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Chakra Balancing

The chakras are portal or structures which help to channel and integrate subtle energies into the physical body. The body has 7 primary chakras but over 2000 secondary ones which help to direct and hold the integrity of our 3 main elements – mind, body and spirit. Since the flow of this triad is always shifting, directed by our intent and consciousness, so too must the chakra system recalibrate and find new points of balance which each shift. In other words, just as our thinking, communication, perspectives and intentions change, so do the requirements of our chakra systems.

The chakra system deals mainly with subtle energy and so for the most part this energy is able to move through subtle shifts of tension within the physical body. With enough subtle tension however, the flow of energy will slow and even stop. The result is that the body, mind and emotions will begin receiving less and less information. Information will result in less understanding and less understanding will lead to less ability. Usually this does not happen in a dramatic way, it may take years, the same way that plumbing can take years to clog up and eventually block the flow of water.

Depending on which chakras are blocked or limited, the physical and mental consciousness will exhibit various manifestations. Blockages in the solar plexus for instance can result in a lack of will or strong intent to take action. This will be experienced in the body as a lessening of the bio-chemicals that create the sensation or emotion of will and purpose. Emotionally and mentally this will be experienced in corresponding mind states such as apathy or boredom. Blockages in the crown chakra will result in a disconnection from the Higher Self, as well as a difficulty connecting to the bigger picture in ones life. Just as with the solar plexus chakra, specific bio-chemicals will correspond to this particular blockage.

The link between the energy of the chakra and the bio-chemistry of the body is simply about information. There is nothing mysterious about it at all. Our whole being exists and survives because of information. There is information between the heart and the brain, information between organs and enzymes, hormones and blood, oxygen and lungs, as well as information from the outside world such as people, books, trees, the sun, the moon, gravity and electricity. Information is influence and expression, through connecting with this information a communication happens. This is the same communication that occurs between the energy of the chakras and the physical body.

The foundation ‘foot in the door’ principles to any type of chakra balancing should begin with simply spending time at the chakra location. Forget about what is written in books, references or even here for that matter. Nothing will compare to actual ‘sit down’ time with your own chakras. Its like spending time with a loved one, kids, friends and so on – we can go out and seek advanced knowledge and professional advice, but sometimes what is really needed is simply to spend time with them. It’s the same deal with the chakras. An amazing amount of communication will open up when we just listen and observe – and in this listening a great deal of balancing and integration will just happen. The results will be seen in the way the physical body feels, the mind thinks, the emotions move and the spirit flows through us.


Healing Past Life Guilt – Releasing Karmic Debt, Pain and Suffering

Guilt is not healed so simply by moving on. It needs to be met completely. Without a complete connection there cannot be complete healing. All solutions require a complete understanding and connection with the issue at hand. Healing guilt is no different.

Guilt exists because of the perception of wrongness. Forgiveness is the doorway to healing guilt. It is the precursor to unconditional acceptance, the reunion with universal consciousness. Forgiveness will open the way through several levels. On one level the pure feeling and emotion of guilt must be opened completely. On another the aspect that was able to act in such a way as to create guilt must be forgiven also. It must be accepted and felt for what it is, without the condition that it is required to see differently or change. As soon as we require or demand change then the vibration of our forgiveness changes. The healing ability of forgiveness changes when it becomes conditional, for in being conditional we choose to hold on to part of the pain. Perhaps it is our story and we have become attached to telling it. Perhaps we feel like we need to protect ourselves, so that this will never occur again. Whether for protection or because we feel that this story has become who we are, the choice is between fear of being hurt again or healing and discovering reunion in all that we are.

By letting go of the need to protect ourselves we open up the way to finding a self that needs no protection. As long as we fear pain – then we will fear pain. As long as we need protection – then we will need protection. The path to true power is through letting go of the shields and devices that we would use to stop us from connecting with the universe and to let this connection take place. For deep understanding and thus empowerment to be realized we must move in the direction of whole connection, not denial.

