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The Plains of Light

“The Plains of Light” is the spectrum of dimensional “range,” “densities” or “bandwidth” where one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Bodies” “reside”.

A practitioner who is able to engage with the upper or “Lightest” range of the spectrum is approaching or harmonized with their “Higher Self.”

A practitioner who is able to engage with the lower or denser range of the spectrum – yet still within the dimensional “bandwidth” or
“densities” of the “Lighter Bodies” – is able to “tune,” “configure,” coordinate and balance – effectively enabling “Higher Sentience” or “Lighter Body Information” to directly  “build” the conduits and networks necessary to become functionally able and connective – with this permitting the “doors” and “path” towards the “Higher,” broader, deeper and more expanded range of the spectrum to “open” or “awaken.”

As the “passage” through this path becomes increasingly absent of obstruction, resistance and adhesion – “movement” through the cyclical processes of transformations – due to the absence or diminishing of “friction” – naturally permits “inertial power” to increase.

More and more the practitioner experiences a shift from “walking the Higher self path” to “the Higher self path walking the practitioner.”

Put another way – it is as if the very necessary practices that were initially required to generate actualization of the many qualities, abilities and conduit networks – have now “accumulated” sufficient momentum to naturalize into sustained “inertia power” – with this along with an absence of inner obstruction, adhesion, friction and resistance – a “clarification” of the “passage” – which allows for increasing “ease of mobility” or “movement through the Higher self path.”

Daily immersion or saturation in the “Plains of Light” – regardless of “where” in the dimensional spectrum the practitioner is able to engage – will naturally “heal the wounds” of the “Soul” – or “Karmic Body” – this being a by byproduct of the gentle loosening, dissolving and release of inner obstruction, resistance, blockage, adhesion and friction – as conscious perceptual awareness is enabled to “move” through – or depending on perspective – allow passage of “Higher Body Light” to move through the physical, emotional, mental, Etheric, Spritual and Karmic Bodies.

Regular saturation brings familiarity from which the “intimacy” of relationship or resonance with the practitioner’s “Higher Sentience” naturally increases – becoming “greater,” broader, deeper and more expanded.

Just as great intimacy with a human being allows for a relationship – whether romantic or “platonic” – to become a reciprocal “transmission” of countless and immensely valuable experiences, learning, development and for many would be considered one “achievement” among very few of greatest value in life – deep intimacy with one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Selves” allows the practitioner to experience and “know” what could be defined as their “Highest” or “Greatest” friend – within their own “being.”

As saturation and Higher sentience become harmonized within one’s whole “being” – the greatness of intimacy within this relationship naturally “awakens” many “Higher” abilities – as well as what is – in this day and age – commonly known as a “raising of vibration,” “frequency” or “Ascension.”

The potential to actualize full harmonization with one’s Higher self is within the “birthright” of all human beings.

What determines whether potential is actualized is simply sincerity of intent, will and action – “tuned” and “configured” to this purpose through regularity of practice – from which familiarity, intimacy, experience, “inertial power” and the cyclical processes of transformation “move” the practitioner “upwards” into “Lighter,” “Higher Bodies” – with this inevitably “opening” the practitioner into full harmonization with their Higher self.


Negative Entities

A time will come when most projectors into the astral will understand how to navigate and deal with at least minor negative entities. By keeping the etheric body strong these entities simply cannot harm us. At this stage it can be very interesting to spend time around these entities. Much of what they communicate is going to be by our own perspective deceitful and in a sense cunning, but a lot of understanding can be gained through observing between the lines.

A certain level of emotional control is required in order to still aversion when dealing with these entities. They may be slobbering great spiders or demonic looking entities, but the true power of an entity comes from perceiving straight into its core. This is how we can identify true ascended masters from entities simply taking the form of one. The eyes too will often betray malice or the hunger for power.

Negative entities in the astral will often attach themselves to beings in the physical. By understanding and observing their methods and reasons, it becomes clear how to deal with them in the physical. Most of the time negative entities gain their power simply because people in the physical are unaware of their existence and effect. The two most effective ways of identifying these entities is through the psychic senses or through recognizing the patterns of entity disturbance.


The Infinity Gate

As the etheric moves toward the subtle, closer and closer to absolute stillness, time and location also move toward oneness. Entry to this plane is through what many in the astral refer to as ‘The Infinity Gate.’ It has record not only of everything that has happened it also contains the possible futures, possible pasts and possible presents. These are observed and experienced as real.

‘The Infinity Gate’ is simply an access point to the realities of the universe and entering this access point appears to be quite challenging even to those experienced to the astral realms. For many it will simply be as if invisible – invisible in form, mind, concept and idea. The way to approaching it will quite simply never appear. To those that gain perception of the gate itself it will then manifest itself in an as unlimited number of ways as there are minds to create these ways. It may appear as a medieval gate, it may appear as an energetic portal or a guardian. Beyond this form, the essence of the gate is the same, and the key adapts to the form of the being that beholds it.

