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The Plains of Light

“The Plains of Light” is the spectrum of dimensional “range,” “densities” or “bandwidth” where one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Bodies” “reside”.

A practitioner who is able to engage with the upper or “Lightest” range of the spectrum is approaching or harmonized with their “Higher Self.”

A practitioner who is able to engage with the lower or denser range of the spectrum – yet still within the dimensional “bandwidth” or
“densities” of the “Lighter Bodies” – is able to “tune,” “configure,” coordinate and balance – effectively enabling “Higher Sentience” or “Lighter Body Information” to directly  “build” the conduits and networks necessary to become functionally able and connective – with this permitting the “doors” and “path” towards the “Higher,” broader, deeper and more expanded range of the spectrum to “open” or “awaken.”

As the “passage” through this path becomes increasingly absent of obstruction, resistance and adhesion – “movement” through the cyclical processes of transformations – due to the absence or diminishing of “friction” – naturally permits “inertial power” to increase.

More and more the practitioner experiences a shift from “walking the Higher self path” to “the Higher self path walking the practitioner.”

Put another way – it is as if the very necessary practices that were initially required to generate actualization of the many qualities, abilities and conduit networks – have now “accumulated” sufficient momentum to naturalize into sustained “inertia power” – with this along with an absence of inner obstruction, adhesion, friction and resistance – a “clarification” of the “passage” – which allows for increasing “ease of mobility” or “movement through the Higher self path.”

Daily immersion or saturation in the “Plains of Light” – regardless of “where” in the dimensional spectrum the practitioner is able to engage – will naturally “heal the wounds” of the “Soul” – or “Karmic Body” – this being a by byproduct of the gentle loosening, dissolving and release of inner obstruction, resistance, blockage, adhesion and friction – as conscious perceptual awareness is enabled to “move” through – or depending on perspective – allow passage of “Higher Body Light” to move through the physical, emotional, mental, Etheric, Spritual and Karmic Bodies.

Regular saturation brings familiarity from which the “intimacy” of relationship or resonance with the practitioner’s “Higher Sentience” naturally increases – becoming “greater,” broader, deeper and more expanded.

Just as great intimacy with a human being allows for a relationship – whether romantic or “platonic” – to become a reciprocal “transmission” of countless and immensely valuable experiences, learning, development and for many would be considered one “achievement” among very few of greatest value in life – deep intimacy with one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Selves” allows the practitioner to experience and “know” what could be defined as their “Highest” or “Greatest” friend – within their own “being.”

As saturation and Higher sentience become harmonized within one’s whole “being” – the greatness of intimacy within this relationship naturally “awakens” many “Higher” abilities – as well as what is – in this day and age – commonly known as a “raising of vibration,” “frequency” or “Ascension.”

The potential to actualize full harmonization with one’s Higher self is within the “birthright” of all human beings.

What determines whether potential is actualized is simply sincerity of intent, will and action – “tuned” and “configured” to this purpose through regularity of practice – from which familiarity, intimacy, experience, “inertial power” and the cyclical processes of transformation “move” the practitioner “upwards” into “Lighter,” “Higher Bodies” – with this inevitably “opening” the practitioner into full harmonization with their Higher self.


Kundalini Rising – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

For a long time I believed that the activations of certain energies such as chakras and the Kundalini would lead to Enlightenment. I spent much time building and generating energies in order to facilitate such activations and in time my work paid off. In the early 80’s I experienced a very dramatic Kundalini awakening which brought with it a lot of new awareness as well as the feeling of physical and spiritual power. My chakras felt strong and clear and my meridians felt like rivers of chi.

The ability to manipulate energy is what makes conscious manifestation possible and I had seen a dramatic increase in my ability to manifest both material wealth as well as to create certain effects such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis. For a period of around 5 years I dwelled in this mind state believing that this was simply the beginning of a deeper awakening or Enlightened state. In time however I was to see that I was quite wrong.

