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The Art of Creating Reality.

Activating Etheric Manifestation

The Etheric is where manifestation first takes place, it begins with vibration and become denser until reaching critical mass in the physical. Setting up ‘trends’ or self-sustaining currents of intention and energy within the Etheric is the most direct method of bringing solid manifestation into physical reality. The best method for this is to project directly into the emotional plane and then exit this plane by continuing through to the subtler Etheric. Using this method will ensure that emotional limitations have been transcended for the purposes of this excursion.

You will notice that in this plane your consciousness is devoid of the usual ‘mix’ of emotions. This is because of the lighter density of this plane. Learning to set up ‘trends’ or a current of self-sustaining manifestation is relatively easy because most limiting beliefs simply cannot exist here. The main issue will simply be learning to charge and build the ‘structure’ or ‘trend’ – this is something that will be rapidly learned through practice.

Enlist the aid of devas, elementals and other beings of this plane – you should not have any issues with lower plane entities because once again their density is too ‘thick’ to enter. Elementals are often chaotic but observing and learning to communicate with them will increase your understanding of how this plane works. You will notice that they, devas and other beings manifest easily here and with a joyous, reckless abandon. Their reasons and intentions may not match your own, but what is important is to understand and observe the methods and principles that they implement and to learn from this.

Returning to the physical you should have a strong, tangible impression or feeling of these connections in the Etheric linking through to your own being. If you have clairvoyance you will see the energies from these structures working with your own energies and if you have clairaudience you will hear them communicating with your own being. These structures and devices will sustain and create your manifestations pretty much 24/7 so ensure to reprogram or transform them when you have achieved your goals.


Metaphysical Technology

The influx of metaphysical technologies into this planet is moving into a new stage now. Where the harnessing of such technologies has largely been in the underground movements even within fringe new age groups, recognition of potential power and knowledge is beginning to be realized. The melding of consciousness and technology heralds expanded opportunities for manifestation, astral projection, healing and spiritual realization and as long as the balance is kept between the esoteric and exoteric principles, the path of self-mastery and control will continue to progress.

The advantages of using metaphysical technologies are many. For the novice they offer a way of sustaining high levels of energy and intent even when the consciousness is not yet able to hold these frequencies. It is much like a computer is able to tap into complex equations at a level and speed that most human beings are not.

Metaphysical technologies range from the very physical implements to etheric artifacts and structures. The method and material used to create these artifacts will determine the power and ease with which they can access each plane of reality. Ancient knowledge is now being understood and channeled in as to how to create technology that can link and transcend several planes simultaneously. The ability to link these planes and to draw energy from one seamlessly into a creation of another holds profound opportunities.


Higher Self Manifestation – The Secret Key to Truly Effective Manifestation and Abundance

The highest or most effective level of manifestation is through the Higher Self. This is the direct connection to the God source, where creation becomes effortless. This is the reason why all meditation and esoteric practice has as its highest aim a connection with God or the Higher Self. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

The Higher Self or God Force manifests accurately and effortlessly because it is able to remove the blocks, download new programs and infuse the creation with energy that is required to ‘make it happen.’ The stronger the connection to this power, the quicker, more accurate and effective the manifestation becomes. This is the law of attraction at work, but instead of it taking say 1 year to manifest, the Higher Self accelerates the process so that it takes 1 week.

All creation whether spiritual, monetary, emotional or intellectual is essentially about understanding how to magnetize or attract that reality into the here and now. The Higher Self or God Force does not judge whether we choose to manifest enlightenment, good health, wealth or knowledge. Why would it? It already is all that it needs to be, it exists to be part of us – if we would have it. The Higher Self exists to be all that we would have it be – all that is required is that we allow it.


Work Smarter and Harder

Somewhere along the line the desire for achievement without effort came into play. “Smarter not harder” became a kind of motto. Nowhere is this more evident than in many of the metaphysical theories of manifestation that suggest that no physical action need to be implemented when the right mind set is in place. Ironically what actually needs to be injected into this mix is a healthy dose of “smart”. The truth of the matter is that “smart” has little to do with clinging blindly to phrases, concepts and theories. “Smart” is all about taking in the reality of the situation and observing the most appropriate way of action.

The best way is not always the easiest way, nor is it necessarily the hardest.

Essentially, the best way will often be the way that gets the job done.

Creating aversion to hard work has nothing to do with intelligence, smartness or positive results. Aversion is aversion and it is an unclear mind that seeks to justify this aversion through creating slogans and excuses. A smart mind is a critical and analytical mind. It is a mind of judgment and needs to be capable and ready of breaking down any obstacles that are limiting achievement. Nine times out of ten these obstacles are ones of our own making.