The planes through the ‘Infinity Gate’ can be used for many things, entertainment, research, knowledge or enlightenment. It provides these goals by allowing the seeker to create all of their dreams, fantasies and desires as if they were real. The senses gain the stimulation that they have craved and desired and so gain the opportunity to ultimately experience the impermanence and false power behind these experiences. Lifetimes can pass within this realm without even a moment having passed within the physical.


The Planes of Scent – The Psychic Sense of Clairessence

Moving directly from each of the senses are the planes of pure sense. The plane of scent is one of these. It is a reality which exists only of pure scent and smell, all communication, information, knowledge and interrelationship occurs here through smell. Memory of the physical body is not lost, but the disconnection is such that it seems like a far away dream.

The intention and purpose of the being that projects into this realm is what is kept intact and for this reason the congruency of learning, understanding and wisdom is never compromised. The opportunity that is given is simply to immerse oneself fully into the realm of scent. It is like an intoxication that takes hold within moments, yet although the other senses for the time being seem to diminish and dissolve completely, the sense of smell rises to a level where it far surpasses that of the normal consciousness and intellect.

Recognition of specific scents as entities and intelligences of full consciousness, wisdom and knowledge becomes completely clear and apparent. High level communication with these entities not only becomes possible, it occurs at a rate that would make normal verbal communication seem clumsy and primitive. The depth of relationship within this plane is profound. Depth of intimacy and the ability and willingness to open ourselves to experience is enormous. Interestingly, although the other senses are absent, there is absolutely no perception that one is lacking in information or undergoing any type of sensory withdrawal. There is much learning to be had here.


The Guilds of Asharem

One of the places to study in the 5th layer of the astral are the Guilds of Asharem. Entry to these guilds is allowed as long as the seeker comes with love in their heart. As with most places in the astral the keys to temples, guilds and masters will be found in the energy of the seeker. The Guild of Asharem is a good starting place however because unlike other places which require high level transmutations of energy, the Asharem Guild simply requires that the inner motivation of the seeker is towards love and self-empowerment.

Many of the teachers within are dedicated to helping seekers learn how to transmute earth plane energies into subtler etheric energies. These practices are extremely effective compared to many earth bound methods and seekers will find they are able to develop in days what would take years in the physical.

The currency in the Asharem Guild rather than money is the energetic honor of its practitioners. There is an understanding that cultivation of this inner energy and integrity is helping all practitioners within the guild move toward their goal. Unlike the physical, seekers who are dishonest in intention will be seen immediately for what they are. On the other hand seekers who are sincere will be helped and supported in transmuting and transforming their limiting and ‘negative’ energies.

Dedication to learning the methods of even a less strict guild such as the Asharem will require much commitment on the physical plane. Spiritual learning will need to become a priority, not necessarily over basic survival needs such as working and family, but for the most part spiritual development will need to revolve around other physical plane pursuits and not the other way around. All in all, the Asharem Guild is a boon to those ready to seek effective and ‘higher’ forms of spiritual learning.


Higher Self Manifestation – The Secret Key to Truly Effective Manifestation and Abundance

The highest or most effective level of manifestation is through the Higher Self. This is the direct connection to the God source, where creation becomes effortless. This is the reason why all meditation and esoteric practice has as its highest aim a connection with God or the Higher Self. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

The Higher Self or God Force manifests accurately and effortlessly because it is able to remove the blocks, download new programs and infuse the creation with energy that is required to ‘make it happen.’ The stronger the connection to this power, the quicker, more accurate and effective the manifestation becomes. This is the law of attraction at work, but instead of it taking say 1 year to manifest, the Higher Self accelerates the process so that it takes 1 week.

All creation whether spiritual, monetary, emotional or intellectual is essentially about understanding how to magnetize or attract that reality into the here and now. The Higher Self or God Force does not judge whether we choose to manifest enlightenment, good health, wealth or knowledge. Why would it? It already is all that it needs to be, it exists to be part of us – if we would have it. The Higher Self exists to be all that we would have it be – all that is required is that we allow it.


Chakra Balancing

The chakras are portal or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energies into the physical body. The body has 7 primary chakras but over 2000 secondary ones which help to direct and hold the integrity of our 3 main elements – mind, body and spirit. Since the flow of this triad is always shifting, directed by our intent and consciousness, so too must the chakra system recalibrate and find new points of balance which each shift. In other words, just as our thinking, communication, perspectives and intentions change, so do the requirements of our chakra systems.

