The Art of Healing

Healing is essentially effective communication. It is an interaction of information in the form of intention, electrical signals and bio-chemicals to the physical and mental consciousness. The purpose of the communication is to facilitate an awareness of whole or holistic health. Whole health means that every level of being, mind, body and spirit is operating with harmony and with ease – which is also to say that it is free of dis-ease. Harmony too is more than a meaningless esoteric concept, it means that there is a balance of tension and relaxation, that mental stresses, desires and aversions are not causing feelings of discontent, and that the body is able to process the information and energies that it is receiving. Each area of consciousness has a way of expression. When we learn to listen and speak in the languages of our consciousness we gain the ability to realize holistic health.
Healing is integral to the path of empowerment. Many of us realize after a time of walking this path that the reason that started them on the path in the first place was a feeling of separation from their self. This perception of separation is the reason for the sense of sadness and loneliness that many of us feel – whether it is perceived as a flicker or is all pervading. Whole health brings integration. With sustained intention we bring our consciousness back to an awareness of oneness. We bridge the gap between feeling sadness and knowing inner peace. When we bridge this gap then illusion begins to dissolve. The same principle is applied in many types of energetic, natural, Shamanic and Metaphysical Healing modalities. We are simply using a medium of energy to guide our bodies and minds to connecting with what wholeness feels like. We do this again and again. There is a learning occurring on different levels. It may feel like on one level our body and mind is learning what wholeness feels like from a different part of our consciousness, but it can often feel like this “teaching” part of our consciousness is also learning to “listen” and feel for what to show the “student” parts! The learning, development and understanding is occurring on many levels and dimensions.

The art of healing is developed into fine art worthy of the greatest galleries through practice and refinement. We need to observe the effect of our communication.

Is it doing something? What is it doing? How long is it sustaining effect for? Could we increase the effect?

The communication is much like any communication. Say we are washing the car. We throw a cup of water on the car. What effect? Have we achieved our ends? Perhaps we need to grab a bucket or a hose. How about another example. Let’s say we are making friends with someone. We come across one way. Observe. They seem to be backing away. Is this what we wish to achieve? Perhaps we can try something else. They seem to be smiling. Is this what we wish to achieve? The exact same principles apply in healing. The only differences are learning to listen to the language spoken and learning to express the languages which are effective for positive change.

Everyone is capable of being a healer. We are all natural healers. One only needs to see the reaction of a parent seeing their new born child to know that the child has the essence required to open and nurture a heart. The love that is invoked here is emotional healing. Realizing our healing abilities on a broader level takes knowledge, understanding and of course practice. The art of energy healing is beginning to gain acceptance in society as doctors, nurses and hospitals are undergoing training or recruiting Reiki practitioners. As a society we are beginning to realize that instead of flat out rejecting “new” claims to whole health, that we have little except our well worn beliefs to lose by seeing if they can step up to the claim. Granted there are practitioners who cannot do what they would claim, but I put this down to ego, pride and lack of honest appraisal. The truth is that technique alone does not make a healer, just as learning a recipe does not make a master chef. Development comes through experience and humble sincerity. Time has allowed those with real dedication to realize their skills and ability and the world is beginning to see and hear about healers who are true masters of the art. This development will have a profound effect on spiritual, personal and societal development. As more people begin to learn and really master the ability to affect energy, minds will changes, lives will change and the world will change. This is an exciting time.