Intelligence only has real power if it serves a real purpose. Otherwise it is simply like a computer, a number cruncher but unable to create or find any real meaning or fulfillment. As soon as the mind believes that hard work is bad and needs to be avoided like the plague, then it has created its own stupidity. From this point on every time it sees hard work it doesn’t recognize it as a true opportunity for achievement. The limitations on potential become massive. Effective intelligence recognizes what needs to be done, then reflects on what resources are needed to get the job done. It is not about hard, it is not about easy – it is about results.

This perspective shifts the entire paradigm of hard and easy. The reason for this is because the mind understands the purpose. The shift goes from one of avoiding hard work and seeking the easy, to finding the path of results. Fulfillment then comes from achieving these results, rather than simply finding an easy way to achieve lesser or no results. This process purifies the mind also. “Hard” and “easy” are relative and they are perceptions. The more that we avoid hard work, the harder it becomes. The more that we just do it, the easier it becomes.

It is this shift that brings a realization of what “working smarter” is really about. “Smarter” truly is more about getting these beliefs of “its all too hard” out of our heads. These beliefs more than anything, are what make the work really hard.


The Foundation of Magic ~ Part 2 ~ The Secret to Unlocking Magical and Metaphysical Abilities

Magic creates a direction in which to channel consciousness. At the same time the art of Magic is not adverse to the use of tools, reagents and other ingredients as catalysts and mediums of energy. These ingredients provide a window into these energies and the reasons for how they alter cause and effect. Where many practitioners of “pure” meditation can reach plateaus where they cannot bridge spaces to further development, the aid of external energies and ingredients can provide the information that is required. In principle there is no difference between guidance from a human consciousness and guidance from a plant extract, crystal or herb. Knowledge is knowledge.

Moving the mind into an ingredient or reagent is essentially the same as moving the mind into any form or shape of consciousness. Observation opens the way to recognition and by focusing the mind through this channel an understanding of the energy’s properties becomes available. If the mind feels stretched as it learns to do this then the process is working!

With practice deeper levels of connection to the specific energies are found and the ability to use lesser and lesser amounts of ingredients and reagents will be noticed. This becomes a tangible way to measure the increasing ability of the mind to take the form and property of these specific energies. As the mind gains the ability to manifest directly, the opportunity to continue the process of development can be sustained by increasing the “intensity” of the goal. This will in turn require a deeper sensitivity and strength of the energies required to manifest this goal.

The art of Magic leads to the same place ultimately as the art of pure meditation. At the peak the mind recognizes itself as the creator of all things, and this understanding reveals the universal processes inherent in all esoteric arts and sciences. The way is almost never straight and linear, and knowledge however profound will not become wisdom without the integration of consciousness. The more expansive this consciousness, the more masterful our ability to integrate and therefore access and use this wisdom and knowledge.


Recognition and Advanced Manifestation ~ Part 3

Mastery of the skills of manifestation comes through intensive practice and work. We must develop the ability to continuously confront and respond to what is required. This practice must be cultivated until courage, sensitivity and awareness becomes natural.

All masters who have developed the ability to manifest instantly have progressed through the ranks of first expending massive amounts of energy, focus and will in training. The furnace of training involved in this type of practice is what tempers and conditions the consciousness and enables it to move and create. There is no avoiding this if we are to gain these skills. The very fears, doubts, lack of patience and confusion that would prompt us to find an easy route to manifestation are the exact same aspects that will strengthen and develop our consciousness. We need these aspects to develop strength and sensitivity, a type strength and sensitivity that enables us to control our consciousness. This is what manifestation is and requires.

There are types of manifestation that are like puffs of wind and to those of us that can perceive this energy we can see that it is instantly dispersed. There is quite literally not enough energy or effort to hold it in our reality. The type of energy that we need to develop is of the mindset that is resolute and fixed in its determination to achieve its goals. If we have the mindset that we wish to manifest but only if we need not do any real hard work, then this is the exact intention that is expressed and projected. If we have the mindset that we will do whatever is required, that we will find a way and that even if we meet a wall we will climb over or find a way around it – then this is the type of energy and intention that we will manifest. At the mental level this type of consciousness looks for opening and opportunities everywhere. At the physical level the body is prepared and sensitive to respond.

Mastery of manifestation has never been about producing reality effortlessly. This has simply been a byproduct. The aim of manifestation is just that – to manifest exactly what we want, using whatever tools and knowledge we have and can get our hands on. This mindset creates that of an inspired, disciplined and dedicated explorer, on the lookout for new and better ways to do what we do.

It is this mindset that creates effortless power.

By finding ways in which first and foremost we achieve our goals we find better ways to succeed. If we simply seek to find easy ways and forgo making achievement our priority then we will find that what we create are ways of ease but not a lot in the direction of success. Finding ways that lead to our goals provides an opportunity to know and understand the destination. Then we can find paths of lesser resistance and effortless power. The ironic beauty is, that in achieving effortless power we have already transcended the need for it.