Psychic abilities, Kundalini and chakra energies are all tools. They are like the wheels, steering wheel and engine of a car, they will help to fuel a journey, but they are not the journey itself – for the journey to take place a driver is required. It was only after many years of utilizing these energies that I came to see that the various powers that I attained were like circus tricks. They provided no real value beyond the momentary pleasures of the ego being gratified. Even if I were to walk on water, this would have been no closer to true Enlightenment and freedom.

In many ways the achievement of this type of power showed me one of the most important lessons that I could learn: To stop seeking it. This was a similar lesson that I’d been fortunate to learn years earlier regarding money – for having attained large quantities of wealth from my businesses I had learned early in life that it would not bring me the true happiness that I sought.

It was back to the drawing board in many ways for me, but all these years of training were not for nothing. What I was simply realizing was that the purpose that I’d used these tools for was frivolous and that it was time to look further and higher. Just like money can be used for waste or for the good of all, mental powers could be used for seeking the truth of Enlightenment.

In time I began to understand with absolute clarity why Enlightenment had never been about these types of power. I understood then what masters had meant about avoiding the false powers and seeking only the one truth. The real irony is that as the one truth is revealed all the false powers align within the consciousness, mind and body in a way that hold real meaning and so they become aligned with truth and become true powers themselves. Just as importantly the mind and ego no longer craves these things because they are at peace.

John Gregor

The Freedom of Consciousness – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

“Purification leads the way to experiencing freedom of consciousness. When the path of truth is clear of all obstacles then the seeing of truth, the hearing of truth and the feeling of truth becomes clear. This is the objective of purification, it is to clear the way for the experience of Enlightenment. So what is Enlightenment? Enlightenment is the true essence of all sentient beings. It is what is left when all illusion has been stripped away.” This is how . explained it to me when I first began to ask these questions. My main concern at the time was that I needed to take on the external and internal appearance of a spiritual man, to say the right things and to think the right things and so on. I slowly started to ‘click’ that it was impossible to find my true self if I kept hiding from the doors that led me to it. These doors so to speak had been popping up my entire life but because I was so attached to them showing up in a certain way I had rejected them for what they actually were.

It was the same with Enlightenment. I had heard so many stories about it that I was bent on making myself into a carbon copy of all these teachers and gurus at the expense of who I actually was. I lived in a monastery for over a decade, meditating and believing that this was what I needed to be and what I needed to do in order to achieve Enlightenment and awakening.

So why had it never come?

In all those years I felt no closer to Enlightenment than the day I asked the question. All I had was more questions. When I first talked to . I can honestly say I wanted to hit him when he said that I was rejecting the very answers I sought as quickly as I could ask the questions! I was angry because I knew that this was the truth and he seemed to see right through me. That night I cried in meditation for the first time in years – because I’d come back to that initial truth. All these years I’d rejected my self in search of a “higher” truth and in doing so I’d rejected that very truth that I’d been seeking from the start. I’d fooled myself into thinking that I’d somehow surpassed the need to heal those fears and hurts at the core of my being.

Over the next few days I practiced in a new and humble way. My whole body would shake at times as deep emotions were released and often I would cry for hours on end as deep pain and sorrow would arise from what seemed to be my very soul. Then on about the 3rd day I entered a deep stillness. I felt my entire body resonate with this stillness down to the smallest cell. Something shattered then and I felt the entire world around me shift into this stillness that I was enveloped in. I opened my eyes and it seemed like time had stopped. I saw a leaf hovering in mid fall as it was caught in this stillness.

A pinpoint of light appeared directly in front of my eyes and began to open up into a larger vortex which eventually encompassed me. This spread into a deeper stillness and with it the most profound peace and I could say happiness that I’ve ever had the pleasure to feel. It was then that I realized that I’d experienced this state because my consciousness had become free. In time I was to know that this was only the beginning of understanding the true state of Enlightenment.

John Gregor

The Journey to Enlightenment – Part 2 – By Tashi (Guest Teacher)

The city brought up the depth of my illusions. I was surrounded by people who lived in the ups and downs, to whom enlightenment was but a myth – something achieved by Gods and chosen ones. The struggle here was for survival and I looked on in amazement. I could not understand how people could forsake a path of true liberation for one that so obviously led to further suffering and torment – and yet something in this life beckoned to me. There was something here for me.

