The Plains of Light

“The Plains of Light” is the spectrum of dimensional “range,” “densities” or “bandwidth” where one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Bodies” “reside”.

A practitioner who is able to engage with the upper or “Lightest” range of the spectrum is approaching or harmonized with their “Higher Self.”

A practitioner who is able to engage with the lower or denser range of the spectrum – yet still within the dimensional “bandwidth” or
“densities” of the “Lighter Bodies” – is able to “tune,” “configure,” coordinate and balance – effectively enabling “Higher Sentience” or “Lighter Body Information” to directly  “build” the conduits and networks necessary to become functionally able and connective – with this permitting the “doors” and “path” towards the “Higher,” broader, deeper and more expanded range of the spectrum to “open” or “awaken.”

As the “passage” through this path becomes increasingly absent of obstruction, resistance and adhesion – “movement” through the cyclical processes of transformations – due to the absence or diminishing of “friction” – naturally permits “inertial power” to increase.

More and more the practitioner experiences a shift from “walking the Higher self path” to “the Higher self path walking the practitioner.”

Put another way – it is as if the very necessary practices that were initially required to generate actualization of the many qualities, abilities and conduit networks – have now “accumulated” sufficient momentum to naturalize into sustained “inertia power” – with this along with an absence of inner obstruction, adhesion, friction and resistance – a “clarification” of the “passage” – which allows for increasing “ease of mobility” or “movement through the Higher self path.”

Daily immersion or saturation in the “Plains of Light” – regardless of “where” in the dimensional spectrum the practitioner is able to engage – will naturally “heal the wounds” of the “Soul” – or “Karmic Body” – this being a by byproduct of the gentle loosening, dissolving and release of inner obstruction, resistance, blockage, adhesion and friction – as conscious perceptual awareness is enabled to “move” through – or depending on perspective – allow passage of “Higher Body Light” to move through the physical, emotional, mental, Etheric, Spritual and Karmic Bodies.

Regular saturation brings familiarity from which the “intimacy” of relationship or resonance with the practitioner’s “Higher Sentience” naturally increases – becoming “greater,” broader, deeper and more expanded.

Just as great intimacy with a human being allows for a relationship – whether romantic or “platonic” – to become a reciprocal “transmission” of countless and immensely valuable experiences, learning, development and for many would be considered one “achievement” among very few of greatest value in life – deep intimacy with one’s “Lighter Bodies” or “Higher Selves” allows the practitioner to experience and “know” what could be defined as their “Highest” or “Greatest” friend – within their own “being.”

As saturation and Higher sentience become harmonized within one’s whole “being” – the greatness of intimacy within this relationship naturally “awakens” many “Higher” abilities – as well as what is – in this day and age – commonly known as a “raising of vibration,” “frequency” or “Ascension.”

The potential to actualize full harmonization with one’s Higher self is within the “birthright” of all human beings.

What determines whether potential is actualized is simply sincerity of intent, will and action – “tuned” and “configured” to this purpose through regularity of practice – from which familiarity, intimacy, experience, “inertial power” and the cyclical processes of transformation “move” the practitioner “upwards” into “Lighter,” “Higher Bodies” – with this inevitably “opening” the practitioner into full harmonization with their Higher self.


The Circle of Light: The Asharem

What is the purpose of The Asharem?

The purpose is to transcend illusion at all levels of being – this directly leads to a full awareness of the light.

It is in this purpose that all sentient beings are joined on the one path. Masters and guides have been pointing us to our legacy and triggered our dormant memories of freedom, empowerment and truth. The first step is always the acknowledgment of a direction, purpose, meaning or reason. The Asharem have always been a part of this and their role has always been in activating realization and ascendance through whole understanding.

What is whole understanding?

Whole understanding encompasses the intellectual, spiritual and conscious, but it also is found within the subconscious and physical levels of being. Each cell and atom of the physical must be brought to light. This means that each cell and atom becomes awake, aware and sentient. Disease can no longer exist in this state, because the cells and atoms have experienced the reality of transcending illusion.