The chakra system deals mainly with subtle energy and so for the most part this energy is able to move through subtle shifts of tension within the physical body. With enough subtle tension however, the flow of energy will slow and even stop. The result is that the body, mind and emotions will begin receiving less and less information. Information will result in less understanding and less understanding will lead to less ability. Usually this does not happen in a dramatic way, it may take years, the same way that plumbing can take years to clog up and eventually block the flow of water.

Depending on which chakras are blocked or limited, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit various manifestations. Blockages in the solar plexus for instance can result in a lack of will or strong intent to take action. This will be experienced in the body as a lessening of the bio-chemicals that create the sensation or emotion of will and purpose. Emotionally and mentally this will be experienced in corresponding mind states such as apathy or boredom. Blockages in the crown chakra will result in a disconnection from the Higher Self, as well as a difficulty connecting to the bigger picture in ones life. Just as with the solar plexus chakra, specific bio-chemicals will correspond to this particular blockage.

The link between the energy of the chakra and the bio-chemistry of the body is simply about information. There is nothing mysterious about it at all. Our whole being exists and survives because of information. There is information between the heart and the brain, information between organs and enzymes, hormones and blood, oxygen and lungs, as well as information from the outside world such as people, books, trees, the sun, the moon, gravity and electricity. Information is influence and expression, through connecting with this information a communication happens. This is the same communication that occurs between the energy of the chakras and the physical body.

The foundation ‘foot in the door’ principles to any type of chakra balancing should begin with simply spending time at the chakra location. Forget about what is written in books, references or even here for that matter. Nothing will compare to actual ‘sit down’ time with your own chakras. Its like spending time with a loved one, kids, friends and so on – we can go out and seek advanced knowledge and professional advice, but sometimes what is really needed is simply to spend time with them. It’s the same deal with the chakras. An amazing amount of communication will open up when we just listen and observe – and in this listening a great deal of balancing and integration will just happen. The results will be seen in the way the physical body feels, the mind thinks, the emotions move and the spirit flows through us.


Dedicated Spirituality

Dedicated spirituality is living spirituality. This means that abilities and skills are honed and refined continuously in daily life. Dedicated spirituality means revolving the rest of our lives around our spiritual practice and not the other way around. It is not for everyone, just as becoming an Olympic athlete is not for everyone, but achieving high levels of ability in any field will always require dedication.

The path of dedication will leave many of us behind. It will require many sacrifices, but to those of us with true intent and commitment, these sacrifices will be as little as dust. Dedication will leave behind all the illusions of spirituality, all the “should” and “should nots” will fade as we pursue real experience to define the way of true meaning and value. Our choices and actions will begin to frighten the spiritual “hobbyists” not because of any true moral slights, but because we bring light to illusions which they would otherwise hold on to. This is true power. While some would have us believe that power exists in denying fear and insecurity, we find it in facing and conquering fear, at first with trembling hands and eventually with hearts so strong that fear flees at first contact.

This is what the masters meant when they reminded us that what we truly fear is not our weakness, but our true power. We fear it because it separates us. It separates us not in truth, but in perception and it is this perception of separation, of being apart from others that frightens us. This perception is the “closed mind.” It is the outcast, the hermit, the isolated, the lonely and the alone. It is our weakness when it controls us, but when we are in control, then it is our strength. It becomes our commitment, our discipline, our dedication and purpose. This meaning and value becomes a power in itself, it inspires and gives us reason to be who we are. We change from a person who is scared to utter one word out of line, to a being who lives to be who they are.

Each and every facet of life changes through our dedication. At the same time each and every facet of our life must be faced and observed critically in order to be dedicated. Life is a succession of moments, each moment is a test of our integrity. And what is integrity? It is a being that is aligned with itself. It is a being that walks its talk. Each time that we act in a way that we feel at any level is not true or right or within our value system, we can feel our own energetic, mental and physical integrity distort. Likewise when we act in a way, that is aligned and congruent with our values and meaning then we will feel our spiritual, mental and physical integrity strengthen.

When we put off implementing and acting on what is true and right for us, then we are affirming that these inner values are not important enough right now – and so they manifest exactly as such. The will becomes weaker, clarity less so, the mind and emotions create lower energy states that help to manifest and affirm these limiting belief. It is exactly what was ordered! On the other hand when we pursue and implement our inner most values with dedication and commitment we manifest the strength to integrated these into the world, the expression to make certain that we are not ignored, the clarity to achieve the highest vision possible and the energy to match the expansion of mind and body that we are commanding.


The Closed Mind – Mastering Inner Strength and Control

The idea of the open mind has been responsible for much misdirection on the spiritual journey. It has even been used as an insult: “You have such a closed mind.” The truth is that a closed mind is one of the most powerful tools for accelerating spiritual growth, and for that matter any development at all.