I decided that if I was to discover what I needed in this way of life then I would need to immerse myself in this way of life. In time, I found work and accommodation and I set myself to observing what it was that intrigued my intuition.

The first thing I noticed was that my mind lost its equilibrium very easily in this place. This surprised me, as holding meditative states was something I thought I had mastered long ago. Others were intrigued by my spiritual knowledge and this was something that brought up parts of my ego that I did not know existed. Mastering these seemed simple at first, but the way of the ego is alluring and in time foundations took hold.

I believed that I had come to this place to teach these people about Enlightenment.

For a time I became a spiritual teacher where others looked up to me and asked me for knowledge. As time passed however I noticed that those that were coming to me were not cultivating Enlightenment. I noticed that among my most fervent students there were those that would talk most heatedly and passionately about it, yet there were few that would practice with sincerity. I saw this and all I saw was my reflection.

I knew then why I had come to this place.

I had come to find my True Self and my path required that I find this Truth by revealing to me my illusions.

I was no teacher. I was simply a student of truth.

That very day I bid the city farewell and I continued on my path.

As I left I felt a deep part of myself awaken – this was a part that had been asleep for many years. It had been asleep when I was a child and it had been asleep when I was a monk. It was the city that rung the bells to awaken this part again.

I had come here to find something that eluded me. That something had been an illusion, yet I needed to find that illusion so that I could overcome it. Now my True Self beckoned me onwards.

I was soon to meet a very unique teacher – one that would irrevocably change my understanding of Enlightenment.


The Journey To Enlightenment – Part 1 – By Tashi (Guest teacher)

When I lived in the monastery training was very disciplined. Each day was the same as the one before, we would wake at 4am, then meditation, meditation, meditation. Some times we would chant. The chanting would purify the atmosphere around us and the meditation would purify the atmosphere inside us.

When I was 17 I left the monastery and went into retreat. I did this for 4 years. The training was meant to penetrate my illusions and ego, but I found that the more that I tried to slay my ego the stronger it became. Some days it would fight me like a mad dog and other days it would try to be my best friend, bargaining with me and distracting me with visions.

Eventually however all this subsided and I recognized that all of this was simply my karma being burned off. In the 3rd year my Kundalini raised and brought with it a brief bout of madness as it cleared out the remaining debris of my ego. Continuing to practice the simple purification techniques helped to return inner peace from all these conditions. By the 4th year I truly thought that I had achieved something great.

When I returned to the monastery however something was different. Of course everything is always different but this was something very important inside me. I could not quite name it – but I knew that something was wrong. I needed to leave the monastery. 10 days later I made my leave and with blessings from my brothers I made my way to the city.
It was here that I was to face my karma. My path seemingly changed drastically from what had been dedication to Buddhism, yet in time I was to see that this was simply another step on my spiritual road.


The Secrets of Enlightenment – By Tashi (Guest Teacher)

Enlightenment means to bring ‘light.’ In terms that we can practice bring light means to bring awareness and insight to our consciousness. The path of complete enlightenment is the path of bringing light and pure awareness to all aspects of our consciousness.

Are there still secrets to achieving Enlightenment?

The answer is a resounding “yes!” A secret is merely hidden knowledge or mystery. Whether is has been hidden through deliberation or simply because of ignorance and lack of information – it is still hidden and it is still a secret.

The fact that enlightenment is not a common achievement in this world is proof that many such secrets exist. The fact that the mere word “Enlightenment” is often associated with the unachievable or with myth is proof that such secrets exist.

A secret will always be a secret to those that do not know – and so for those that do not know there are many such secrets!

It is the duty of any who would seek Enlightenment to also seek and reveal all the secrets that would limit complete Enlightenment. Some of these secrets will be revealed through your practice, but others need to be shown and will require teaching. A teacher is a seeker who has walked this path a little longer than you have – that is all. They are not superior to you, nor are you inferior to them. It is just like you would teach a baby or a child the ways of this world.