What is the reality of transcending illusion?

It is that location and time is an illusion. When the cells and atoms understand that location is an illusion then becoming light, becoming aware and achieving complete understanding occurs right here and now. The gap no longer exists. This is a journey that all sentient beings including those which you call ascended masters are walking. When energy, matter, body and soul understands and experiences the truth which is that location and time is an illusion, then there is no separation between disease and health, abundance and lack, life and death, ignorance and enlightenment and light and dark. What exists then is ‘whole’ understanding.

Could you please speak more of ‘whole’ understanding?

‘Whole’ understanding is to know and experience that enlightenment exists but that complete ignorance also exists simultaneously and within the same space and time. It is to understand and experience that disease exists but that pure health also exists simultaneously within the same atoms and cells. ‘Whole’ understanding is to know and experience that the dark exists simultaneously with the light. ‘Whole’ understanding is to know, experience and be conscious at a level that is not only intellectual and not only physical or spiritual.

‘Whole’ understanding is to know at all levels of being and complete understanding is to know all levels of being.

It is to understand that there is no separation, that there is no gap between you and another. It is to understand that there is no separation between the ignorant and the master, between you and us. This is the path of ‘whole’ and complete understanding. This is the path of transcending illusion. This is the path of ascension.

How does one begin to transcend illusion and ascend?

The first step has always been desire. It is what determines who will act and who does not act. This then determines who will be and who will not be. Complete enlightenment and understanding is who you are right now, however without the ability to perceive or experience this, your reality will not reflect this – you will not know. This is the reason that the physical body and the subconscious and unconscious also needs to understand – because the body is simply the spirit in physical form, the mind is simply the spirit in mental form. Understanding must reach these forms within the boundaries of their understanding, then it must stretch and expand these boundaries. This is the process of expanded consciousness which when sustained crosses boundaries and limits – this is the state of whole understanding.

Transcending illusion occurs through saturating yourself with knowledge, training, light and awareness. It occurs through bringing light to the dark and creating enlightenment. The very moment that light meets dark, the darkness becomes awake. At the same time our perception of light must be refined and developed so that we are capable of connecting to purer and purer light. This process is important for all sentient beings.

The very moment that awareness and understanding meets ignorance the ignorance is transformed forever. Darkness still exists, ignorance and illusions still exists, but they exist within a consciousness and being that experiences no separation between awareness and light and darkness and illusion. The separation no longer exists and so the gap is removed and not only at the intellectual level, but at the most physically dense level of reality also. This is what has been foretold – that ascension would mean complete ascension, that no one and no-thing would be left behind. Not the body, not the dark, not the ignorance, not that illusion. All things are brought back to unity.

The pieces of this prophecy have fallen into place and are accelerating towards fruition. The blueprints for activating deep cellular and atomic understanding has been flowing into this planet and reaching those who have the ability to use it. As activation and realization occurs, it becomes clear that the one path is supported for all when the knowledge and understanding is shared to all. This is the reason why so many masters and light workers are coming to this planet to help. There is tremendous opportunity for all beings involved in this transformation. The transformation of light for one supports the transformation of light for all.

We the Asharem have come at a time where the intellectual understanding of this planet is at its peak once again. It is through this channel that we make our knowledge known. Our role is to fulfill the logical and the intellectual and thus open the doors of permission for deeper transmissions into the physical, subconscious, unconscious and spiritual. We work with all those within the Circle of Light for this goal.

The Asharem Circle of Light

Commanding the Universe

Power is found in the ability to control and master all the energies of the universe. The path of the novice begins in controlling the energy of the mind, body and progresses to mastering the energies of the earth, sun, moon and larger universe. As ability extends, so too does the power that is realized. Cycles of ability spiral through a grid of sacred geometry and in time the novice becomes the adept. The forms of power dissolve in on themselves and as deeper mastery is realized internal and external energies lose their form. The consciousness that was once mind, body and spirit becomes one, yet at the same time expands outwards. The ability to control energies in all their forms is realized, yet the separateness, the uniqueness and the finite forms are perceived in even more depth and exquisite detail. This is the mountain peak where all religions, spiritual traditions and Esoteric schools find that their true essence meets.