Guilt holds a special opportunity for healing because the nature of guilt is about right and wrong. Even the most gifted technical healers may find difficulty with healing guilt if they do not believe that they deserve healing. It is only when we can accept that even that which we perceive to be wrong is worthy of love, can we forgive, accept and truly move on.

There is a resonance within the energy of guilt that has usually existed just below the threshold of this planets surface consciousness. This thread of emotion links all the way through all of our history and like any memory holds the reflections that have had the most impact. The perception that we have abused power has led us to fracture the way that we can wield and perceive real power. The strong magnetism that is directing this planet’s consciousness to heal guilt will help us to understand the nature and capacity of true power. At this time the resonance is slightly above the threshold of group consciousness. This means that not only can present life guilt be easily accessed, so too can the guilt of many past lives. The latch to opening into these is simply accepting even for a moment that what we do feel as guilt is quite alright and safe to feel. Allowing the essence of forgiveness to embrace guilt does not make us bad people, it does not mean that we will recreate those experiences that we perceive to be wrong. On the contrary, when we connect to forgiveness, we create forgiveness, the more we move into this space, the more we accept and are at peace. Rather than moving in the direction of creating pain, dominance and suffering, we are moving in the direction of unconditional love. We need to move away from the mindset of punishing ourselves or each other for what we perceive to be crimes and wrong doings. We may believe that we are being just in creating these states and emotions of punishment, but in truth what justice is there in perpetuating states that will continue to create anguish, misery and suffering in the world? For sure, all states of being need to be met if we are to gain positive opportunity, but those positive opportunities also need to be taken in order for them to become their potential.


Healing the Planet ~ Part 1

A journey of healing begins and ends with healing the self, but as the experience of the self expands so too does the practice of healing. Inevitably and inextricably this path leads to healing all beings and the planet Earth itself.

Human beings move primarily from a core of self-serving necessity. In the beginning this will be realized as providing for our basic survivalist needs – food, shelter, money and so on. Catering for and supplying our emotions and senses is our goal and it is usually when these goals have been saturated to a point that we begin to reflect. This reflection occurs because a space has appeared within our consciousness in between the experiences that had once so enamored us. This space is an awareness of the essential pain, emptiness and fear that we have been trying to fulfill and at the same time run away from. The depth of this space is such that it has an awareness of real depth, as if it has existed for a very long time, and yet there is still an awareness that a solution exists somewhere.

Experiencing inner peace means coming to a real understanding of our pain, emptiness and fear, but we must see with clear eyes what the “self” is before we can hope to be whole and true. Whole healing, peace and the true self are the same peak and any of these paths will lead to these. The reason for this is because when we connect to our true self we perceive through the senses of understanding. Similarly peace occurs when we meet each aspect of our consciousness with understanding and healing in itself is recognition and response which is also understanding. Inner peace is practiced by seeking and exploring each facet of our mind and body and being completely open. Healing is practiced by seeking that which we perceive needs healing and to listen and communicate. Finding the true self is practiced by training the senses and developing focus and concentration. Initially these paths will have distinct signatures. One may seem very disciplined and strict, another may seem open and intuitive and the other still and quiet. Further development tears open the curtains to how we believed the path was meant to go and we are enveloped by new and often contradictory truths.

What is strict and disciplined will need to evolve and change when the purpose of our development changes. To truly explore we must eventually open our minds to new opportunities, this will not occur if we are too rigid and stuck to our path.

The path that is still and quiet must become loud and chaotic if we are too truly find peace, because real peace is found unconditionally and in all things not just in the presence of contrived and created peace.

Open intuition must also know resistance in order to learn how to sustain and direct a path of intention and creation.

The attributes that reflect parts of our consciousness that require understanding, recognition, response and direction are found by connection with our external world and people and observing the connection where it occurs: the physical and mental levels of our mind.


Emotional Mastery Pt 1

The gatekeepers between the personality self and the true self are the emotions. In truth the journey between personality and truth is simple – we move our consciousness from “here” to “there.” This principle holds true for any spiritual realization from the most basic fundamental of awareness to the most incredibly profound experience of oneness with the universe. The shape of the path of truth is straight, it is our steps that are crooked. As we straighten our steps the way becomes simple.