Developing a closed mind is about developing inner control. By learning to close the mind to many opportunities, the mind learns to focus on just those opportunities that are of value and meaning. Instead of embracing everything and its dog, we become critical of what is worth embracing and what is not.

This requires not just judging aspects of reality at face value, but also investigating “what works.” In other words, while we may not consider certain experiences to have value, we may not be able to get out of dealing with them anyhow. A true critical mind must acknowledge this and recognize that conscious growth is as much about directing our evolution as it is about understanding where we are right now.

The closed mind is what grabs all the loose ends and draws them together. Without a closed mind we will allow everything else to be as it is, but we will fail to integrate these aspects into our own purpose and direction.

A closed mind is the mind that enables us to resist those things which would lead us off the path of truth. It is the mind that is vigilant to what is of value and meaning. Dedication is the essence of the closed mind, for it is dedication to a cause or direction which puts this value above and beyond other aspects of reality. Commitment too is congruent with the closed mind, for it is commitment that focuses purely on the goal ahead, remaining unattached to all that is of lesser priority.

By filtering out what is of no use to our main purpose, we refine that which is of real power and value. Concepts and ideas develop into techniques and abilities. Metaphors and theories become actions and realities. Each aspect of the closed mind offers an opportunity for opening at a deeper level. It is the same depth that an Olympic athlete earns when they decide to dedicate themselves to their art, forgoing many experiences that others of our world would have. It is the same depth that an adept at metaphysical manipulation gains when they shut themselves off from distraction in order to hone their skills.

The more passionate and inspired we become about a direction or purpose, the more that we choose to become dedicated and committed. This is a law of the universe. Following this law is what allows us to experience deep and real meaning in our lives. In the beginning it is learning that closing or opening the mind is not about right or wrong, but rather about appropriateness. Through the course of development from beginning to mastery, we come to understand and experience that there is in truth no absolute closure or openings. Each closure presents the opportunity for opening and each opening closes other doors. The closed mind is a choice to halt those experiences that we believe limit our development and to maximize those experiences that would support and accelerate us. In the end however, this will ultimately lead to a continual inner opening, deeper and yet deeper, until all the openings are occurring within the field of our truest meaning and purpose.


Expanding Awareness – Evolution of the Mind, Body and Consciousness

Awareness is understanding, the expansion of awareness is the expansion and deepening of understanding. Generating the forms of mind required to deepen awareness is about ability and skill. Without ability and skill the same patterns of awareness will repeat themselves. Deepening awareness requires the ability to first recognize the gates, then to recognize the key required to open the gate, and lastly the skill to move through the portal that is formed. In opposition will be the magnetism of old patterns of awareness. It is for this reason that self-discipline has always been the first key to mental mastery. Self-discipline is the strength to keep the mind to the grindstone.

As the mind initially enters each space of awareness it must learn to adjust its tension. Each shift will seem like a stretching, as if no more can be encompassed and yet we must seek the spaces where more openings can be found. This can only be accomplished through working each form into the mind. Each time we walk this “groove” with our mind, it learns through intense observation the communication that exists within this space of awareness. Without the skills to “listen” and communicate with the energies that exist here, we will not gain the keys to further expansion. Pure strength and will is not enough, because where one gate will require rigid strength, another will absorb this type of strength like a sponge, instead requiring a formula or an intelligent communication. It is recognition of these keys that students and seekers have classically come to masters for, however there must be a balance between blindly accepting keys and the process of learning to recognize keys on our own. While simply taking and training in a key will open up the experience for us, we will pass by the vital opportunity to develop the sensitivity required to recognize within our own consciousness. Without this sensitivity we may gain spiritual and metaphysical experiences, but we will lack the ability to choose and direct those experiences.

This can be likened to the difference between being told the exact words required to enact a conversation and being taught how to express communication with conscious influence and direction. Ultimately learning how to communicate through our own consciousness is what is important, however neglecting the understanding of exact words or keys would be foolhardy. Just as we need to learn etiquettes to communicate within the external world, understanding language within the world of consciousness is vital. Eventually our grasp of the language becomes fluent and we can critically decide what parts to lose and what to keep. At this point we have learnt how to express meaning with less and less importance placed on form or etiquette. However this state can only be achieved through first mastering the form. It is again similar to verbal communication in that exact phrases and such are very useful when learning a language. Then when fluency is achieved forms can be restructured in order to refine the meaning and expression within. By learning to observe the effect of a ‘phrase’ or ‘word’ we understand the meaning behind the form. It is this energy or influence behind the form that is most important. This is what unlocks dormant awareness. It is through this process of unlocking, observing, stretching and alert focus that awareness is expanded.