The ability to command the universe is the ability to command the consciousness in full. What is full is expanded to its outer limit as the portals to further realization are found, expanded once more and illuminated.

There is no longer any separation between the desire to create and the creation, as the space in between has been mastered. There is no longer space between ignorance and Enlightenment because the illusion between these has been bridged.

The training of technique gives way to the understanding of the self and of truth. The understanding of form gives way to the understanding of creation. This understanding is what opens the consciousness to full Enlightenment.

Purification, the Master of Karma – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

To really understand purification you need to understand Karma first. Karma is like doing something because we did something else. You can pretty much get to the root of your Karma if you keep asking yourself “why you are doing that?” and following it back. In any case, eventually you will come back to sensation which is where all action, thought and impulse comes from. This is the Karma regenerator – it’s what keeps churning out those programs, reactions and instincts.

Ever wonder why you are having such a good life? Karma. Ever wonder why you are having such a bad life? Karma. Ever wonder why you never think about these things at all? Karma. Ever wonder why you have ethics or values? Karma.

There’s no getting away from it as long as you play its game. The moment you stop playing the game, Karma begins to dissolve. This is what purification is all about. It is essentially taking a consciousness of purity and applying it to all the rest. The two meet and because true purity can’t really be tarnished it purifies everything that it meets. This essence of purity is the esoteric version of the story of the Philosopher’s stone which turned all material substances into gold.

So the key as you see is tapping into that essence of purity. This is the link between all religions, spiritual paths and Esoteric Mystery schools. Sure the details have become a bit askew over the years with arguments over this way of reading it or that way, but the message remains the same – purification leads to “God.”

John Gregor

A Different Mind For Enlightenment – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

It was Einstein who said that “you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it,” and the same principle applies to realizing Enlightenment. Basically all the obstacles that limit your consciousness from experiencing your reality in a different way (which is essentially what Enlightenment is) need to be changed from the inside out. The mind that doesn’t believe in or know about Enlightenment needs to start believing and knowing – big time. This is the belief that gets the engine moving and keeps it moving. Through belief a person can then take the logical steps to seeking knowledge, gaining practice and having real experience of Enlightenment.

Through cultivating a different state of mind, a person will find that the old mind has been left behind. Doubt and self-criticism hold value, but they cease to exist as limiting beliefs in the Enlightened mind. As “light” moves in darkness must change – this is natural law.

All esoteric training has some element of “no-mind” practice and the reason for this is because the mind that is always thinking will always delude itself into believing it has the answers. It will “discover” new knowledge and seemingly understand new perspectives – but all along these perspectives are being seen from the same eyes and mind.

This is the same mind.

The practice of “no-mind” is a shift into a completely different state and it is this state that offers true expansion of consciousness because instead of simply rehashing and re-shuffling old material – it steps out into the new.

And so the old is changed.

Now it does people little good to walk around all day in “no-mind” but the trick is to be the “master” mind. That is to have the ability to stop, move, shift and shuffle at will. It’s not so unlike dancing – and just like the master dancer’s body changes so that even walking and breathing is performed differently, so must the mind to know Enlightenment also change and find a new way.

John Gregor

The Importance of Receiving Precision Attunements – By John Gregor(Guest Teacher)

You wouldn’t want to take your car to a hack mechanic would you? The same goes for attuning your consciousness and I’d pick a bad mechanic over a bad attunement facilitator any day of the week.

The key to choosing a good teacher or facilitator of attunements is in the details. It is definitely not enough to just be regurgitating the motions, energies and forms of an attunement. A true master can call themselves a master because they are connected with even the smallest details of energy and form that are occurring within the attunement. The higher the skill of the facilitator the clearer and more precise the attunement, while at the same time minimizing and neutralizing any unnecessary impact.