Recognition and Manifestation ~ Part 2

Directing consciousness, recognizing what is required and responding to this requirement are what allow our intentions to become manifested. Of all of these it is perhaps recognition which is most commonly missed and the primary reason that manifestation fails.

Recognition allows us to see exactly why experiences are unfolding as they are and the directions needed to affect positive change.

Recognition is the ability to see the threads of life that can lead us to our goals. If we are working to manifest a home, recognition will direct our mind to understanding what we currently know and do not know about houses and perhaps lead us to a builder or real estate agent. If we are working to manifest a healthy body recognition will direct our mind to understanding what we currently know and do not know about a healthy body and lead us to information, people and resources that will help to elicit this change. The stronger we direct our intention to manifest the more threads and directions will become apparent to us.

Recognition is the reason that we form relationships with teachers, mentors and those more experienced than us. They are able to recognize where we are on the path, what we need to move us to a level of higher awareness and see whether our practices are working for us. In the first however it is ourselves that recognize that we can accelerate our progress by learning from a teacher or mentor.

As recognition and response evolves to a deeper level, integration moves toward a direction of happening instantaneously. Solutions are understood, the necessary energies and emotions are fueled in such a way that limiting beliefs will be moved through and supporting beliefs can come to the fore. All of this occurs in that instant of recognition. At an internal level the forces of consciousness will have mobilized and formed the necessary forms to elicit expression within external reality.

It is important to understand that in the beginning manifestation will often require what we perceive to be an internal as well as external recognition and response. That is to say that external action will be required to fulfill internal needs. As training progresses it will seem as if less external response is needed until finally the process becomes entirely internal. Reaching this stage requires a deep and thorough understanding of the communication and relationship between the internal and external worlds. Real and tangible integration occurs only when we actually experience the connection between the two, and this can only be achieved through observation and recognition.


The Power of Intention pt 2

The space between the senses and the object of our senses is the place to observe and direct intention. This space is like an empty canvas and it is precisely this emptiness that is able to carry and contain the essence of our intention. It is like finding a free area of land to plant some new trees. When the foundations have been set it is possible to direct intention into areas that are not empty because we have created enough structures that allow room for further development and growth. This is similar to the process of developing focus and observation before branching off into other areas such as the psychic senses or manifestation. When we have developed the basic foundations or 1st level skills then we will find that the 2nd level skills are able to be developed.

The practice of intention can be integrated through the development of our most basic practices of observation and focus. To engrain our practice of focus with the direction of clarity and effortlessness, we observe and find the space between the mind that is focusing and the object of focus. Into this space we feel and direct what we believe to be the effects of clarity and effortlessness. We refine this process by questioning whether the clarity and effortlessness we are observing is the clearest it can be. If it is not then we seek still deeper. We “listen” and feel for the most genuine level of effortless clarity we can find. This is the process of stretching and remember that a stretch will always feel like this. It will feel like a long reach and at the very perimeter of the stretch it will feel as if our hold or grasp on it is tenacious. This is as it should be. A stretch must feel like a stretch, but through practice what at present may feel unstable will become stable. We then can use this stability to stretch further. In time we will be able to connect strongly to focus with clarity and effortless and the feeling and effect will be 100% genuine.

Directing intention into observation works in the same way. We find the space between the observer and what is being observed. Into this space we direct what we believe to be the most genuine feeling of objective mind we can perceive. We further direct this intention to continue to be alert to seeking a deeper more genuine level of objective observation.

In developing these basic skills we are also creating the ability to engineer and manifest consciousness. It is this consciousness and our mastery of it that allows us to create our reality. Practicing and experiencing the effects of directing inspiration, empowerment, love and clarity into the spaces in our consciousness brings purpose, reason and meaning into our lives. Directing beacons of intention that listen for information on how to integrate clairvoyance or clairaudience brings knowledge and communication into our lives.

Intention is very much the practice of how to use skills. If skills were like paints then intention is learning how to paint. The paint itself is the perception, belief or frequency of energy that we seek to create. The inspiration behind the painting is the reason or meaning that we choose to create in the first place. Each of these aspects needs to be understood if we are to manifest our realities effectively and congruently.


The Power of Intention Part 1

Intention is the directing of consciousness. It is moving the consciousness into areas with a desire to affect a particular result. Intention is a powerful tool for manifestation when used to gather the specific frequencies and knowledge required. Weaving the psychic skills with direction of intention allows us to gather the exact information that we need be it in the form of visions, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes or other forms of knowledge. Integrating this knowledge which can often be done immediately begins to elicit the changes that we desire. The process of refining the practice utilizes the exact same principles. If something is not occurring the way we wish it to then we direct our intention to gathering the information as to what needs to be added, subtracted, sped up or slowed down. This is a two fold development of learning how to manifest and learning how to gain precise information. In time the process of intention, information gathering and implementing this knowledge will occur simultaneously and accurately.