Movement of the consciousness reveals many layers and levels of the self. Each level expresses itself with certain feelings and sensations that ultimately control us through the emotions we attach to it. While one direction of mind will elicit an emotion of joy, love and bliss, others will reveal emotions of pure frustration, irritation and fear. The really interesting thing is that each of these emotions, whether we perceive them as positive or negative can, if given the opportunity, absorb us and so prevent us from moving further along the path to our true self. An emotion that is perceived as positive will not only be thought of as such, it will be felt, and sometimes quite strongly. This often provides an even greater challenge to pass than the so called negative emotions, as pleasure has it’s own way of taking away the motivation or desire to keep on moving. It caresses us to stay here a little bit longer. It convinces us that this is what we are looking for. On the other hand painful emotions prompt us to move on and learn, and if we have the tools we will continue studiously to use them to transcend.

Recognizing that our mind and body reacts to pain with aversion and pleasure with craving is the first step to mastery. Recognition must come in the form of observation of the body and mind, then at the juncture that body and mind meets, consciousness is given the opportunity to move through and perceive spirit. Through observation of mind and body we will notice that with each sensation that arises an emotion connects to it. As our observation becomes refined and sharp we notice the birth of this emotion. Observing deeper we notice the space before the birth and we move through.

Emotional mastery requires that we move in the direction of fully understanding all emotional energy. This means that rather than retreating from the experience we enter into it. This is the true meaning of detachment. To retreat is not detachment. To retreat is to fear or avoid the meeting of emotion and experience. Detachment is to be able to fully connect with emotion and experience and keep our consciousness clear. In this state our consciousness does not add to the experience. It does not add the perception of emotion, it does not add the perception of good or bad. It simply experiences reality as it is. When consciousness exists at this place, mind and body walks the path to the true self in a straight line.


The Art of Healing

Healing is essentially effective communication. It is an interaction of information in the form of intention, electrical signals and bio-chemicals to the physical and mental consciousness. The purpose of the communication is to facilitate an awareness of whole or holistic health. Whole health means that every level of being, mind, body and spirit is operating with harmony and with ease – which is also to say that it is free of dis-ease. Harmony too is more than a meaningless esoteric concept, it means that there is a balance of tension and relaxation, that mental stresses, desires and aversions are not causing feelings of discontent, and that the body is able to process the information and energies that it is receiving. Each area of consciousness has a way of expression. When we learn to listen and speak in the languages of our consciousness we gain the ability to realize holistic health.
Healing is integral to the path of empowerment. Many of us realize after a time of walking this path that the reason that started them on the path in the first place was a feeling of separation from their self. This perception of separation is the reason for the sense of sadness and loneliness that many of us feel – whether it is perceived as a flicker or is all pervading. Whole health brings integration. With sustained intention we bring our consciousness back to an awareness of oneness. We bridge the gap between feeling sadness and knowing inner peace. When we bridge this gap then illusion begins to dissolve. The same principle is applied in many types of energetic, natural, Shamanic and Metaphysical Healing modalities. We are simply using a medium of energy to guide our bodies and minds to connecting with what wholeness feels like. We do this again and again. There is a learning occurring on different levels. It may feel like on one level our body and mind is learning what wholeness feels like from a different part of our consciousness, but it can often feel like this “teaching” part of our consciousness is also learning to “listen” and feel for what to show the “student” parts! The learning, development and understanding is occurring on many levels and dimensions.

The art of healing is developed into fine art worthy of the greatest galleries through practice and refinement. We need to observe the effect of our communication.

Is it doing something? What is it doing? How long is it sustaining effect for? Could we increase the effect?

The communication is much like any communication. Say we are washing the car. We throw a cup of water on the car. What effect? Have we achieved our ends? Perhaps we need to grab a bucket or a hose. How about another example. Let’s say we are making friends with someone. We come across one way. Observe. They seem to be backing away. Is this what we wish to achieve? Perhaps we can try something else. They seem to be smiling. Is this what we wish to achieve? The exact same principles apply in healing. The only differences are learning to listen to the language spoken and learning to express the languages which are effective for positive change.