Remember that an attunement is the creation of specific maps of consciousness. The more detailed the map, the easier it is to use and the deeper and more effective your understanding will be. At the same time the map just like a road map, should be neutral. A neutral map allows you to use it through your own will and choice. A subjective map or one that contains limiting beliefs of a facilitator will control your movement and limit your ability to move freely. These types of attunements have a very fixed energy, where as a neutral attunement will adapt to your own spiritual evolution and choices. Frankly speaking a fixed energy attunement can be like a curse, where as a neutral attunement is liberation and freedom.

Attunements form maps that potentially may work on many dimensions. Each level of an attunement will correspond to a respective level of consciousness. So if the attunement is created on 5 dimensions, then you’ll be able to access these maps and directions within 5 levels of consciousness. Attuning correctly to however many levels are required is vital to creating the pathways to precise and accurate wells of energy, knowledge and information.

John Gregor

What and How is A Spiritual Attunement Anyway? – By John Gregor

An attunement is basically a way of making a map in your consciousness. Before the map it’s like searching for the needle in the proverbial haystack – only you may not even be able to see the haystack. The attunement forms the pathways required to feel, see, hear or otherwise perceive certain directions. Keep in mind that this is a very simplified description of a process that can be very complex, but that is the overall meaning of it.

In the past disciples have received attunements without really thinking about the consequences and it is more in recent years, particularly with the internet that information is now getting out about the downside. Basically when we talk about energetic contracts we are talking about an attunement and this can go either way depending on the person doing the attuning.

An attunement creates energetic pathways that help to channel or connect with parts of your consciousness and the dimensions that are accessed through those pathways. Look at it like how a radio tunes into particular frequencies and you have an idea of how a basic attunement may work. The thing to remember though is that you can’t always just turn an attunement off the same way that a radio can be turned off. This is the reason why it is important to have trust with the facilitator doing the attuning.

Trust needs to be there on many levels. Ideally you’d like the facilitator to be a master at what they do. Now these days everyone and their uncle is suddenly a grandmaster of this certification or that system and new religion but it is critical to always remember what mastery really means: It is absolute control over every aspect of what is involved.

A master needs to be able to do the work with absolute precision, but they also need to be able to undo the work.

It’s also important that the facilitator has good intentions and I’ll extend this to also mean that they are not so arrogant as to believe that they are the only ones to understand your spiritual destiny and so take it upon themselves to add all their own beliefs – often limiting into the attunement.

In my opinion, the best attunements are done by facilitators who respect and understand the importance of allowing others to discover their own spiritual destiny. This means that rather than trying to push or pull through adding energies and unnecessary contracts into the attunement, that they simply create a neutral map within the consciousness and allow the choice to remain with the person. This may not seem like the most “exciting” option in the beginning but in the long run the opportunity to drive your own spiritual vehicle will take you far further than any tour bus could ever hope to. Furthermore, it is the freedom to choose and to master your own spiritual destiny that is ultimately important. It’s what the journey is all about!

So choose wisely. Choose facilitators, teachers, guides and knowledge that respect your freedom to understand and choose your own destiny in your own way. These will be the ones that offer tools, systems and guidance but do not require that you conform to their rules or worse still, try to shuffle their rules in through the back door.

John Gregor

Kundalini Rising – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

For a long time I believed that the activations of certain energies such as chakras and the Kundalini would lead to Enlightenment. I spent much time building and generating energies in order to facilitate such activations and in time my work paid off. In the early 80’s I experienced a very dramatic Kundalini awakening which brought with it a lot of new awareness as well as the feeling of physical and spiritual power. My chakras felt strong and clear and my meridians felt like rivers of chi.

The ability to manipulate energy is what makes conscious manifestation possible and I had seen a dramatic increase in my ability to manifest both material wealth as well as to create certain effects such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis. For a period of around 5 years I dwelled in this mind state believing that this was simply the beginning of a deeper awakening or Enlightened state. In time however I was to see that I was quite wrong.

