The Plains of Light

“The Plains of Light” is the place where the Higher Self exists.

It is beyond life and death, time and space.

It is a connection that transcends the illusion of the ego, the self and the parameters of what most know as the consciousness.

Within this place it is as if all is forgiven, for it is experienced that there is nothing to forgive. The ego and the mind of opinion and belief seems to simply melt and consciousness can do nothing except feel – and that feeling is beyond the most pure bliss and joy that we could imagine.

There is no residue of doubt, pain or despair. In fact the very perception that we would use to observe these feelings does not seem to exist.

It is not that objective observation of the plains of light is impossible, it is simply that the desire to do so is just not there.

The very reason for exploration and investigation is overcome by the intensity of love, light and peace in this place.

The question of leaving never arises because it is never born.

Thought is too slow for this place. Within the plains of light exists only the purest and lightest of energies and yet on leaving and returning the consciousness is not left with craving or regret but only wonder, love, light and joy.

Coming back to ‘reality,’ there is no question that this is the dream. Yet there is no judgment within the plains of light, not even from the self and so all our hopes and fears, all our joy and pain know for a timeless time what it means to feel complete acceptance, peace and unconditional love.

“The Plains of Light” is found where the Higher Self exists because the “Plains of Light” IS the Higher Self.

“The Plains of Light” may be seen, it may be felt, it may be heard, tasted or smelt, you may sense it or simply know that it is there.

However you should meet it, know that this is the connection with the Higher Self and in time the language will become clear to you.

Daily immersion in the “Plains of Light” will heal the wounds of the Soul and develop fluency in your communication with the Higher Self.

In time the Higher Self you will hear this communication clearly.

You will listen and your true purpose will be revealed as your Soulawakens the memory of its journey through time and space.

As your Soul connects with the Higher Self your Karma will be purified in the most incredible field of divine light and love – and you will know who you truly are.

Your true self is awakened and revealed.