Everyone is capable of being a healer. We are all natural healers. One only needs to see the reaction of a parent seeing their new born child to know that the child has the essence required to open and nurture a heart. The love that is invoked here is emotional healing. Realizing our healing abilities on a broader level takes knowledge, understanding and of course practice. The art of energy healing is beginning to gain acceptance in society as doctors, nurses and hospitals are undergoing training or recruiting Reiki practitioners. As a society we are beginning to realize that instead of flat out rejecting “new” claims to whole health, that we have little except our well worn beliefs to lose by seeing if they can step up to the claim. Granted there are practitioners who cannot do what they would claim, but I put this down to ego, pride and lack of honest appraisal. The truth is that technique alone does not make a healer, just as learning a recipe does not make a master chef. Development comes through experience and humble sincerity. Time has allowed those with real dedication to realize their skills and ability and the world is beginning to see and hear about healers who are true masters of the art. This development will have a profound effect on spiritual, personal and societal development. As more people begin to learn and really master the ability to affect energy, minds will changes, lives will change and the world will change. This is an exciting time.


The Power of Sanctuary

Sanctuary exists in the mind. It is a state where we can find our center, a place where we can experience clarity and inner strength. Sanctuary can exist in external spaces as well as internal spaces because the mind is capable of attaching meaning, feeling and emotion to anything. The ultimate sanctuary will always be a mind that is free, but understanding where and who we are right now, and the environment that would best support development of the inner state of freedom, is the essence of wisdom.

For centuries monks, ascetics, mystics and shamans have recognized the power in developing their mind through the use of external sanctuaries. These places develop a consciousness of their own that supports the internal structures which are being created. Whether we find sanctuary in homes, forest walks, yoga studios, monasteries, work places or caves, the power exists in the internal state that these places aid us in realizing.

We come back stronger, wiser, refreshed and revived – more in tune with our purpose.

An effective sanctuary must be appropriate to our goals. It must reflect our mind state and desires. If our goal is to rest and revive the spirit then our sanctuary must aid in creating that state. If the goal is to inspire then a sanctuary must aid in realizing this state.

The opportunity exists here to realize an internal state which is congruent with the state we find in our external sanctuaries. Through observation we can listen to the changes which occur when we move from a location of peace to a location of hustle and bustle. Through conscious awareness we can learn to allow the external personality and body to do what it needs to do. Perhaps we have busy jobs and need to be on the go, perhaps our lives requires analytical thought or creation within a high stress environment. There is a necessity in allowing our minds to take the shape of these processes in order to do what needs to be done – but through developing a connection to the real meaning of sanctuary we realize that no matter how stressful life becomes, no matter how much intense interaction we engage in, no matter the ups and downs – that a place always exists where lives the true essence of sanctuary. It exists regardless of all the chaos around it. Even if that chaos be something that we are perpetuating within our own minds. This is the reality of experiencing an infinite mind. It is a mind that is capable of chaos and struggle but also in that exact same instant pure and deep inner peace. No matter how many times the mind is “split” or made to take different forms and “shapes” we realize that it is still infinite. The seemingly finite part only exists because we believe that we are less that what we truly are. Infinite exists in realizing that we are always more.

A certain level of skill is developed in practicing sanctuary and centeredness in a place of advantage. This may be a place of peace, quiet and tranquility, or a place that inspires clarity. A different level of flexibility is developed however when we bring our practice to places that we perceive as chaotic, noisy and intense. Yet another level is developed when we bring our practice to mind states that we perceive as emotionally chaotic, noisy and intense. A flexible mind is a mind that is able to actually experience different states. It has the freedom to choose. Through finding peace within the most intense fits of anger we see through the illusion. That is, we realize that peace exists regardless of anger. We first need to trust that it exists and then we need to listen for it. We just need to actually practice finding it. This reality cannot be realized if we wait until we are calm until finding peace. It’s a different reality – it simply shows us that peace exists when we are calm. This is in itself is a very valuable state, but it requires a condition that we be calm before acquiring peace.