The ancient traditions of achieving Enlightenment are as empowering as they are limiting. So much has been lost because of secrecy within the schools. It is time to share the teachings, but is also time to ask that the teachings be shared. Only when all secrets are revealed will Enlightenment be open to all.


Dedicated Spirituality

Dedicated spirituality is living spirituality. This means that abilities and skills are honed and refined continuously in daily life. Dedicated spirituality means revolving the rest of our lives around our spiritual practice and not the other way around. It is not for everyone, just as becoming an Olympic athlete is not for everyone, but achieving high levels of ability in any field will always require dedication.

The path of dedication will leave many of us behind. It will require many sacrifices, but to those of us with true intent and commitment, these sacrifices will be as little as dust. Dedication will leave behind all the illusions of spirituality, all the “should” and “should nots” will fade as we pursue real experience to define the way of true meaning and value. Our choices and actions will begin to frighten the spiritual “hobbyists” not because of any true moral slights, but because we bring light to illusions which they would otherwise hold on to. This is true power. While some would have us believe that power exists in denying fear and insecurity, we find it in facing and conquering fear, at first with trembling hands and eventually with hearts so strong that fear flees at first contact.

This is what the masters meant when they reminded us that what we truly fear is not our weakness, but our true power. We fear it because it separates us. It separates us not in truth, but in perception and it is this perception of separation, of being apart from others that frightens us. This perception is the “closed mind.” It is the outcast, the hermit, the isolated, the lonely and the alone. It is our weakness when it controls us, but when we are in control, then it is our strength. It becomes our commitment, our discipline, our dedication and purpose. This meaning and value becomes a power in itself, it inspires and gives us reason to be who we are. We change from a person who is scared to utter one word out of line, to a being who lives to be who they are.

Each and every facet of life changes through our dedication. At the same time each and every facet of our life must be faced and observed critically in order to be dedicated. Life is a succession of moments, each moment is a test of our integrity. And what is integrity? It is a being that is aligned with itself. It is a being that walks its talk. Each time that we act in a way that we feel at any level is not true or right or within our value system, we can feel our own energetic, mental and physical integrity distort. Likewise when we act in a way, that is aligned and congruent with our values and meaning then we will feel our spiritual, mental and physical integrity strengthen.

When we put off implementing and acting on what is true and right for us, then we are affirming that these inner values are not important enough right now – and so they manifest exactly as such. The will becomes weaker, clarity less so, the mind and emotions create lower energy states that help to manifest and affirm these limiting belief. It is exactly what was ordered! On the other hand when we pursue and implement our inner most values with dedication and commitment we manifest the strength to integrated these into the world, the expression to make certain that we are not ignored, the clarity to achieve the highest vision possible and the energy to match the expansion of mind and body that we are commanding.


The Closed Mind – Mastering Inner Strength and Control

The idea of the open mind has been responsible for much misdirection on the spiritual journey. It has even been used as an insult: “You have such a closed mind.” The truth is that a closed mind is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating spiritual growth, and for that matter any development at all.

Developing a closed mind is about developing inner control. By learning to close the mind to many opportunities, the mind learns to focus on just those opportunities that are of value and meaning. Instead of embracing everything and its dog, we become critical of what is worth embracing and what is not.

This requires not just judging aspects of reality at face value, but also investigating “what works.” In other words, while we may not consider certain experiences to have value, we may not be able to get out of dealing with them anyhow. A true critical mind must acknowledge this and recognize that conscious growth is as much about directing our evolution as it is about understanding where we are right now.

The closed mind is what grabs all the loose ends and draws them together. Without a closed mind we will allow everything else to be as it is, but we will fail to integrate these aspects into our own purpose and direction.

A closed mind is the mind that enables us to resist those things which would lead us off the path of truth. It is the mind that is vigilant to what is of value and meaning. Dedication is the essence of the closed mind, for it is dedication to a cause or direction which puts this value above and beyond other aspects of reality. Commitment too is congruent with the closed mind, for it is commitment that focuses purely on the goal ahead, remaining unattached to all that is of lesser priority.

