Emotional Channeling – Activate Healing, Meditation and Enlightenment for Past Life Karma

Throughout generations human beings have lived, died and during this time a trickle of consciousness has survived sometimes as a spark, sometimes as a raging fire. This consciousness has determined the direction of our evolution. This energy and direction can be felt. This destination can be understood by following the flows of consciousness and spirit. Moving deeper into these weaves and spaces we can find that while the destination may have been the same, the reason has often been different. At times profoundly so.

Humans have waged wars over knowledge, over land, money and resources. The frequency of consciousness can shift from peace to violence in an instant. The gate of the mind acting as a portal between energetic dimensions will if not mastered swing like a gate in the wind. When we enter into the dimension of emotion we gain the opportunity to listen to the story of the emotion. The story of the emotion brings us through all the places it has been, the minds that it has met and been expressed through and the reasons that it has existed for.

When we listen to the story of an emotion we channel its essence and meaning. This is more than merely feeling and acknowledging an emotion. It is going into the very depths of why that emotion has been carried through from the beginning of time to this very moment. For example listening to the story of guilt will bring us back to times when power was misused and abused, where we neglected to see, or we saw and did nothing. The feeling of guilt holds the visions, and when we listen we may hear the voices of reason and regret. Following the emotion we may see those that made the decision and the reasons that they did what they did. We may also see the ones that suffered, the ones that did nothing and the ones that never knew. Depending on how deeply we enter the experience these visions and voices may be as vivid or real as life or as subtle as a flicker of sensation, light or feeling.

The first barrier to hearing the story may be doubt and this is something that is easily washed away by experience. The next barrier however is often greater and that is the barrier of fear. It is at this gate that we ask ourselves what we could possibly have to gain by entering. It is here that we find reasons to turn back and look elsewhere. It is important at this stage to send out the intention through the gate and to understand whether our truth needs to be realized by entering through it. Interestingly if the knowledge and ability is there to acknowledge then there is truth to be had.

There are more journeys that seek endings and destinations than we have started in this lifetime alone, and it is only through opening up and remembering that we can reconcile all these. With each journey’s end comes a reunion of that emotion and sense that seems so old. With each ancient guilt brought to reconciliation comes a deep transformation that results in forgiveness, healing and peace. As each path and journey is met and listened to we come to understand the reasons for lifetimes of striving and endeavor. We see reasons that have been duplicated over and over again, we see lessons learnt then forgotten, then learnt once again. As consciousness listens and experiences the story of emotion it begins to reveal itself and see its own reflection through the ages. It recognizes the path as one that it had walked and understands the reasons why. All the reasons from high to low when integrated become closer to a whole. Instead of fractured, separated answers there is cohesive, coherent scripture. At this point the story becomes our own and when we listen we understand, and so life and our actions take on the wisdom of the ages.