Psychic abilities, Kundalini and chakra energies are all tools. They are like the wheels, steering wheel and engine of a car, they will help to fuel a journey, but they are not the journey itself – for the journey to take place a driver is required. It was only after many years of utilizing these energies that I came to see that the various powers that I attained were like circus tricks. They provided no real value beyond the momentary pleasures of the ego being gratified. Even if I were to walk on water, this would have been no closer to true Enlightenment and freedom.

In many ways the achievement of this type of power showed me one of the most important lessons that I could learn: To stop seeking it. This was a similar lesson that I’d been fortunate to learn years earlier regarding money – for having attained large quantities of wealth from my businesses I had learned early in life that it would not bring me the true happiness that I sought.

It was back to the drawing board in many ways for me, but all these years of training were not for nothing. What I was simply realizing was that the purpose that I’d used these tools for was frivolous and that it was time to look further and higher. Just like money can be used for waste or for the good of all, mental powers could be used for seeking the truth of Enlightenment.

In time I began to understand with absolute clarity why Enlightenment had never been about these types of power. I understood then what masters had meant about avoiding the false powers and seeking only the one truth. The real irony is that as the one truth is revealed all the false powers align within the consciousness, mind and body in a way that hold real meaning and so they become aligned with truth and become true powers themselves. Just as importantly the mind and ego no longer craves these things because they are at peace.

John Gregor

The Freedom of Consciousness – By John Gregor (Guest Teacher)

“Purification leads the way to experiencing freedom of consciousness. When the path of truth is clear of all obstacles then the seeing of truth, the hearing of truth and the feeling of truth becomes clear. This is the objective of purification, it is to clear the way for the experience of Enlightenment. So what is Enlightenment? Enlightenment is the true essence of all sentient beings. It is what is left when all illusion has been stripped away.” This is how . explained it to me when I first began to ask these questions. My main concern at the time was that I needed to take on the external and internal appearance of a spiritual man, to say the right things and to think the right things and so on. I slowly started to ‘click’ that it was impossible to find my true self if I kept hiding from the doors that led me to it. These doors so to speak had been popping up my entire life but because I was so attached to them showing up in a certain way I had rejected them for what they actually were.

It was the same with Enlightenment. I had heard so many stories about it that I was bent on making myself into a carbon copy of all these teachers and gurus at the expense of who I actually was. I lived in a monastery for over a decade, meditating and believing that this was what I needed to be and what I needed to do in order to achieve Enlightenment and awakening.

So why had it never come?

In all those years I felt no closer to Enlightenment than the day I asked the question. All I had was more questions. When I first talked to . I can honestly say I wanted to hit him when he said that I was rejecting the very answers I sought as quickly as I could ask the questions! I was angry because I knew that this was the truth and he seemed to see right through me. That night I cried in meditation for the first time in years – because I’d come back to that initial truth. All these years I’d rejected my self in search of a “higher” truth and in doing so I’d rejected that very truth that I’d been seeking from the start. I’d fooled myself into thinking that I’d somehow surpassed the need to heal those fears and hurts at the core of my being.

Over the next few days I practiced in a new and humble way. My whole body would shake at times as deep emotions were released and often I would cry for hours on end as deep pain and sorrow would arise from what seemed to be my very soul. Then on about the 3rd day I entered a deep stillness. I felt my entire body resonate with this stillness down to the smallest cell. Something shattered then and I felt the entire world around me shift into this stillness that I was enveloped in. I opened my eyes and it seemed like time had stopped. I saw a leaf hovering in mid fall as it was caught in this stillness.

A pinpoint of light appeared directly in front of my eyes and began to open up into a larger vortex which eventually encompassed me. This spread into a deeper stillness and with it the most profound peace and I could say happiness that I’ve ever had the pleasure to feel. It was then that I realized that I’d experienced this state because my consciousness had become free. In time I was to know that this was only the beginning of understanding the true state of Enlightenment.

John Gregor