The Plains of Light

“The Plains of Light” is the spectrum of dimensional “range,” “densities” or “bandwidth” where one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Bodies” “reside”.

A practitioner who is able to engage with the upper or “Lightest” range of the spectrum is approaching or harmonized with their “Higher Self.”

A practitioner who is able to engage with the lower or denser range of the spectrum – yet still within the dimensional “bandwidth” or
“densities” of the “Lighter Bodies” – is able to “tune,” “configure,” coordinate and balance – effectively enabling “Higher Sentience” or “Lighter Body Information” to directly¬† “build” the conduits and networks necessary to become functionally able and connective – with this permitting the “doors” and “path” towards the “Higher,” broader, deeper and more expanded range of the spectrum to “open” or “awaken.”

As the “passage” through this path becomes increasingly absent of obstruction, resistance and adhesion – “movement” through the cyclical processes of transformations – due to the absence or diminishing of “friction” – naturally permits “inertial power” to increase.

More and more the practitioner experiences a shift from “walking the Higher self path” to “the Higher self path walking the practitioner.”

Put another way – it is as if the very necessary practices that were initially required to generate actualization of the many qualities, abilities and conduit networks – have now “accumulated” sufficient momentum to naturalize into sustained “inertia power” – with this along with an absence of inner obstruction, adhesion, friction and resistance – a “clarification” of the “passage” – which allows for increasing “ease of mobility” or “movement through the Higher self path.”

Daily immersion or saturation in the “Plains of Light” – regardless of “where” in the dimensional spectrum the practitioner is able to engage – will naturally “heal the wounds” of the “Soul” – or “Karmic Body” – this being a by byproduct of the gentle loosening, dissolving and release of inner obstruction, resistance, blockage, adhesion and friction – as conscious perceptual awareness is enabled to “move” through – or depending on perspective – allow passage of “Higher Body Light” to move through the physical, emotional, mental, Etheric, Spritual and Karmic Bodies.

Regular saturation brings familiarity from which the “intimacy” of relationship or resonance with the practitioner’s “Higher Sentience” naturally increases – becoming “greater,” broader, deeper and more expanded.

Just as great intimacy with a human being allows for a relationship – whether romantic or “platonic” – to become a reciprocal “transmission” of countless and immensely valuable experiences, learning, development and for many would be considered one “achievement” among very few of greatest value in life – deep intimacy with one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Selves” allows the practitioner to experience and “know” what could be defined as their “Highest” or “Greatest” friend – within their own “being.”

As saturation and Higher sentience become harmonized within one’s whole “being” – the greatness of intimacy within this relationship naturally “awakens” many “Higher” abilities – as well as what is – in this day and age – commonly known as a “raising of vibration,” “frequency” or “Ascension.”

The potential to actualize full harmonization with one’s Higher self is within the “birthright” of all human beings.

What determines whether potential is actualized is simply sincerity of intent, will and action – “tuned” and “configured” to this purpose through regularity of practice – from which familiarity, intimacy, experience, “inertial power” and the cyclical processes of transformation “move” the practitioner “upwards” into “Lighter,” “Higher Bodies” – with this inevitably “opening” the practitioner into full harmonization with their Higher self.