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The Plains of Light

“The Plains of Light” is the place where the Higher Self exists.

It is beyond life and death, time and space.

It is a connection that transcends the illusion of the ego, the self and the parameters of what most know as the consciousness.

Within this place it is as if all is forgiven, for it is experienced that there is nothing to forgive. The ego and the mind of opinion and belief seems to simply melt and consciousness can do nothing except feel – and that feeling is beyond the most pure bliss and joy that we could imagine.

There is no residue of doubt, pain or despair. In fact the very perception that we would use to observe these feelings does not seem to exist.

It is not that objective observation of the plains of light is impossible, it is simply that the desire to do so is just not there.

The very reason for exploration and investigation is overcome by the intensity of love, light and peace in this place.

The question of leaving never arises because it is never born.

Thought is too slow for this place. Within the plains of light exists only the purest and lightest of energies and yet on leaving and returning the consciousness is not left with craving or regret but only wonder, love, light and joy.

Coming back to ‘reality,’ there is no question that this is the dream. Yet there is no judgment within the plains of light, not even from the self and so all our hopes and fears, all our joy and pain know for a timeless time what it means to feel complete acceptance, peace and unconditional love.

“The Plains of Light” is found where the Higher Self exists because the “Plains of Light” IS the Higher Self.

“The Plains of Light” may be seen, it may be felt, it may be heard, tasted or smelt, you may sense it or simply know that it is there.

However you should meet it, know that this is the connection with the Higher Self and in time the language will become clear to you.

Daily immersion in the “Plains of Light” will heal the wounds of the Soul and develop fluency in your communication with the Higher Self.

In time the Higher Self you will hear this communication clearly.

You will listen and your true purpose will be revealed as your Soulawakens the memory of its journey through time and space.

As your Soul connects with the Higher Self your Karma will be purified in the most incredible field of divine light and love – and you will know who you truly are.

Your true self is awakened and revealed.


The Circle of Light: The Asharem

What is the purpose of The Asharem?

The purpose is to transcend illusion at all levels of being – this directly leads to a full awareness of the light.

It is in this purpose that all sentient beings are joined on the one path. Masters and guides have been pointing us to our legacy and triggered our dormant memories of freedom, empowerment and truth. The first step is always the acknowledgment of a direction, purpose, meaning or reason. The Asharem have always been a part of this and their role has always been in activating realization and ascendance through whole understanding.

What is whole understanding?

Whole understanding encompasses the intellectual, spiritual and conscious, but it also is found within the subconscious and physical levels of being. Each cell and atom of the physical must be brought to light. This means that each cell and atom becomes awake, aware and sentient. Disease can no longer exist in this state, because the cells and atoms have experienced the reality of transcending illusion.

What is the reality of transcending illusion?

It is that location and time is an illusion. When the cells and atoms understand that location is an illusion then becoming light, becoming aware and achieving complete understanding occurs right here and now. The gap no longer exists. This is a journey that all sentient beings including those which you call ascended masters are walking. When energy, matter, body and soul understands and experiences the truth which is that location and time is an illusion, then there is no separation between disease and health, abundance and lack, life and death, ignorance and enlightenment and light and dark. What exists then is ‘whole’ understanding.

Could you please speak more of ‘whole’ understanding?

‘Whole’ understanding is to know and experience that enlightenment exists but that complete ignorance also exists simultaneously and within the same space and time. It is to understand and experience that disease exists but that pure health also exists simultaneously within the same atoms and cells. ‘Whole’ understanding is to know and experience that the dark exists simultaneously with the light. ‘Whole’ understanding is to know, experience and be conscious at a level that is not only intellectual and not only physical or spiritual.

‘Whole’ understanding is to know at all levels of being and complete understanding is to know all levels of being.

It is to understand that there is no separation, that there is no gap between you and another. It is to understand that there is no separation between the ignorant and the master, between you and us. This is the path of ‘whole’ and complete understanding. This is the path of transcending illusion. This is the path of ascension.

How does one begin to transcend illusion and ascend?

The first step has always been desire. It is what determines who will act and who does not act. This then determines who will be and who will not be. Complete enlightenment and understanding is who you are right now, however without the ability to perceive or experience this, your reality will not reflect this – you will not know. This is the reason that the physical body and the subconscious and unconscious also needs to understand – because the body is simply the spirit in physical form, the mind is simply the spirit in mental form. Understanding must reach these forms within the boundaries of their understanding, then it must stretch and expand these boundaries. This is the process of expanded consciousness which when sustained crosses boundaries and limits – this is the state of whole understanding.

Transcending illusion occurs through saturating yourself with knowledge, training, light and awareness. It occurs through bringing light to the dark and creating enlightenment. The very moment that light meets dark, the darkness becomes awake. At the same time our perception of light must be refined and developed so that we are capable of connecting to purer and purer light. This process is important for all sentient beings.

The very moment that awareness and understanding meets ignorance the ignorance is transformed forever. Darkness still exists, ignorance and illusions still exists, but they exist within a consciousness and being that experiences no separation between awareness and light and darkness and illusion. The separation no longer exists and so the gap is removed and not only at the intellectual level, but at the most physically dense level of reality also. This is what has been foretold – that ascension would mean complete ascension, that no one and no-thing would be left behind. Not the body, not the dark, not the ignorance, not that illusion. All things are brought back to unity.

The pieces of this prophecy have fallen into place and are accelerating towards fruition. The blueprints for activating deep cellular and atomic understanding has been flowing into this planet and reaching those who have the ability to use it. As activation and realization occurs, it becomes clear that the one path is supported for all when the knowledge and understanding is shared to all. This is the reason why so many masters and light workers are coming to this planet to help. There is tremendous opportunity for all beings involved in this transformation. The transformation of light for one supports the transformation of light for all.

We the Asharem have come at a time where the intellectual understanding of this planet is at its peak once again. It is through this channel that we make our knowledge known. Our role is to fulfill the logical and the intellectual and thus open the doors of permission for deeper transmissions into the physical, subconscious, unconscious and spiritual. We work with all those within the Circle of Light for this goal.

The Asharem Circle of Light

The Guilds of Asharem

One of the places to study in the 5th layer of the astral are the Guilds of Asharem. Entry to these guilds is allowed as long as the seeker comes with love in their heart. As with most places in the astral the keys to temples, guilds and masters will be found in the energy of the seeker. The Guild of Asharem is a good starting place however because unlike other places which require high level transmutations of energy, the Asharem Guild simply requires that the inner motivation of the seeker is towards love and self-empowerment.

Many of the teachers within are dedicated to helping seekers learn how to transmute earth plane energies into subtler etheric energies. These practices are extremely effective compared to many earth bound methods and seekers will find they are able to develop in days what would take years in the physical.

The currency in the Asharem Guild rather than money is the energetic honor of its practitioners. There is an understanding that cultivation of this inner energy and integrity is helping all practitioners within the guild move toward their goal. Unlike the physical, seekers who are dishonest in intention will be seen immediately for what they are. On the other hand seekers who are sincere will be helped and supported in transmuting and transforming their limiting and ‘negative’ energies.

Dedication to learning the methods of even a less strict guild such as the Asharem will require much commitment on the physical plane. Spiritual learning will need to become a priority, not necessarily over basic survival needs such as working and family, but for the most part spiritual development will need to revolve around other physical plane pursuits and not the other way around. All in all, the Asharem Guild is a boon to those ready to seek effective and ‘higher’ forms of spiritual learning.