Listen for love within a mind that feels hatred, forgiveness within a mind that writhes with jealousy, peace within a mind that screams with anger, compassion within a mind that churns with confusion. The mind that can see more than what a particular energy or emotion would trick it into being, is a mind that is free, flexible and powerful. Shifting into this way of seeing we can begin to realize and actually experience love which actually is unconditional – whether we are full of hate or full of joy. We can begin to understand inner peace which actually is eternal – whether we are angry or full of jealousy. All our programs and attachments are shaken up because they live through the experience of actually feeling and seeing infinite states made real. This is deep power and it is a state that everyone is capable of realizing today. Even if the connection to an infinite mind appears to be the merest thread of the beginning of imagination, stay with it – it is the thread which will eventually lift up the veil over our eyes.

There are no chosen ones because we are all chosen. Empowerment does not come only for those that are joyous, calm and happy. It exists for us all unconditionally. Even if we be in the deepest of despair, wracked by guilt, shame, doubt or grief the opportunity to connect to more exists. “More” opens up again and again, moving towards the essence of infinite mind, the reality of which leads to freedom of choices. Some of these choices are unconditional love, inner peace and empowerment, which takes us full circle, because each of those states is a real and true experience of sanctuary.

All journeys start with a step. That step may be in the form of a thought and intention. Allow that thought to be in the form of finding your own inner center – your sanctuary. Once activated this sanctuary is a true and eternal friend.


The Alchemy of Anger – Transforming the Energy of Anger into Empowerment

Healing and empowerment through anger is realized when we are able to connect with anger where it exists. This is infinitely different from the reaction that we usually have to anger. We usually “manage” anger by repressing it or releasing it. As a result we fear anger as opposed to being empowered by it. Today we will be discussing a method to shape our minds in such a way that we channel the frequency of anger to nourish and support our body and mind.

The desire to repress or release anger comes from our aversion to this particular frequency. Our minds have developed patterns of management that have also formed ideologies. It has become normal for us to either criticize the world that seems to make us angry or to criticize ourselves. Or we simply choose to deny the fact that we are angry at all and repress the emotion. These patterns occur because we have an aversion to the feeling of anger. It is as much a physical reaction to the biochemical reaction as it is a mental and intellectual reaction.

Learning to become empowered through our anger requires a training on the physical as well as mental level.

When we can coordinate our mind with the frequency of anger a shift takes place. We learn to move into the embodied manifestation of anger consciously and we gain the ability to channel it’s energy with 100% purpose and focus. It becomes an energy which can be use creatively and consciously, as opposed to the usual reaction of repressing or releasing. The two principles are at opposites. One is a rejection of the frequency of anger – the other is an embracing. Ironically through embracing anger we actually become free of the usual negatively associated symptoms of anger. Instead we learn to use it’s energy for nourishment, inspiration and conscious action.

Connecting consciously with the frequency of anger is a different path from that which most of us are accustomed. We have not been trained to do it, we also have beliefs about the rights and wrongs of anger. Many of us will already have an aversion to the mere word “anger”. Practicing the method outlined here will aid in healing the many beliefs and wounds we have developed around anger.

Work with this exercise:

Begin by observing your body. Pay attention to how it feels.

Begin to think about the things which seem unjust and wrong.

Give yourself permission to complain, rant and rage. What is it that is wrong with the world? How have you been wronged?

How have you wronged yourself?

Think about the things that you would stand up for.

Who is the part of you that would fight for what is right? Who is the part of you that would protect your family? Your friends?

Give yourself permission to feel the reflections of anger within.

Is there hate? Revulsion? Observe how they feel in your body.

Take how ever long you need to connect with this feeling. If it should fade simply find that place again.

We are not forcing anger to arise. We are simply feeling for the frequency however light or subtle it may be – however hidden or strong it may be.

At the volume of a deep breath allow yourself to say “ah.”

Allow the pitch of the “ah” to rise and match the pitch or frequency of the anger. We are not aiming at volume but intensity. It may become like a silent roar or scream.

If your face or body feels like expressing, let it express.

Connect the “ah” to the frequency and feeling of anger.

Give yourself permission to really let it out.