By filtering out what is of no use to our main purpose, we refine that which is of real power and value. Concepts and ideas develop into techniques and abilities. Metaphors and theories become actions and realities. Each aspect of the closed mind offers an opportunity for opening at a deeper level. It is the same depth that an Olympic athlete earns when they decide to dedicate themselves to their art, forgoing many experiences that others of our world would have. It is the same depth that an adept at metaphysical manipulation gains when they shut themselves off from distraction in order to hone their skills.

The more passionate and inspired we become about a direction or purpose, the more that we choose to become dedicated and committed. This is a law of the universe. Following this law is what allows us to experience deep and real meaning in our lives. In the beginning it is learning that closing or opening the mind is not about right or wrong, but rather about appropriateness. Through the course of development from beginning to mastery, we come to understand and experience that there is in truth no absolute closure or openings. Each closure presents the opportunity for opening and each opening closes other doors. The closed mind is a choice to halt those experiences that we believe limit our development and to maximize those experiences that would support and accelerate us. In the end however, this will ultimately lead to a continual inner opening, deeper and yet deeper, until all the openings are occurring within the field of our truest meaning and purpose.


Where Spirit Exists

What is the purpose of spirituality? What are the reasons for it? Why have we created it? Why do we seek spirit? Why is it important to some and irrelevant to others? What has it done for us lately?

Spirituality like anything, only holds power because of the value and meaning that we perceive in it.

This is the reason why real ability and skill is important. Without the ability to perceive and connect with spirit, spirituality is simply a set of blind beliefs. These beliefs remain blind until the ability to see is developed. As long as we are blind or partially blind to spirituality we will not understand the opportunities or benefits available to us. So in a very literal sense, the purpose and reasons for us seeking it will continue to elude us. We may hear stories of spiritual knowledge and power and think “Gee that sounds alright!”, but these will just be thoughts and words without actual experience.

Defining spirituality from experience is important because it separates and distills what holds meaning and value for us from what does not. We need to be clear on what it is that we are seeking and this requires blunt and direct honesty. If we rely on theory and concept over actual experience then we are compromising real understanding. Theories no matter how good are simply ideas. Real understanding comes from taking these ideas and integrating them into a course of action. For example we may have an idea that expressing our emotions is of some use. We may gather all the evidence to support this idea and in our mind it may seem like God’s have gifted us with their wisdom. However without putting this idea into action, without actually expressing our emotions, we will never know the truth of this wisdom.

Spirituality is a big word. It essentially means to connect with spirit, but this in itself holds many unknowns, one of which is “where is this spirit thing?” Interesting then that many aspects of spiritual society choose to hold onto the known and shy from the unknown. Spiritual logic or logic of any kind would suggest that if spirit has unknown qualities, that delving into the unknown would then be a valuable course of action. This is where faith comes into it once more. Faith is a concept and as a concept it becomes refined when it is tested. There are so many untouchable qualities about “spirituality.” Keep pushing and digging in our consciousness and we find a point that wants to cling to dogma, faith and concept. Dig a little deeper and we find fear. It is essentially the good old God fearing persona, the one that does not want to question or investigate its betters for fear of punishment. It is no wonder that with this type of fear that mastery, enlightenment and real power elude us. Again, these fears and beliefs are simply concepts that require testing.

The battlefield where all our beliefs, ideas and concepts are tested is within our own practice. It is through aligning our inner values into our actions. Things can get sticky at times. Sometimes our most cherished ideas get trampled on mercilessly by experiences that reject them. We may for instance have the idea that “spirituality is everywhere and in all things”. It is experience that will either reflect this – or not. Our findings here give us something tangible to work with. If this idea holds under the steady and rigorous criticism of actual experience, not just intellectual argument, then it contains true value. If it does not hold this does not necessarily mean that the idea is invalid, it may simply require that our abilities and skills require further development. Of course sometimes we need to admit that what once seemed like a novel idea just doesn’t cut it in the real world.

