest levels of mind, body and spirit. External circumstance and experience has long been let go of as a direct medium for peace. Instead the self has realized that true peace is experienced through bypassing the instability of the external and connecting directly and purely through the internal core and structures of the mind, body and spirit. This is not an ideal that exists simply for philosophical or spiritual ideals, it is a practice that has has been created because it achieves results.

The search for real reunion, peace, true happiness and love allows exploration, but as consciousness expands it becomes more and more fully aware of the flaws of relying on external experience for internal satisfaction. The journey begins with refining external experience, finding ways to limit those that bring dissatisfaction and perpetuate those that deliver satisfaction. Through lifetimes of experience, levels of satisfaction are lived through, refined, observed and judged. We begin to see flaws, impermanence and fallibility. What once brought a level of happiness may now reflect a deeper level of emptiness. The search brings us new clues, and we look and listen to see if these clues will lead to reconciling our inner spaces. More and more the journey leads within. In time we realize without a doubt that all the answers must come from within, because after all, this is where the questions were born.

When full shifts of consciousness occur, experience both past and present become integrated and so make sense. Incongruent realities and inner dimensions are blended and through this union show us through experience how contradiction can live in perfect harmony. Because the experience occurs at the lowest level of being, that of the physical, all higher levels of consciousness are automatically integrated. The same does not occur however when higher levels of consciousness shift first. In these cases it is important to be aware that the physical levels of body and mind need time and practice in order to bring them up to the higher levels of thought and knowledge. This process is facilitated by using illusions.

The lower, denser and physical levels of body and mind will use illusions like a road map to guide them to the higher levels of experience. In this way the process is very similar to using a road map in that the map itself does not directly bring you to the destination, but it shows you a representation of the path.

The internal world of consciousness reaches its destination by becoming the destination. That is, if our destination is to create peace, we get there by becoming peace. The illusion begins its work by observing the landscape within. Then it shapes consciousness to create the illusion of inner peace. These illusions meet our inner experience and communicate through this meeting our intention. Since both illusion and inner experience are in essence aspects of ourselves, both these parts get to understand the destination that we desire. Through learning and mimicking this destination, they become it. When they become it, then we are there.


Emotional Channeling – Activate Healing, Meditation and Enlightenment for Past Life Karma

Throughout generations human beings have lived, died and during this time a trickle of consciousness has survived sometimes as a spark, sometimes as a raging fire. This consciousness has determined the direction of our evolution. This energy and direction can be felt. This destination can be understood by following the flows of consciousness and spirit. Moving deeper into these weaves and spaces we can find that while the destination may have been the same, the reason has often been different. At times profoundly so.

Humans have waged wars over knowledge, over land, money and resources. The frequency of consciousness can shift from peace to violence in an instant. The gate of the mind acting as a portal between energetic dimensions will if not mastered swing like a gate in the wind. When we enter into the dimension of emotion we gain the opportunity to listen to the story of the emotion. The story of the emotion brings us through all the places it has been, the minds that it has met and been expressed through and the reasons that it has existed for.

When we listen to the story of an emotion we channel its essence and meaning. This is more than merely feeling and acknowledging an emotion. It is going into the very depths of why that emotion has been carried through from the beginning of time to this very moment. For example listening to the story of guilt will bring us back to times when power was misused and abused, where we neglected to see, or we saw and did nothing. The feeling of guilt holds the visions, and when we listen we may hear the voices of reason and regret. Following the emotion we may see those that made the decision and the reasons that they did what they did. We may also see the ones that suffered, the ones that did nothing and the ones that never knew. Depending on how deeply we enter the experience these visions and voices may be as vivid or real as life or as subtle as a flicker of sensation, light or feeling.

The first barrier to hearing the story may be doubt and this is something that is easily washed away by experience. The next barrier however is often greater and that is the barrier of fear. It is at this gate that we ask ourselves what we could possibly have to gain by entering. It is here that we find reasons to turn back and look elsewhere. It is important at this stage to send out the intention through the gate and to understand whether our truth needs to be realized by entering through it. Interestingly if the knowledge and ability is there to acknowledge then there is truth to be had.

There are more journeys that seek endings and destinations than we have started in this lifetime alone, and it is only through opening up and remembering that we can reconcile all these. With each journey’s end comes a reunion of that emotion and sense that seems so old. With each ancient guilt brought to reconciliation comes a deep transformation that results in forgiveness, healing and peace. As each path and journey is met and listened to we come to understand the reasons for lifetimes of striving and endeavor. We see reasons that have been duplicated over and over again, we see lessons learnt then forgotten, then learnt once again. As consciousness listens and experiences the story of emotion it begins to reveal itself and see its own reflection through the ages. It recognizes the path as one that it had walked and understands the reasons why. All the reasons from high to low when integrated become closer to a whole. Instead of fractured, separated answers there is cohesive, coherent scripture. At this point the story becomes our own and when we listen we understand, and so life and our actions take on the wisdom of the ages.


Healing the Planet ~ Part 2 – Healing the Planet with Meditation and Higher Consciousness

Observing the interaction of the external world with our internal world provides us with the opportunity to see and understand aspects of ourselves that could well go hidden and unnoticed. Interaction with the world, people and external experiences will reflect a constant stream of reactions, emotions and feelings many of which will be familiar, so much so that we often neglect to notice that they have any significance at all. On the contrary these reactions and inter-relations hold an important key for whole and real healing, inner peace, empowerment and connecting with the true self.

It is one thing to connect with love, healing and peace when secluded from the world, the meaning and truth in these experiences is revealed however when we connect with adversity. It is in these moments that we are given the opportunity to stretch and re-discover the boundaries of love, healing and peace. It is easy to find peace when the world and experiences are simple and easy, quite another to develop it when confronted with the madness of the universe. Being dependant on circumstances and experiences for peace and healing means that we are not in control of our direction, where as cultivating a mind where we strive to find peace and healing everywhere is the realization of mastery.

Mastery comes through revelation, that is revealing the parts of ourselves that reflect a need for peace, healing and reunion and then responding with wisdom and understanding. The revealing comes through connection with our consciousness and it is this part that is so easily achieved by meeting the external world. Without the external the mind can very easily become like still waters, they hold the illusion of being still and clear however when stirred the bottom holds many aspects that aspire to healing and peace. The beauty of the external is that this stirring occurs constantly and so with awareness we gain the opportunity to purify and heal within.

As the external helps us understand the internal, healing the internal also heals the external. What happens is that as we learn make peace with the perceptions and reactions that are being stirred up we no longer react in the same way to the external. As we make peace within, we no longer see certain aspects of the external as aversive. This peace is not intellectual it is an actual experience at the sensual level. As our response to the external changes, so too does the external change. It begins to heal. This healing happens because the energies involved are being understood and accepted by our consciousness at every level of their creation.

An interesting thing occurs at a certain level of progression. As the mind realizes that it can direct its own healing and creation of empowerment it shifts from wanting to avoid pain to finding pleasure in healing. This shift directly correlates to the level of skill that our consciousness is able to tap into. That is to say that with a certain level of empowerment we begin to truly gain pleasure from empowering others. We see and feel the direct benefits that we gain from guiding others to realize healing. As our sphere of skill and ability increases so too does the spectrum of what our consciousness is able to meet, understand and heal. Expanded consciousness eventually encompasses the whole planet and those within it. The healing of one becomes the healing of all.