Stop making the sound and simply observe the sensations of your body. Observe where the anger was manifesting and notice the feeling of it.

Allow your consciousness to touch it.

How does it feel?

Has it changed at all?

Move through and into it. Observing how the feeling feels physically in your body.

And again begin the silent roar.

Really put yourself into it!

It’s best to explore and find the pitch of the intensity for yourself but here’s a tip if you’re feeling lost. Most people feel anger as a very high vibration in their heads. It is also reported as feeling or sounding like a roaring in the head.

Where ever or however it is, allow your consciousness to move into it.

We are training our minds to move into the fire, to become one. We learn to sit in the fire and become the fire. There is no need to fear. Become the pure energy.

Visualize yourself moving into the anger. Allow your mind to yield and become non-resistant. In it’s formless state it is able to become the shape of anger.

If you simply feel echoes of anger allow yourself to feel into these. Know that they are portals to the full experience of anger.

Come back to observing the body. Allow it to be. Allow your thoughts to be. Simply bring your mind to the feeling of the anger. Allow everything else to be as it is.

If you should visualize anything there, simply allow these sights to pass like a movie. Observe.

Good results seem to come from this practice when we alternate the silent roar with moments of observation and so on. Explore and experiment. Find what works best for you. You may also find that a different sound than “ah” works better. Go for it. The practice is about results and results are about what works for you.

In the beginning when practicing there may be fear upon entering anger, we may flinch or we may be in awe. Whatever comes up allow it to come and just continue with the focusing on the feeling of anger and the “ah.”

We feel fear because we can feel our mind stretching, expanding – we feel as if we should surely burst and erupt with anger – but we do not. We are developing the full consciousness of body and mind to feel the anger. We are developing an expanded consciousness.

Our former aversions to anger are simply a perception of the mind. When we learn to fully embrace anger with body and mind – a deep peace and power will be experienced. It is a very humbling and noble experience.
We can also observe that by opening ourselves to anger in this way we can clearly and coherently begin to understand the messages of the anger. It is telling us not what it believes is wrong – it is telling us what we believe is wrong. It is a messenger showing us how we perceive the world. We then have the opportunity to choose. Do we change the world or do we change our reactions to the world. What we have gained is the clarity to make this decision based on the unity between emotion and intellect.

Anger will stand up for the things that are important to us. It will elicit change for the things which we decide matter to us. It will stand up for the values and principles which we choose to make important.

Anger is needed when we need to to do something dramatically different. It may require us to take a good hard look at ourselves and ask what is wrong. It gives us a sign that there is something to be looked at – something to be made right.

Know that right and wrong are rules which we give meaning to – and where there is meaning there will be importance. If the principles that are right to us are violated and ignored, then anger will give us it’s message. It is asking us to take action. To change the circumstances that we are in – to transform.

We desire to feel differently. Anger gives us this opportunity.

Our reasons for change may be related to the work we do, interactions with friends or loved ones – but ultimately it is the way that we are communicating with ourselves.

One thing to keep in mind with this practice is that the implementation into daily life requires the mind and body connection to unite. We have within us a strong pattern that with anger must come release – and so when intense anger comes our body and mind react instantly. Through practice we can train our bodies to surpass the external release and we enter into the anger. By practicing on the smaller echoes of anger during solo practice, we can prepare ourselves for eventually being able to channel the energy of the larger more intense manifestations.

But remember to forgive yourself if you do at times lose yourself to anger.

While repression or projection can lead to us being a prisoner of anger – expansion of the mind leads to liberation and empowerment.

Anger is a very confronting emotion for many of us to manage let alone change our beliefs and the way we respond to it as drastically as I have outlined in this article. If we observe our usual relationship with anger however we must admit that many methodologies have not delivered us real results. We need to assess what works and what does not if we are to get where we want to go in this world. I for one will not tell anyone what their path is – I simply offer a method for finding healing through anger. As always I encourage you to explore if it is right for you.


P.S. Of course the technique is far easier to explain person to person ( I’m doing my best to put it into words). If you have any questions or comments regarding it feel free to contact me.