This is how we evolve our spiritual understanding and as our understanding evolves, so too does our understanding of where spirit exits. This is essentially what is happening – we are understanding connection, but connection can only be understood by experiencing where the object of connection exists. Spiritual connection or existence then is a process of looking and finding, as well as looking and not finding. The places where spirit exists then provide a connection – places with which to develop paths to our consciousness. The places which do not connect are not discarded, but rather we refine the method of connection within ourselves.

An interesting thing happens when we test our ideas, concepts and beliefs. The destruction of these makes the mind more fluid. Through this flexible flow, we regain the ability to connect where once we could not. Once again our understanding changes, as the places that we knew with+ certainty that spirit was not, open up and show us that it is in fact there. This opening does not occur through wishful thinking, holding onto ideas, concepts or beliefs. It occurs through practice, critical thinking, developing ability and understanding.


Real Mastery – What is Self Mastery and How to Achieve It

Mastery needs to be recognized for what it is if it is to be reached. Many terms and concepts such as empowerment, enlightenment and mastery are bandied about these days and it seems almost popular not to define them at all, but to simply use them as romantic concepts. This is fine if we are to remain passive listeners to stories of spirituality. If on the other hand we wish to develop and experience spiritual understanding for ourselves, then we need to exercise our brains and refine and analyze exactly what these goals mean.

Real Mastery is about skill and ability. This statement encompasses the necessity that strength and discipline are also part of the skill set. Part of the romance of the later parts of the last century were that mastery has nothing to do with skill, but has more to do with being alright with being where we are. This mindset implies that whether we are growing or not, “it’s all good.” This is not real mastery. This is just passive acceptance and a reluctance to engage with perceptions of struggle, work and fear.

Real mastery is about control of the self. It is through skill and ability that we gain the opportunities to control the self. Without skill and ability we have no choice. We are like puppets. It is like a car with a broken steering wheel hurtling along the highway. The passengers have no choice, they must go where the car goes. Ability and skill, is development of choices. It is directly linked to control. When we have control we can move and act as we will. Control in itself is a subject in itself, but suffice to say for now, that what many of us mistake for control, is not control at all. Control is not repression or “keeping a stiff upper lip” this is just a reflection of inability or lack of skill. Control is not rehashing the same emotional patterns or personality traits over and over again. Control is choice. It is the ability and skill to choose this action or that action. With control, the higher consciousness actually gets a choice. Without control there is only the choice that seeks to avoid or repress fear.

It has been said that all babies are masters, but while this is certainly a romantic notion, it holds no logic in universal law. Babies for sure have an ability to learn and adapt at a fast rate, but they do not have control over their environment or survival. If they were left alone for a few days without food or water they would almost certainly die. If they were left without physical contact for too long then they fall apart emotionally. Babies are not masters, if they were we would not need to be so protective of them. If anything, babies are masters in the making. They are developing the abilities and skills necessary to have choices and control.

The path of mastery ends when we decide that what we have is “good enough”. This is the reason why many people do not fully develop their abilities and skills. They simply believe that they are “good enough.” Mastery requires the cultivation of an extremely critical mind. This is not a mind that simply denigrates everything, rather, it is a mind that tests all things and searches for flaws. It does not stop here however, simply seeking flaws without also seeking solutions is what a pessimist really is. The true critical mind seeks flaws in order to seek solutions. It destroys in order to create something better. It is transformation with purpose and meaning. This is how ability and skill progresses, by seeing what is lacking or could be improved and making it better.

The mindset of mastery does not fit with the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality. The mindset of mastery fits more with the “let’s see if it breaks when I do this…and if it does, lets see if we can make it stronger.” Painful? More for the ego, than anything else, but it needs be understood that having regular scuffles with the ego keeps it in check. The ego needs to become accustomed to pain and bruising if it is to join the journey to mastery. The development of ability, skill and control will always be a thorn in the side of the ego, because it is only through being critical that conscious growth will take place. Denial makes many friends, truth is only interested in one. Luckily at the end of the day, this is the one friend that we will be able to count on to get the job done: our self. This is what mastery is about. It is about getting the “self” under control.