It is important to observe and access the information coming through with honest and open awareness. This is perhaps one of the main difficulties inherent within the art of manifestation. For example information may be coming through that to create a certain result energy needs to be built and gathered for 4 weeks. If this crucial detail is ignored then a person may believe that their manifestation has failed where as what has actually occurred is that they have simply not followed through on all the necessary requirements. The development of accurately and clearly perceiving information is also important. The mind needs to be directed with the intention to understand and hear, see or feel clearly and then we need to observe and allow ourselves to find this space within us. Through continuous training the mind understands exactly what it is that we are wishing to access and in time we can connect with these spaces effortlessly.

The understanding of how intention works is like how water finds it’s way through rocks. If there are many rocks the water will continue to weave around them until it reaches it’s destination. Similarly intention is a direction of the mind. When the mind finds an obstacle or distraction is must allow that entity to be as it is and simply find a way around it. In the case of the mind, intention is the place of knowledge as well as the consciousness that is seeking connection with this place. In time the two become one and this is the process that dissolves the illusion of location or separateness. This is when the acquisition of knowledge becomes effortless and instantaneous.


The Power of Experience

There are no concepts or theories that can ever compare to actual experience. Experience is the truest and deepest teacher because it allows feeling and sensation to penetrate our being to the core and allow us to realize true meaning and power. Perhaps just as importantly experience is the difference between dissecting what works and what is fantasy.

When so much in the spiritual and personal development arena is puffed up by words and promises the only thing that will directly cut to the core is experience. Experience, actually feeling and living the reality of a theory or concept will immediately clear the table of all that is not real. What is left is solid and tangible. The opportunity that this provides us is two-fold. On the one hand it provides us with a foundation upon which to build further skill and on the other it presents our intellectual and doubting mind with results. From these results we sow the seeds of confidence and this confidence in turn fuels and sustains our practice. This is the cycle that ultimately brings us to our goals.

The first fundamental of all practice and therefore experience will always be focus. Without focus our energies and mind are scattered. We may have direction, we may have ideas and knowledge, but without focus all these are rendered impotent. Focus is the energy and mind state that allows us to integrate our other skills and knowledge. After focus we must realize awareness. Awareness is the art of listening and it is the only way we have of understanding the “canvas” upon which we are creating. Without awareness or listening it is like having a conversation and not knowing what the other is saying. The communication becomes ineffective. Where ever we are on the path these two fundamentals must be entrained into us. Our mind and body must be guided to experience the feeling of focus and the feeling of awareness. It is only through this experience that our consciousness can receive the knowledge at the deepest levels of mind and body. Without this integration we will always lack focus and awareness and without these developing other skills is a relative waste of time. They will have no foundation to stand on and no way of assessing their potency.

When the foundation is built and by this I mean experienced solidly then there are many paths or branches available. There is the path of Enlightenment, Realization and Alchemy. There is the Hermetic path, the path of Magic and Metaphysics, the Astral path or the path of Yoga. All these paths require their principles to be internalized through experience to truly be understood. Otherwise they are merely metaphors, stories, concepts and theories. Without experience it is easy to argue about the differences of these paths for they surely do seem very different. Through even the most rudimentary of experiences and actual practice it is easy to understand the one true source that underlies them all. This unifying essence is the mind which through all these practices is being moved, stretched and shaped. It is learning forms and formlessness. It is experiencing the finite and the infinite, yin and yang and the Tao. Through experience whole books of lore can be proven to be dead ends or a single phrase can show the way. Eventually all the texts and teachings will give way to the experience of the inner-tuition that is true and alive knowledge and wisdom.

The journey to the top of our mountain is achieved when we stop to reflect on the way we are going. Reflection is listening. Listening is observing the effects of our experience. Through honest and open reflection we are able to navigate our path. Is it likely that we will progress in this direction? Do we require the development of other skills? These are the questions that come from honest reflection and the answers provide us with the opportunity to go further.

Sitting at the bottom of the mountain it can be easy to dream about the peak and perhaps not as exciting to think about picking up the rucksack and taking those first steps. Even less exciting can be the prospect of sore muscles and aching breath, but it is only in experiencing the mountain that we can develop mastery of the mind and body. Sitting at the bottom we merely develop mastery of dreaming. Furthermore it is only through taking the climb that we may discover that we are able to not only climb the mountain but perhaps fly from its peaks. Potential is only realized when we stretch who we are and experience all that we could be. All of this lies in the province of practice and practice is experience.